Ory Weihs

Mr. Ory Weihs co-founded XLMedia PLC in 2007 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director. Mr. Weihs leads the Group’s business development and key strategy. He leads the Group’s business development and strategy, focusing on expanding the groups reach and technological abilities. Mr. Weihs is an entrepreneur who has been deeply involved in the online gambling & digital advertising industries for over ten years. He has a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology from 2007.

He is a common speaker at industry events and is known as an expert in online marketing. He holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology from 2007. At SiGMA15, Ory Weihs will share his experience about emerging trends for big affiliates. 


Charity poker tournament winner meets with the President of Malta

HE Mary Louise Coleiro Preca

Mr. Vasilije Lekovic from Trustly presenting €1,500 donation to Her Excellency, chair of the Malta Community Chest Fund, the President of Malta, Mary Louise Coleiro Preca.

In a ceremony held on December 3rd at the President’s Palace in the presence of Her Excellency, Marie Louise
Coleiro Preca, charity poker
tournament winner Vasilije Lekovic from Trustly made the donation of €3,000 – half of which went to the MCCF and the other €1,500 towards the Kilimanjaro Group.


Mr. Vasilije Lekovic from Trustly presenting €1,500 donation to Mr. David Schembri from Kilimanjaro Group.

The Malta Community Chest Fund is a charitable institution chaired by The President of Malta herself, Her Excellency Mary Louise Coleiro Preca. The aim of the institution is to help philanthropic institutions and more importantly, the individuals with different needs. The Kilimanjaro Group, this year known as KC9, consists of a group of 17 motivated individuals from different walks of life, coming together in an attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in December to raise awareness and collect €70,000 to build a Kindergarten school in Dembidolo, Ethiopia. None of the two charitable organisations receive any funds from the Government and both organise a number of events throughout the year to raise funds.

The President of Malta had some great words of praise, not only towards the organisers of this charity event, but also towards the igaming community in general, reaffirming that thanks to initiatives like these, the many igaming expats are coming closer to the local community.

In conclusion, it is safe to assume that the charity poker tournament will become a custom charity event in the igaming calendar in Malta and we, as SiGMA, look forward to the next one! The SiGMA charity poker tournament was held thanks to the input from Jeremy Charles Grech, networking events manager, Jean Luc Micallef from Malta Poker Supplies, as well as Rickard Vikström from Internet Vikings.

Chairty Pooker Tournament Presentation

Her Excellency, the President of Malta, Mary Louise Coleiro Preca, with SiGMA’s Eman Pulis (R) and Trustly’s Vasilje Lekovic (L).

Daniel Greiller

Daniel has worked in banking and payments for over 11 years with positions across the payment industry in acquiring, payment gateways and card issuing.  His career has taken him from HSBC, to PayPoint, to American Express before joining Ethoca as EMEA Regional Sales Director in 2014.

In his role at Ethoca, Daniel is responsible for driving scale and growth in the UK and across Europe.  He works consultatively with merchants to understand their business and help them discover how Ethoca’s unparalleled card issuer and merchant network of confirmed fraud notifications stops fraud, reduces chargebacks and increases revenue.

Razmus Svenningson

Razmus Svenningson is the co-founder of Casumo and shall be speaking at SiGMA15.

Affiliates conference: top SiGMA speakers to watch out for

The Affiliate & SEO track at SiGMA 2015 will take place on 5th November at the InterContinental Conference Arena. This conference will comprise four presentations that will be delivered during the second half of Day One of the event, following the lunch break.

Eight experts in the iGaming affiliate and SEO industry have been invited to discuss the tools and practices that are shaping the future affiliating marketing. The panels will tackle a variety of topics in this area, namely:

  • Live website audit
  • Emerging trends for big affiliates
  • Monetising social media and boosting SEO visibility
  • Email marketing’s best kept secrets uncovered

(See the full schedule here)

Affiliates, web marketing and SEO professionals will have the opportunity to ask their questions to the speakers and leave SiGMA with the most up-to-date knowledge about their industries.

In this article, we list four top speakers which you cannot afford to miss during this conference.

OryWeihs, Co-founder, XLMedia (Bio)

OryWeihsis an entrepreneur who has been deeply involved in the online gambling and digital advertising industries for over 10 years. He co-founded XLMedia plc in 2007 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director. He leads the group’s business development and strategy, focusing on expanding the groups reach and technological abilities.Weihs is a seasoned speaker at industry events and an internationally-respected speaker in internet marketing.

Ory Weihs will be joining Yancy Naughton, Erik Bergman and Morten Klein to talk about the emerging trends for big affiliates and how to make the most out of them.

“With Malta being an important and well regulated iGaming jurisdiction in Europe, a conference like SiGMA was an absolute necessity. I look forward to participate and give share a speech at this event.”

Ory Weihs, CEO, XLMedia

Michael Finderup, Co-founder, Power Media Group (Bio)

With years of experience under his belt, Michael Finderup is considered a veteran in the online marketing industry, specifically email marketing. He co-founded Power Media Group in Copenhagen and over the past six years has helped over 100 companies to acquire and retain more customers through online marketing, graphic design and programming.

Michael Finderup will be revealing email marketing’s best-kept secrets, including how to collect player data and use it more creative and cost-effective ways.

John Wright, SEO Specialist, Horseshoe Agency (Bio)

John Wright has been working in the gaming industry for a number of years, focusing mostly on consultancy for search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization and user experience and user interface design. He has been coaching affiliates for over 4 years and worked with many other top casino affiliates. Wright also works as an online gambling consultant and writes for the iGamingBusiness and iGB Affiliate magazines.

John Wright and Fili Wiese will be offering affiliates in attendance the chance to win a free live review of their websites and search signals, as well as have any SEO or Google Search questions answered.

Morten Klein, Founder, Klein Group AS (Bio)

Morten Klein was featured as one of the 50 most significant people in the world by Gambling Intelligence in 2012. He is the founder of Klein Group, a lead investor of the publicly-listed Swedish company Cherry AB, where he holds the role of Head of Business Development & Partnerships. Klein is regarded by many as highly-skilled poker player, having won the Norwegian Poker Championship several times and landing numerous top placements in the EPT and WPT.

Mortein Klein will be sharing the floor with three other speakers to share stories and insights about the challenges and opportunities that affiliates face along their journey.

In the words of SiGMA organiser Eman Pulis, “Given the way the igaming industry is evolving, we all agreed that the show should be all encompassing rather than focus one area such as regulatory or affiliates. For the past number of years we have been noticing the three distinct pillars within the industry – solution providers, operators and affiliates – coming closer together. Today’s affiliate, for instance, is fast becoming a successful operator within months. With SiGMA we wanted to offer a 360° igaming showcase in Malta that reflects this trend.”

Co-organiser Dennis Dyhr-Hansen went on to elaborate, “We go that extra mile to ensure that the crème de la crème of the affiliate world attends SiGMA. We approach top affiliates and invite them over to Malta, expenses on us. We also have a number of competitions for new affiliates, were we will be giving out a number of flight tickets and VIP treats. SiGMA is organized by a different team of motivated individuals, which means that we have different leads, we know different affiliates. This, in itself, is a guarantee that operators won’t be meeting the same faces over and over again.”

Learn about the developments changing the way affiliates attract and retain more iGaming players at the Affiliate & SEO Conference during SiGMA 2015. Few tickets remain. Book yours here. Affiliates enter free!

Networking bonanza at SiGMA 2015

12 networking opportunities spread over 4 days…

18 hours of face-time guaranteed…

3,000+ iGaming executives, suppliers, vendors, service providers, and affiliates in attendance…

It’s all happening at SiGMA ‘15

From the 4th till the 7th November, St Julian’s in Malta will once again become the epicentre of the iGaming industry. If you haven’t circled those dates on your calendar yet, then we implore you—for your own good—to grab a marker and draw a fat, red circle around them right now.

SiGMA ‘15 will be all the talk in town, here in Malta and on iGaming news outlets around the world, and we don’t want you to miss out on all the action.

Over 2,500 delegates will convene at the InterContinental Bay Arena for the two-day summit, which this year features four different conference tracks, including:

  1. Gamification
  2. Affiliates & SEO
  3. Payments, Security, Fraud, and Bitcoin
  4. World Regulatory Briefing

Besides, all the knowledge our distinguished speakers (check out the full list) will be share with participants during the conference, SiGMA ‘15 is also be the perfect place to network with other iGaming professionals after-hours: rekindling old relationships, strengthening current ones, and forging some brand-new ones.

Plenty of great venues to check out

Great weather in November calls for free, open air networking events close to the venue itself.The InterContinental Hotel Malta is the venue for all four SiGMA conferences, however a great variety of pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs are all located just a few metres away from all our official hotels, so you can make the most of the vibrant night life in Paceville and the nearby entertainment mecca of Paceville for networking.Several entertainment options exist adjacent to the InterContinental Bay Arena, including: a 17-screen cinema multiplex, a 20-lane bowling centre, a fully-equipped Health and Fitness Club, and the beach at St. George’s Bay.

“For myself and my game company Spigo the SiGMA conference is perfect timing to share where we think the online gambling industry is heading now, and during the next five years, with regards to softer and more casual casino games.”

Kasper Kau, CEO, Spigo


And you can make it as social as you want it to

Just having the SiGMA ‘15 lanyard around your neck guarantees you have access to the top 1% of network opportunities happening in St Julian’s/Paceville, Malta, during the first week of November.

You’re free to wander wherever you want, but we’re confident that a quick look at the networking events we put together for SiGMA’15 will convince you to stick as close as possible tothe InterContinental Arena, where all the action will be happening.

Between the moment SiGMA ‘15 kicks off on Wednesday, 4th November, at 19.30, and the second you wash down your last-minute drink on Saturday, 7th November, at 14.00, there are 67-and-a-half hours’ worth of potential networking time, with 12 networking events organised by the SiGMA team squeezed in for good measure.

That’s practically one networking event every five-or-so hours happening within the same 500-metre radius for the duration of the conference.

Go grab a notepad or open up your favourite calendar app and start listing them down:

  1. A VIP treat for Europe’s best 30 affiliates – no expenses saved
  2. Welcome Reception– before the summit opens
  3. Networking Poker Tournament– right after the welcome reception
  4. 4x Coffee Breaks–two per summit day
  5. 2x Lunch Breaks – afternoons during each summit day
  6. 2x Networking Drinks– at the end of each summit day
  7. Private VIP dinners hosted by various exhibitors for top delegates
  8. SiGMA Closing Party– on the last night of the summit
  9. Last-minute Drinks– the day after

Check out the official SiGMA ‘15 conference agenda here.

“This is what I have been waiting for and finally SiGMA is here in Malta where most of the gaming companies are already located. I look forward to participate and to make new business”.

Jonas Cederholm, CEO, GameLounge

Register today—Affiliates enter free!

SiGMA 2015 is right round the corner and if you want in on all this iGaming networking bonanza we’ve prepared for you then you need to act quickly. We ran out of early-bird tickets a long time ago, but registration at the regular €35.00 price is still open for delegates online and you can book your seat at Malta’s biggest iGaming event of the year by going to and placing your order. €35 delegate entrance passes will increase to €70 as from October 26th, 2015.

Are you an affiliate?

Then you pay nothing. SiGMA ‘15 is free for affiliates. Tweak your budget into your networking fund for the event, because every connection you’ll meet in Malta at SiGMA ‘15 could be the one that brings you one step closer at taking your career to a whole new level. Register now.


Antonello Cuschieri

Antonello has been involved in the iGaming and eSecurity indusry for over 10 years. With a Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems, together with a Masters Degree in Information Technology specialising in Information Security from the University of Liverpool, Antonello currently occupies the role of Fraud Project Manager at Greentube.

Before joining Greentube Antonello worked at Betfair where he initially led and managed the Fraud team and later was also responsible for the identification, implementation and up keeping of all fraud systems. Prior to that, Antonello had a key role at the Information Society Secretariat within the Ministry for Investment, Industry and IT where he held the role of Project Coordinator particularly responsible for nationwide eSecurity projects including the establishment of a National Trustmark aimed at highlighting business trustworthiness and subsequently improving the eCommerce sector in Malta.

Antonello is also a local councilor in his locality, Hamrun.


Regulatory conference: some SiGMA speakers to watch out for

The World Regulatory Brief conference at SiGMA 2015 will take place on 6 November at the InterContinental Conference Area. This conferences consists of four presentation held on Day 3 of the event.

CalvinAyre asked Eman Pulis and Dennis Dyhr-Hansen, organisers of SiGMA15, to explain the new format for the conferences. In their words, “We realized that many of the delegates don’t like sitting down for two straight days. Most are eager to network and do business. So unlike SiGMA14, this year, each of the four conferences will only last half a day, giving delegates the chance to dedicate the rest of their time to networking on the expo floor, where most of the buzz lies.”

Several speakers will give a detailed overview of the most significant regulatory issues affecting iGaming worldwide in a number of panels moderated by Justin Franssen (bio) . The topics which will be discussed during this conference track include:

  • A holistic view for the iGaming industry in Malta
  • A detailed overview of newly regulated markets across Europe
  • Match fixing
  • Data protection

(See the full schedule here)

Executives looking for a bird’s-eye view of the latest regulatory shifts in the industry need to look no further than this conference dedicated to discussing the political, social, economic and legal factors making headlines in the iGaming world.

In this article, we list four speakers which you cannot afford to miss during this conference.

Justin Franssen, Partner, Kalff Katz & Franssen (Bio)

Justin Franssen and his highly specialised gaming team joined Kalff Katz & Franssen attorneys at law early 2013. Throughout his career he received six consecutive band 1 rankings in Chambers Global Guide and positions him amongst the top 20 gaming industry lawyers in the world. Franssen spoke at 70+ gaming industry events in the last 15 years, including ICE, the IMGL, GIGSE, Legal Gaming in Europe, Gaming in Holland, EIG, Power50, Gaming Executive Summit and several others.

Robin Reed, Managing Director, Guts (Bio)

An entrepreneur at heart, Robin Reed founded Gaming Innovation Group (GIG) together with Frode Fagerli in 2008. These days, GIG invests heavilyboth in startups and people within the iGaming industry, with the aim ofcreating and acquiring the more high-level expertise in this arena. He currently holds the post of Managing Director in GIG and subsidiaries, which include the affiliate marketing company Innovation Labs, and the award-winning operator Guts Gaming. At SiGMA 2015, Reed will speak about his journey from being a player, to managing a company grossing eight digits annually, and the challenges of venturing from affiliation to the operator side of the business.

Simon Planzer, Partner,Planzer Law (Bio)

Simon Planzer is founding partner at Planzer Law, a Zurich-based boutiquelaw firmwhich provides specialised services on all matters relating to Swiss and international gaming law, and advises on general commercial issues.Planzer wrote his PhD on gaming matters and is a member of the International Masters of Gaming Law. He is the author of the book: Empirical Views on European Gambling Law and Addiction (2014), published by Springer International Publishing and endorsed by leading gaming practitioners and scholars.

Simon Planzer will join Justin Franssen and Olga Finkel in giving a detailed overview of newly regulatory markets across Europe and how operators can make sure to stay within the limits set by the law in the countries they have a presence in.

Joseph Cuschieri, Executive Chairman, Malta Gaming Authority (Bio)

Joseph Cuschieri is a certified public accountant and a fellow member of the Malta Institute of Accountants of Malta. Throughout his professional career, he held various senior executive positions within the private sector mainly in the construction, services and hospitality sectors amongst others.In his role at the MGA, Cuschieri will befocusing on reforming the Authority to make it more efficient and agile, strengthening the relationships with all stakeholders, strategically grow the on-line gaming sector and promote Malta as a globally respected gaming jurisdiction.

Joseph Cuschieri will take the floor alongside Parliamentary Secretary Jose Herrera to talk about the increased emphasis being placed by the Maltese government in addressing new challenges and opportunities in the iGaming industry in a holistic manner through innovative measures.

“In a crowded calendar SiGMA was a personal choice for me to attend. Love the island, love the guys doing it. EveryMatrix is proud to be part of the inaugural SiGMA.”

Ebbe Groes, CEO, EveryMatrix

“SiGMA is an excellent networking and knowledge sharing opportunity for local gaming operators, service providers and other industry players seeking to operate in or from Malta. I believe that events like SiGMA can showcase Malta’s unique attributes and strengthen our position as a world class gaming jurisdiction”.

Joseph Cuschieri, Executive Chairman, MGA                  

This is your chance to listen to these industry-leading speakers at the World Regulatory Brief conference during SiGMA 2015. Book your tickets to Malta’s largest iGaming event here. Affiliates enter free!

Casumo Grand Slam announced for top affiliates

Hush up or you’ll jinx it, holy mackerel, give your mom a kiss, get a load of this! SiGMA has teamed up with Casumo and MatchingVisions to bring together some thirty of Europe’s elite igaming affiliates for a Grand Slam that will be held on Wednesday, 4 November 2015, one day before the official start of SiGMA15. During this full day, affiliates will have the chance to bring their business practices up to date with the latest strategies and strengthen their professional network throughout various events planned by the organisers.

                                    “SIGMA proved to be a great event, bringing together many important figures in the gaming world. I look forward to attend this year.” Jonas Cederholm, GameLounge

The Casumo Grand Slam will include activities designed to give these elites plenty of opportunity to interact in a relaxed setting and, why not, find areas for collaboration between one drink and another. They will be treated like royalty to champagne breakfast on the beach, powerboat rides and adventure activities around Malta, a five-star dinner in a former prison camp, and finally escorted to a networking poker tournament in exotic sports cars.

                                    “We are equally proud and excited to be teaming up with Casumo and spend a full day with these VIP affiliates. The team of affiliates we have secured is the equivalent of the US Dream Team in basketball!” Dennis Dyhr-Hansen, Matching Visions


“Imagine Europe’s best igaming affiliates all together under one roof—an affiliate manager’s dream; an operator’s dream; our dream come true,” is how SiGMA founder Eman Pulis described the idea for this Grand Slam. “Affiliates are flying in a day before the SiGMA15 show starts and no expense will be spared, thanks to a solid partnership with Casumo and MatchingVisions, to ensure they are treated like royalty,” he added. A day after the Casumo Grand Slam, all elites will join the 2,500+ delegates attending SiGMA15.

                                                “SIGMA is a nice place to meet business partners, old and new. Malta is the perfect place to hold a conference, simply because almost all Casinos operate from there and it is a great place to make ‘big business.” Tuomas Jauhiainen, Nordic Profit Media

The organisers of the first edition of the Casumo Grand Slam for affiliates are: SiGMA, Malta’s largest iGaming conference; Casumo, the award-winning online casino; and MatchingVisions, one of the most prominent affiliate networks in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. The latter two companies will be exhibiting together with over 100 other iGaming suppliers, vendors and service providers during SiGMA15 conference, which will take place on 5 and 6 November 2015 at the InterContinental Hotel Arena.

Registration to SiGMA is free for affiliates. For more information call +356 9926 3626 or email us at


–Ends –

Register today! SiGMA tickets to double in price next week

Response for SiGMA15 has been overwhelming and space for all four conferences is very limited. In line with last year, admission to SiGMA is free for affiliates, whilst a low fee applies for all other delegates – from regulators to operators, solution providers and other delegates.

Prices from Monday 26th October, 2015, will increase. Each admission allows delegates access to one of four conferences. Additional fees apply for delegates wishing to attend two or more conferences. VAT is included in each price quoted below.


Early Bird

JAN 01 – APR 30


MAY 01 – OCT 25

Last Minute

OCT 26 – NOV 6

Standard Pass
+ 1 conference 




Standard Pass
+ 2 conferences 




Standard Pass
+ 3 conferences 




Standard Pass
+ 4 conferences 




Charity Networking
Poker Tournament




Special rates apply for group bookings of five or more. For booking enquiries call Jarek on +00356 77773092 or by email at