KPMG Releases Malta eSummit Report 2017

Malta eSummit Report 2017 Launched by KPMG

KPMG proudly announces the online publication of the KPMG Malta eSummit Report 2017.  The eSummit Report provides an in-depth account of the event which took place during SiGMA 17 on November 24th, which brought together key industry experts to examine the trends, risks and challenges for all those working in the eGaming sector.

SiGMA igaming KPMG conference

KPMG Conference at SiGMA 17

The 95 page report features a detailed summary of all the sessions from the day which include a fascinating look at how the media is attempting to re-write gaming regulations, battle of the continents, an overview of the new Dutch legislation, the economics of player Behaviour, KPMGs #WeAllWantToPlay Diversity Initiative, a Masterclass on European gaming regulation by the esteemed International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL) and key areas oscillating around operator compliance such as AML, the cloud, reputation and regulatory divergence.

The Report is available to view or download here.

Preparations for SiGMA18 are already well underway. The organisers are eager to cooperate with KPMG Malta to keep up the impeccable commitment to quality content that has been displayed so far.


Interview with Alejandro Casanova from R. Franco Digital

Alejandro Casanova tells us about R. Franco Digital’s experience and thoughts on SiGMA17, and shares his overview of the Latin American and Spanish iGaming markets

R. Franco Digital is Spain’s leading omni-channel gaming supplier. We talk with the company’s Managing Director Alejandro Casanova.

Did R. Franco Digital enjoy SiGMA 2017?

Absolutely. SiGMA is a fantastic show and one of the most important dates on the global iGaming calendar. It was fantastic to meet with current and future partners to discuss the biggest challenges facing the iGaming sector, and how we can work together to address them. We have found that operators, particularly those in Malta, are looking for support to better capitalise on the growing opportunities in emerging jurisdictions worldwide, but also more established ones closer to home. It is important to be in dialogue with these operators, so we can continue to hone our product offering to ensure it meets their needs.

R. Franco’s home market of Spain has enjoyed excellent growth in recent years since introducing an iGaming framework. Are you optimistic about the future of the market?

Alejandro Casanova, Managing Director at R. Franco Digital

Spain has very quickly become too large to ignore, and it is without a doubt a key European market. A combination of sensible legislation, implemented by the DGOJ, and some fantastic innovation around product and marketing, has made it a competitive and exciting market to operate in. If you look at the recent Q3 results, regulated online revenues rose to €140.5m, 37.3% more than in the third quarter of last year. This is very strong growth, and as a result more and more operators are looking to enter the market.

What does it take to succeed in Spain?

Operators need to pick partners who understand what makes Spain a unique iGaming market. It is no use rolling out the same product offering that has performed well in the Nordics or the UK. You need a flexible platform that can be tailored to specific requirements. Local knowledge is everything.

Latin America is another very exciting region at the moment. What experience does R. Franco Group have in these markets?

Earlier this year, Colombian operator Corredor Empresarial S.A. announced plans to enter the online market with the help of R. Franco Digital. We are providing our latest-generation IRIS omni-channel platform, along with a variety of online games and sports betting services. Corredor Empresarial controls Colombia’s largest commercial network of luck and chance games, operating 25,000 retail points of sale comprising a total of 75,000 gaming terminals. It picked R. Franco Digital’s IRIS platform because it provides an omni-channel solution at scale, with a wide range of content and a modular approach that empowers operators.

What advice would you give to European operators looking to enter Colombia or other Latin American markets?

Once again, they need to partner with a provider which understands the region. There is a lot of excitement surrounding Latin American markets at the moment, but entering these markets with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ product is simply not enough to succeed. You need a flexible platform that can mould to the requirements of the market, and you need world-class, local knowledge across product, regulation and marketing, and this is what R. Franco Digital is able to deliver.



R. Franco Digital at SiGMA 2017



Wazdan’s Flash Mob From SiGMA Goes Viral

Wazdan’s flash mob got major coverage across the iGaming industry

The rapidly growing games producer Wazdan has been astonished at how their National Orchestra flash mob has been picked up by the iGaming industry and the wider community.

For the first day of SiGMA, Wazdan collaborated with Malta’s Philharmonic Orchestra to call attention to Maltese culture for City of Culture Valletta 2018. The company staged a spectacular flash mob while showing their own creativity as a major casino games’ producer with products covering slots, table games and video poker, launching the world-first real-time in-game ‘Volatility Level Control’. This feature allows players to control how they win in-game and is proving highly attractive to operators.

There were more than 60 people involved in the Wazdan flash mob. Professional dancers dressed in traditional Maltese costumes helped to make the event even more fun for the packed crowds, igaming people, businesses, government representatives, regulators, affiliates and press.



The flashmob was choreographed to the rhythm of Maltese composer Charles Camilleri’s “Malta Suite Waltz,” and inviting the crowd to join the dance and the wider move towards European City of Culture 2018 in Malta.

«We’re obviously delighted that the delegates at SiGMA not only enjoyed Wazdan’s bit of fun, and we’re even more delighted by the local and international reaction to the video, it’s been shared incessantly since we live-streamed last week from SiGMA,» said Ogilvy Malta Country Director Marcus Ward, who coordinated the production.

The story got major coverage in Malta’s national media as well as in the international iGaming media.The final release of the flash mob comes on the back of six figure viewing across social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and the media.

sigma-igaming-Wazdan’s Flash Mob-From-SiGMA-Goes-Viral

Wazdan’s flash mob at SiGMA 2017


Jeremy Fall, Head of Marketing at Wazdan, said, “We never expected the level of interest and excitement that our collaboration with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra has produced. It’s great that we can help put Malta into a situation like this ahead of V18 with the video going viral, it’s a wonderful showcase for Maltese culture and talent. Wazdan fosters a spirit of creativity in our games development platform and we’re excited to collaborate on ventures that fit with our approach.”

Wazdan’s popular portfolio includes titles such as Magic Target Deluxe, Valhalla and Wild Guns, with new game releases of upcoming titles such as Los Muertos, Mayan Ritual and Captain Flynt.


Wazdan surprise SiGMA 2017 with a Malta Philharmonic Orchestra Flash Mob

Thursday, November 23, 2017, Malta – The world has seen Crazy Uptown Funk flash mobs, Thriller flash mobs, and Frozen Grand Central flash mobs. But have you ever seen a National Orchestra flash mob? For the launch of SiGMA, one of Europe’s biggest iGaming events, Wazdan staged a spectacular flash mob with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra to call attention to Maltese culture for City of Culture Valletta 2018 and Wazdan’s own creativity as a major games producer with products covering slots, table games and video poker as well as launching the world’s-first real-time in-game ‘Volatility Level Control’.

Professional dancers dressed in traditional Maltese costumes helped to make the event even more fun for the packed crowds, igaming people, businesses, government representatives, regulators, affiliates and press. Wazdan have over 100 HTML5 casino games full of innovative, industry-first features licensed in Malta, Curacao and soon the UK.

More than 60 people were involved in the Wazdan flash mob choreographed to the rhythm of Maltese composer Charles Camilleri’s “Malta Suite Waltz,” and inviting the crowd to join the dance and the wider move towards European City of Culture 2018 in Malta. The performance was choreographed and produced by Marcus Ward at Ogilvy Malta.

Wazdan are present with their stand at B138 showcasing the games that are building real traffic, displaying features that include a world-first real-time in-game ‘Volatility Level control’ and seeking partnership opportunities with operators looking to enhance their content offering. Wazdan’s popular portfolio includes titles such as Magic Target Deluxe, Valhalla and Wild Guns. Delegates will also be able to see demos of upcoming titles Los Muertos, Mayan Ritual and Captain Flynt, among others.

Visitors to stand B138 could win one of three wonderful pre-release bottles of Malta’s most exclusive malt whisky Penderyn, matured in Maltese wine casks, again demonstrating the range of craft skills available in Malta. Jeremy Fall, Head of Marketing at Wazdan said: “David Mann our Sales Manager had promised a surprise for all the delegates at SiGMA, we are delighted with the response to our flash mob and hope it helps get more publicity for V18 around the world. Delegates can drop into our stand and have a chance to win one of the three wonderful bottles of Limited Edition whisky. It’s a unique “Maltese” whisky and very exclusive. We look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand B138 and to showcasing our games and explaining what they can deliver for operators.”

For further information meet Wazdan at SiGMA, email at or set up a meeting directly by calling David Mann on +356 9907 3458.

Wazdan have stunned the igaming community at SiGMA with a flash mob performance by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.



Wazdan is a rapidly growing online games provider for many casinos and other key partners. With a portfolio of over 100 world-class games for instant play and, most importantly, smartphones (iOS and Android). Wazdan complies with MGA regulations as well as Curacao licensing, and the RNG that’s used in their games is actually certified by NMi, which means that all Wazdan software is reliable, fair and secure.

Interview with Adi Dagan, CEO of Beehive

Adi Dagan discusses the rise of artificial intelligence in the iGaming industry, and reveals what Beehive has prepared for the upcoming SiGMA show

Beehive is a data-driven personalisation platform, which enables its clients to personalise the promotion messages they send to the customers, which increases brand engagement and maximises the value of each of them. Beehive was founded in 2011 by a team of iGaming experts with a passion for building innovative products that answer the daily, critical and real-world problems its users meet.

What will Beehive be showcasing at SiGMA?

As well as our flagship Labs platform, we’ll be showcasing the recently-launched Pulse, a revolutionary new igaming business intelligence product that will transform the way operators analyse big data. Pulse has been the result of many years working alongside operators to discover what data teams and marketers need access to. It puts powerful new BI tools in the hands of the operators, serving up actionable insights that can be easily implemented.

Adi Dagan

How can machine learning transform the igaming sector?

Big data has been the central component of strong marketing strategies for some time now. But for operators to get the most of their data, they need to utilise the power of machine learning. It is not possible for us to process the huge quantities of data we are now gathering. Machine learning helps igaming marketers leverage this data through automated analysis that can turn out actionable insights that improve the bottom line.

How is Beehive using artificial intelligence to improve operators’ marketing?

Our products are increasingly powered by artificial intelligence, but the important thing from an operator’s perspective is to ensure they are presented with something simple and workable. We’ve put a lot of effort into finding ways to process data, while at the same time handing power to marketers to measure, customise and really drill down into the numbers. Another interesting area is predictive modelling, where we can write algorithms to forecast specific customer behaviours with a high level of accuracy, such as identifying potential VIPs or the risk of churn.

What is the future of artificial intelligence in igaming?

I predict AI will be the primary driver of growth for operators in mature markets over the coming years. There will also be room for creative, human marketing, but the sheer power of these tools is a game-changer for the way we can communicate with customers. It allows operators to give all their customers the VIP treatment, not just the highest spenders. But there is still plenty of work to do. We are in a similar position to where we were with big data a few years ago, when everyone understood its importance but didn’t quite understand how best to implement it. The important thing for operators is to partner with a marketing partner that can deliver the benefits of AI in a seamless manner.


Relive the highlights from our last show and stay tuned for this year’s SiGMA. Watch out for what we’re branding as the ‘iGaming Village’ this year.

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iGaming Academy Live at SiGMA 2017

Enrich your SiGMA experience with iGaming Academy

iGaming Academy has announced its schedule of events for SIGMA 2017. This year’s SiGMA is already hitting the records and promises to be the biggest showing yet – and iGaming Academy is proud to be more involved than ever as it is bringing two distinct elements to the conference: an intensive compliance session and a free drop-in showcase.

On 23 November, delegates can book for the Compliance FastTrack Training, which is designed so that busy professionals can access the most important training content in one interactive session. Take aways will include new GDPR recommendations, updates on 4th Directive AML legislation and new implications on responsible gambling, and provide a fast-track way to fulfil operational compliance elements of your job.

Jaime Debono

On 24 November, the expert trainers will be with iGaming Academy for a meet-and-greet Open Day, presenting a snapshot of iGaming Academy’s entire course portfolio. Arranged by topic, delegates can drop-in to sample tasters of courses, or pre-register to arrange 1-to-1 consultations.

Jaime Debono, iGaming Academy Managing Director, said, «We’ve developed Compliance Fast-Track as a new, highly effective way to ensure your team is trained in the latest up-to-the-minute compliance techniques.

«As technology, legislation and markets constantly evolve, events like SIGMA help us share knowledge and inspiration with each other, and are vital to the health of the sector. SIGMA also creates an enormous amount of energy and fuels innovation within the industry, both in Malta and worldwide.For us, SIGMA has become an annual highlight. We’re excited to offer new learning opportunities and looking forward to seeing what will come out of this year’s event!»


23 November, 9:00 – 15:00

Comprised of three intensive training sessions on key compliance topics affecting the iGaming industry today. Topics include: anti-money laundering and the EU 4th Directive; social responsibility including CSR and responsible gaming; and GDPR with gaming-specific insight. Essential knowledge for operational executives with compliance responsibility.

Entry: €270 +VAT [Includes entry to full SIGMA Conference] Suitability: Senior Leadership, iGaming Executives, Legal & Compliance, Operational Roles

Valery Bollier


24 November, 9:00 – 15:00

Free Drop-In

Visit iGaming Academy’s showcase to experience a snapshot of everything it has to offer. Preview its most popular courses in 30-minute taster sessions covering product, compliance, acquisition & retention and management. Drop in for course previews, or meet iGaming Academy’s expert trainers for 1-to-1 advice and Q&A.

Entry: Free Entry [Requires SIGMA Entry] Suitability: HR & Training Managers, Subject-Specialists, Management

iGaming Academy in Numbers

40+ iGaming Clients – Training employees in compliance and iGaming skills

10,000 Learners – On iGaming Academy’s exclusive eLearning platform

€1 Million – Potential fine for failure to comply with new EU AML laws

80+ Years – Collective industry experience of core course trainer team

4% Annual Turnover – Max global business sanction for GDPR breach

Relive the highlights from our last show and stay tuned for this year’s SiGMA. Watch out for what we’re branding as the ‘iGaming Village’ this year.

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SiGMA17 Hits the Records — and So Does SiGMAgazine

SiGMA organisers have published the seventh issue of SiGMAgazine just before the show

Already setting records, SiGMA17 is arguably becoming the largest online dedicated expo worldwide. Just like the show itself, SiGMAgazine grows in stature.

The newest Fall/Winter 2017 issue boasts to be the largest ever with its 260 pages, full of wide ranges of information about the remote gaming industry. Editorially, the magazine covers topics related to regulatory issues, operators, affiliates and SEO trends, new mergers and acquisitions.

In the words of editor Eman Pulis, “The publication is shedding light on the vibrant gaming industry, specifically in Malta. A special focus is placed on the successful executives running the companies. Ultimately business is made between people, not companies.”

The seventh edition of the magazine provides a broad range of gambling news, features, and interviews with key figures across the sector. Amongst these include a cover story with Videoslots CEO, Alexander Stevendahl, a feature about the second annual GPI European Poker conference coming to SiGMA this year, an interview with the Parliamentary Secretary, Hon. Silvio Schembri, responsible for Financial Services, Digital Economy, and Innovation, plus features on virtual reality, blockchain technologies, and many more.

SiGMAgazine is a bi-annual publication, distributed by post to leading gaming and business companies worldwide. The publication is also hand delivered across businesses in Malta and at several leading conferences. Dozens of companies have discovered its potential to generate new business through the many editorial and advertising opportunities SiGMAgazine offers.



The latest and the past issues of SiGMAgazine


Relive the highlights from our last show and stay tuned for this year’s SiGMA. Watch out for what we’re branding as the ‘iGaming Village’ this year.

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AXL Affiliates sponsors Malta’s Heavy Weight boxing Champion Billy Corito

AXL Affiliates are a Global independent iGaming Affiliate Network. With over 1 million daily unique visitors Maltese based company AXL Affiliates sponsors Malta’s heavy weight boxing Champion Billy ‘the Hitman’ Corito.

The Sponsorship by AXL Affiliates of Corito helps sustain and replenish Malta’s ecosystem by supporting a local sporting talent. SiGMA caught up with founder Alex Munteanu who said of the partnership: “Malta has a thriving sports scene and AXL Affiliates are very proud to be sponsoring Heavyweight Maltese Boxing Champion Billy ‘the Hitman’ Corito whom is the best boxer in Malta! It’s important to support and give back to the Island which AXL Affiliates are based.”

Billy Corito

AXL Affiliates are one of the biggest affiliate companies in the world. Established in 2006 they created and have sustained the biggest iGaming affiliate network. The site is currently delivering 5,000 plus depositing players each month from their own network of 500 gaming sites.

Billy ‘Hitman’ Corito was born in Greece but now resides in Gzira, Malta. The champion is without doubt one of Malta’s best known professional boxers.

It is undeniable that AXL Affiliates produce knock out results and with Corito delivering knock outs of a different kind, it seems the perfect match with these two heavy weights.

Malta is host to some 300 gaming companies, 450 licenses and a strong workforce of 10,000 people. It’s fantastic to see another positive aspect from the phenomenal rise, the Island has had as the world leading premier iGaming hub.

To see ‘The Hitman’ in action you can catch him at Medasia Playa Friday 22nd September 2017, where he will fight Igor ‘The Beast’ from Ukraine. The professional bout is sancioned by Malta Boxing Commision.

AXL Affiliates will be attending SiGMA17. The show will be bigger and better than last year, this year’s exhibition will take place at Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre (MFCC) in Ta’ Qali. We decided to go for a bigger venue and create an iGAMING VILLAGE – with six themed bars, three restaurants and two lounge areas all within the expo. SiGMA17 will take place on 22nd- 25th November where we expect 7,000+ delegates; if you haven’t signed up already you can register here.

Relive the highlights from our last show and stay tuned for this year’s SiGMA. Watch out for what we’re branding as the ‘iGaming Village’ this year.

Are you an operator looking for top affiliates? Are you a top affiliate looking for a nice treat with like-minded affiliates playing at the same level?

BREAKING: EveryMatrix signs large operator Tipico

EveryMatrix is thrilled to sign Tipico for CasinoEngine Direct, the EveryMatrix casino solution delivering the largest selection of games in the industry through a single integration. According to the agreement, EveryMatrix will be delivering games via CasinoEngine for more than 20 casino providers considerably boosting Tipico’s website with more RNG games and premium live casino from Evolution and others.

Founded in 2004, Tipico is an international provider of sports betting and first-class online casino entertainment based and licensed in Malta. The company is a leadingoperator in Germany and Austria and a long-standing sports supporter and sponsor of the football league clubs FC Bayern München, Hamburger SV, and RB Leipzig in Germany, as well as the Austrian Tipico Bundesliga and RB Salzburg team. As a founding member of German Sports Betting Association (DSWV), the German Online Casino Association (DOCV) and active member of various Austrian betting associations, Tipico is committed to integrity and the highest standards of product, data security, and protection of players.

Marlon van der Goes, Tipico

Marlon van der Goes, Tipico

“We are impressed by CasinoEngine’s gaming portfolio and its ability to integrate with our digital platforms. The partnership with EveryMatrix is an important step to revamp our gaming offering, as we are looking to provide our customers a state of the art entertainment experience” stated Marlon van der Goes, Tipico CCO.

Ebbe Groes, EveryMatrix CEO, went on to elaborate, “We are proud to add a considerable casino portfolio into Tipico’s platform and we look forward to work with their highly professionally team. Jointly this will lead to one of the most competitive casino offerings in the region.”

CasinoEngine is the largest and foremost casino gaming aggregator in the industry. With a single integration, operators can gain access to a continuously growing library of close to 5,000 casino games from over 60 game providers seamlessly integrated into a single casino lobby and wallet. Value added services built on top of this unified application includes a highly flexible bonus system, common reporting, and easy lobby management.

Ebbe Groes, EveryMatrix CEO

Ebbe Groes, EveryMatrix

“With CasinoEngine Direct, operators may integrate the CasinoEngine directly into their own platform and in-house wallet. CasinoEngine Direct secures minimum latency and optimal game speed while giving operators complete freedom to develop and host their own website or build together with EveryMatrix,” added Groes.

Robert Dowling, EveryMatrix Malta Office

Robert Dowling, EveryMatrix Malta Office

SiGMA reached out to EveryMatrix, Malta-based, Robert Dowling, who was instrumental in securing the deal;

“I am happy to see two large Maltese companies working together to create one of the best online casino products of the moment. Malta has always been a hub of opportunity for the iGaming industry and our latest collaboration with Tipico represents a major step forward for our ongoing growth in the region.”

Both Tipico and EveryMatrix exhibited at SiGMA last year. View comments from both representatives below:

Interview with Rob Dowling, EveryMatrix

Interview with Jonathan Pace, Tipico

ATTEND: AML & tax workshop for gaming by KPMG

Date: Thursday 22nd June 2017
Time: 8:30 – 12:30hrs
Location: The Hilton Hotel, St Julian’s – Portomaso Suite

AML Workshop – “The good, The Bad and the Ugly”

Lawrence Hanlin (Regulatory & Forensic Consultant at KPMG Isle of Man & Gibraltar) will share his experiences on what he is seeing globally within the gaming sector in the form of case studies. He will also share his insight on what is going to effect the sector in the near future. Furthermore, Lawrence will discuss other initiatives that will support the sector and provide guidance through the trickier times ahead. A good example will be the current rounds of AML jurisdictional assessments that are taking place globally. This is particularly pertinent to European jurisdictions who have yet to be assessed for compliance by MONEYVAL in the coming months.

KPMG eSummit

Russell Mifsud speaking at KPMG eSummit during SiGMA16

Tax Update – “The Changing World of Tax Reporting”

The OECD and the EU have recently introduced a global reporting standard that requires multinational enterprises to annually file a comprehensive group tax report in every jurisdiction where they have a tax presence. The report is designed to show global tax information of the multinational group and of its constituent member entities. For every member entity of the group that is tax resident in a jurisdiction that has implemented the Country-by-Country tax reporting standard, a general obligation is imposed to provide a report not only of its local activities but also to provide a complete tax-picture of the group, showing the relevant tax information of every other entity within the multinational group. The report is then to be exchanged between tax authorities of the countries where the multinational group is present. Apart from the significant tax obligations at group and entity level that this creates, the potential to trigger tax investigations across multiple jurisdictions is a concern well deserving of timely attention.


08:30 – 09:00   —   Coffee & Registration
09:00 – 10:15   —   AML Workshop
10:15 – 10:45    —   Coffee break
10:45 – 12:00   —   Tax Update
12:00 – 12:30   —   Q&A

For more information, kindly get in touch with Mr. Russell Mifsud –

Juanita Brockdorff
Tax Services
KPMG in Malta

Lawrence Hanlin
Risk Consulting Manager
Advisory Services
KPMG in Isle of Man and Gibraltar

Russell Mifsud
Senior Manager
KPMG in Malta