Videoslots to Sponsor Valletta United WPC

Valletta United WPC makes deal with Videoslots

Videoslots, one of the leading operators with an impressive portfolio, has partnered with Valletta United Water Polo Club, they have announced.

sigma igaming Videoslots to Sponsor Valletta United WPC

Videoslots stand at SiGMA17

Alexander Stevendahl, CEO at Videoslots, said: “This naming partnership will help raise the profile of both of our brands as we leverage the large, loyal fanbases that we both have.”

“We’re looking forward to supporting Valletta United when the season starts later in the year, and we hope this arrangement and new investment will spark a period of silverware for the club in the coming years.”

The water polo club, as part of the sponsorship, will have its senior teams’ names officially changed to Valletta Videoslots United.

The Videoslots logo will also make numerous appearances across the club’s social media channels and on advertising hoardings at home matches.

Valletta Videoslots United will be competing in the 2018 First Division of the Bank of Valletta National Water Polo competition, and the team is looking to invest the new funding into ensuring success for the coming seasons.




VideoSlots Announce Two New Recruits

William Alhberg appointed as Head of Games, Gemma Hodge named Head of HR, a leading casino operator, has confirmed the appointment of William Ahlberg as the new Head of Games and Gemma Hodge as the Head of HR, on the 15th of February, 2018.

Videoslots has a substantially large gaming department. Despite this, Ahlberg, over the past 18 months, has worked his way up to the promotion of his position as Head of Games.

In his new position, he will take on highly significant roles regarding community management, introducing new content into the game portfolio, while also maintaining and building supplier relationships.

Hodge had previously worked as the Head of HR at ComeOn! for five years, with the Cherry Group.

During the rapid expansion of Videoslots team, Hodge will play a vital role in the integration of current and potential employees of whom share the operator’s distinctive culture. She will also be responsible for the enhancement of Videoslot’s reputation as a national leading employer as well as international.

Alexander Stevendahl, CEO at Videoslots, said: “We’re very pleased to have secured two outstanding candidates for these key roles. With William’s knowledge of the wider gaming industry and Gemma’s previous experience leading the HR department at another major operator, we’re sure they’ll both add considerably to our growing team.”

William Ahlberg, Head of Games at Videoslots, said: “In my time at Videoslots, I’ve seen a dynamic team that’s sole focus is on delivering the best gaming experience to the customer. I’m looking forward to utilising my expertise to confirm our position as the leading online casino.”

Gemma Hodges, Head of HR at Videoslots, said: “Videoslots continue to be one of the most progressive operators around in terms of diversity, culture and work-life balance, and I’m pleased to join and be a part of this exciting company.”

Videoslots has continued to place utmost importance on its promotion from within, with Clayton Marquette appointed as IT manager, Lorraine Sammut promoted to Employer Brand & Events Manager, and Ricardo Ruiz named Head of Development.




Videoslots extends portfolio with Nolimit City games

Industry leader to roll out new content, known for their pioneering approach and for hosting one of the largest casino games portfolios in the entire gaming industry, have announced their launch of Nolimit City games following a signed multi-year agreement between both parties in March 2017.

Daniel Hansen, Chief Product Officer at Videoslots, added: “Nolimit City has established itself as a progressive games developer with the release of various enjoyable titles which we’re pleased to showcase at

“We’re always looking for ways to expand our gaming portfolio to ensure we provide our players with the most expansive and quality range and integrating Nolimit City’s titles will help with this.”

Nolimit City makes its mark with successful partnerships, and is due to deliver more direct integrations through an array of innovative games and a proprietary-owned RGS platform. With seven state of the art games currently available to the market, Videoslots players will enjoy some exceptionally popular titles. These include WiXX, Oktoberfest, Creepy Carnival, and the Kitchen Drama series. Punters and can now also look forward to the series of exciting titles in the software provider’s pipeline, scheduled across 2018.

Malcolm Mizzi, Head of Sales at Nolimit City, said: “Working with such a key operator in the industry was an important goal for us and having a direct partnership only strengthens our drive to deliver more premium titles.”

“We are very pleased to see our games live with Videoslots and welook forward to future partnerships together.”



Excellence on All Fronts – An Interview with Videoslots Team Alexander Stevendahl, Ali Atam and Alison Brincat

Talking affiliates, success, and growth, we got to know CEO Alexander Stevendahl, and Head of Acquisition Ali Atam and Head of Affiliates Alison Brincat, to find out more.

So, first things first, Alexander – how does it feel to be at the helm of one of the most exciting online casino brands around? Tell us how the story started?

AS: It feels great, especially when you’ve worked so hard to build something that is truly unique and di erent from the roots up. When I finished school, I started to play poker for fun and then ended up earning quite a comfortable living from it, but after one bad month I decided to launch an affiliate site called Rakebacklovers in 2006.
It was a great business and very profitable and I liked that it didn’t require the level of risk that you get with just playing poker.

Then in 2011, with my partners Mattias Sesemann and Magnus Hultingö, we invested in, took full ownership of the site in 2013 and shortly after that, I stepped into the role of CEO.

What was your concept, your ethos and your core ideas when you set up Videoslots? How did you intend on positioning yourself to make yourself stand out against the competition?

AS: At the time, we had closed the poker site and had decided to focus on just the casino instead. It was important for us to create a casino that was innovative and different to what you normally find, both when it comes to product, as well as in the way that we treat our players. We pride ourselves on both the range of games we offer, and the customer service that we provide to our clients – I believe that this alone sets us apart from lots of other providers. This was the beginning of a casino with a concept different to many others, as it was based on poker. One of the other differences you will find is the bonus system where all Videoslots promotions are based on poker promotions. This makes us automatically stand out in the iGaming crowd.

You launched Videoslots in 2011, tell me about your growth and expansion since then?

AS: The growth has been very impressive because when we launched in 2011, there were 5 employees, then by 2015 we launched Battle of Slots and the team grew to 35. Now we employ over 110 people in Malta alone and expansion both locally and internationally means we will be taking on more and more people over the coming months. It is an exciting time for us!

SiGMA-igaming-Alexander Stevendahl

Alexander Stevendahl – CEO of Videoslots

Where is the company heading in the next 5 years? 10 years?

AS: It will be some time yet before I have achieved what I want to with Videoslots, however, I have various other big projects in mind – as well as maintaining our position as the largest online casino in the industry and the creators of many leading and innovative features and concepts, I am looking to launch a new poker site that will hopefully measure the same levels of success that Videoslots has measured.

Once again, I will be looking to create something other than the normal run of the mill concept as at Videoslots, we highly believe in doing things differently and standing out from the crowd.

These are all dreams that will not happen overnight, they will take time and dedication before they can become a reality, but that is half of the fun.

We are also in the process of applying for licenses in Romania, Denmark, Spain, Italy, and Portugal and the intention is to set up a local base in each one.
We would be looking to recruit around 60 additional people to help us execute these plans and to support these ventures in each country.

Why do you think Malta is such a hotbed for iGaming? Why do you like living and working here?

AS: Well not only is the weather sunny and sizzling, but I met my partner Patrizia here and we have a beautiful daughter- going anywhere else is not an option for me!

Alison Brincat (AB): Apart from the attractive taxation schemes for iGaming companies, Malta also offers a diversity of talents and creativity. It is such a multicultural country and it has become a perfect location for the iGaming industry. Due to its size, it is also great for networking and easily meeting others that are a part of the same industry- it is also the perfect place to entertain, with many different options available. Oh, and of course, the sun, sea, and a relaxed atmosphere is a big plus!

Ali Atam (AA): Malta has developed a lot since I moved here in 2000. I find it a happy country that is also very safe when compared to other countries. It is easy to adapt to the lifestyle and to network, as people are generally very friendly. I like the fact that I can be home within 15-20 minutes after work and when it comes to business, I also like that my contacts and connections are just a few minutes away.

In an industry that is so closely interlinked with digitalisation and technology, what do you think the next step will be? Where is the industry heading and are you ready for it?
SiGMA-igaming-Ali Atam

Ali Atam – Head of Acquisition

AA: I think the future looks bright for the iGaming sector. Responsible gaming is key and innovation will also play a big part. I expect to see virtual reality and an emphasis on skill based games coming into action. I also expect to see growth in social casino gamification where players can connect with each other and become a part of the community. Lastly, I think mobile slots and games will also continue to grow and of course, I was born ready!

So, how are you different in terms of what you offer to your clients, but when it comes to a liates, what sets you apart from the rest?

AB: Firstly, we are very exible when it comes to making deals. Upon signing up, we offer our affiliates the option to choose their preferred commission plan between three different models, in fact, Videoslots is striving to start offering one of the most transparent affiliate programmes in the industry.

Tell us about the affiliate market at the moment- what is happening, what are the trends, and what are your predictions for the next 12 months?

AB: At the moment, the affiliate market is in consolidation where we will see many bigger networks acquiring small to medium sized ones. I don’t see this slowing down and I also think that we will continue to see growth on social media channels such as Twitch and that it will continue to positively impact the affiliate business. I also think that mobile affiliate channels will continue to grow and that games will become more targeted towards mobile, both when it comes to visual and UX. I also imagine that augmented reality will make a big impact, maybe not next year, but in the future.

And how are Videoslots strategizing to stay at the top of their game when it comes to a liate marketing?

AB: We are continuously working on developing our affiliate software to make it the best inhouse affiliate programme in the industry. We aim to provide all of the necessary tools and data to be able to analyse and optimise the traffic to its full potential. We believe that transparency is key and we promise to be open to our
affiliates and to share as much information as possible. Videoslots will also be launching its new website design and this will certainly impact affiliate conversions positively.

SiGMA-igaming-Alison Brincat

Alison Brincat – Head of Affiliates

In such a competitive market, what do you think makes a great online casino?

AA: Without a doubt, the quality of the product and gaming experience are the main factors. For me, a great online casino must have a large selection of games available for their players, and it is also important that all games are running smoothly without any glitches. Another key point is fast payments to players because the faster the payment, the more they will trust and play at your casino. Of course, a great casino must also provide first class support both onsite, and on forums.

 So, what do you all enjoy most about your job, work and sector?

AS: What I love the most is that I have managed to turn my passion into a successful business whilst evolving an innovative concept where players can play against each other whilst interacting at the same time. Working in such a lucrative sector with so much competition makes every day a challenge and keeps us on the ball when it comes to being creative. Videoslots has become a big family with an open- door policy for both staff and players, and working in this way makes me look forward to every single working day with what has now become my second family.

AB: The fact that this industry is ever changing means that you never get bored, there is always something new happening and as the industry is in its infancy, the possibility of growth and innovation are in nite.

AA: I enjoy the fact that it is a super-fast-growing sector and there is something new and different all of the time.

Do you play any of the casino games yourself, and if so, which are your favourites?

AB: Gonzo’s Quest, Jack and the Beanstalk and Starburst tend to be my favourite and Mega Fortune Dreams is my preferred Jackpot Game.

AA: Yes, I play casino games but mostly just for fun or to check them out when they are released. I usually like branded releases but I would say my favourite slots are Jack and the Beanstalk and Dead or Alive.

Thank you Alex, Ali and Alison for your time.

SiGMA17 Stands Awards

We are introducing you the most eye-catching and impressive stands of SiGMA 2017

The fourth edition of SiGMA with its conferences, exhibitions and networking events has indeed proved to be the gaming industry’s premier showcase event. But what really helped to make this event a great success was the expo floor itself.

With the extraordinary dedication of the exhibitors, SiGMA17 had an impressive number of incredible stands that were impossible to miss. Bold, eye-catching and innovative, they were certainly aiming to stand out. We have evaluated stands based on their aesthetics, functionality, and innovation. Meet the winners!

Best GOLD: Videoslots

The visual identity of Videoslots is without any doubt the aspect that defines the brand — and at SiGMA’17 the company had proven it once again. The online casino built an outstanding double decker stand with a meeting space on the second floor that also provided a space saving solution. While Videoslots’ visitors had a chance to enjoy a unique multiplayer slot experience, they were also able to have a drink in the cocktail bar downstairs and network after. The stand had successfully balanced fun and professionalism.




Best SILVER x 2: Betsson

Betsson had created a stand that defined the company’s unique identity, and it was absolutely impossible to miss. The innovative concept of the construction with the moving elements caught the attention of anyone who passed by.




Best SILVER x 1: Microgaming

Microgaming had left a mark at SiGMA show with a winning stand. The company transformed its space into a steak house — the winning strategy to attract everyone’s attention indeed.



Best Bronze: Betfinal

Betfinal had transformed its booth into a tiny football field with stadium chairs. This unusual idea created an appealing brand image and was a very innovative way to boast the brand around.




Best Standard: NetEnt

NetEnt found its own way how to stand out. The company had a stand inspired by its popular slot game ‘Planet of the Apes’. The actual stars of the game were there themselves, happy to take a selfie with anyone who visited their booth.




Best Branding: UJM

There was a style-dedicated corner on the expo floor. Uniforms by John Marks had turned its stand into a showcase of the latest designs of the gaming uniforms and accessories.



Videoslots Team At Web Tech Summit 2017

A team of senior managers recently attended the 2017 Web Tech Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. This is one of the largest summits in the world with an attendance of approximately 60,000. In the photo from left to right. Angel Jane Agius – Head of CRM. Alison Brincat – Head of Affiliates. Laura Zarb Cousin – Head of Design. Lorraine Sammut – Events & Social Media. Simon Copperstone – Head of Content.






Affiliate Grand Slam – Mission Accomplished, Wheel Reinvented!

The demand was there for all to see, but nobody seemed to address it until the organisers behind SiGMA came up with the magic formula: limit the conference to five affiliate managers and open the flood gates (with strict due diligence) for affiliates.

Affiliate Grand Slam represents the first conference in the history of affiliation where affiliates could apply for an all-inclusive VIP treat, including flights, five-star, two-night stay at the Hilton, excursions, lunches, dinners, and parties thrown in the mix.

Only five operators were allowed to host the Grand Slam, plus another five non-operators were allowed to sponsor it.

The event started off with 250 affiliates flying in to Tallinn from all corners of the world on Thursday 27th April. The SiGMA crew greeted each affiliate at the brand new, five star Hilton Park.

That same evening, each operator sat down privately with give-or-take fifty affiliates for a dinner within the hotel itself. Betting Gods, Olybet, PlayOJO, Quasar and Videoslots lavished with affiliates and nurtured new working relationships in a friendly environment. Good wine in abundance.

The night was far from over. After dinner, all guests headed down to Olympic Casino within the Hilton itself for welcome champagne, dark chocolate, cigars and a free-roll, networking poker tournament.

The organisers were hoping the night would end there and that affiliates won’t head out in the wilderness of Old Town, but, as anticipated, half their hopes went up in flames.

Still, next morning, breakfast was brimming with activity and all affiliates, bar a few casualties, seemed eager for the conference to start. Each operator gave a small presentation, followed by a series of quality workshops. Mini stalls, an exquisite buffet lunch table, coffee and Baltic treats cluttered the meet-market outside the conference hall, where handshakes and business cards were being exchanged.

Following a few hours at the Hilton spa, it was time for the big traditional dinner! Everyone headed to Olde Hansa, walking through the narrow, cobble streets of charming Old Town, for a feast back in time. Traditional cuisine made its way on all tables for everyone to share while more business cards exchanged hands.

Shortly after dinner, the closing night awaited at the Olympic Casino for a VIP, strictly by invite nighter-bender. Few guests joined the party, but the organisers would not elaborate. We can only guess how the night unfolded with 250 affiliates in this charming Baltic city.













The success of Affiliate Grand Slam was such that the industry won’t wait another year for the organisers to launch the second edition. A new city to uncover, new hosts, new affiliates. This is Affiliate Grand Slam. The wheel has been reinvented.

Full portfolio of images and video will be uploaded on our AGS and SiGMA sites – stay tuned! If you’re interested in hosting or sponsoring the next AGS get in touch with organisers on +356 99263626, by email at or by skype at eman.pulis.