Video Gaming and iGaming Expected to Collide

Oulala CEO makes bold claims as ICE London 2018 beckons

The iGaming biz might be in for some unique challenges as a potential online gambling liberalisation in the USA looms large on the horizon, according to Valery Bollier, CEO of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) platform provider Oulala.

Speaking at various industry events in 2017, Valery Bollier made the bold claim that the video gaming industry stands to colonise the iGaming market, and claims some movement has already been to that end.

”We have already seen the decisive first step of the video gaming industry in our direction with the launch of a loot box system,” he says. For instance, Star Wars Battlefront II allows players to pay real money to access a “loot box” with an unknown reward.

Oulala‘s CEO also referenced Rockstar’s recent announcement that the next instalment in the GTA series will feature an online money poker and casino game within gameplay. ”With GTA V being the fastest-selling entertainment product in human history, this should be seen as a critical warning for the future of our industry,” Bollier claims. ”It’s simple: the video gaming industry perfectly understands the expectations of the 18-35 age range market, dominated by millennials, and by introducing elements of luck in their skill games, they begin to offer the best of both worlds. By doing so, they are erasing any competitive advantage that our sector could possibly offer. They are making sure that, even as they age, the customers will stick with them because they are catering to all their present, and likely their future, expectations.”

Bollier argues that if GTA VI had to make a foray into iGaming industry staples like casino and poker, their existing client base would prove to be a massive competitive edge, and would stand to grow significantly as they draw on the huge potential of the iGaming market.

With regard to the upcoming ICE London 2018, Bollier expects the American delegation will be out in force, alongside the Maltese and the Italian contingents.

”While there seems to be a lot of optimism, as many within the iGaming industry see the evolution of the legislation in the US states as another gold rush, the reality may prove to be very different. If the US market opens, the video gaming industry is in the perfect position to be the only winner because the massive size of their customer base, power, budget, and talent,” Bollier argues.

Despite some industry insiders being skeptical of his statements, Bollier believes the situation is becoming critical, but can yet be overcome through massive reinvestment in the current offer, and a greater understanding of the needs of potential younger customers. ”At Oulala, we believe that adopting DFS is not the only move required since reshaping one’s entire offer is also necessary, however it is a highly significant step in the process,” Bollier explains. “Oulala would thus be the perfect partner. We understand the challenges operators face and we have customizable solutions that were built specifically for the industry. Oulala is creating a solid long-term bridge between the younger generations and iGaming operators.”

Oulala’s CEO is keen to speak with anyone that is interested in hearing more about the way iGaming companies can capitalise on the World Cup by offering their clients DFS.

The Oulala team will be available for meetings at the ExCel London, the main expo venue, from the 6th to 8th of February (10am to 6pm). You can get in touch by contacting the company’s business development director Oliver Niner at


Oulala Beats Finalists at SBC Awards and Wins ‘Best DFS Product’

Oulala clinched ‘Best DFS Product’ Award for the second year in a row

At the SBC Awards in London, Oulala, B2B supplier and daily fantasy sports operator, Oulala, was nominated for the Best DFS Product for the second year in a row.

Host of the event, which featured awards in 28 categories such as 17 supplier awards and eleven awards for Operators or Affiliates, was sports presenter Matt Lorenzo and previous football player Luis Garcia.

After receiving the award, Oliver Niner, the Director of the company’s Business Development, who was representing Oulala stated, “I would like to congratulate the SBC team for organising this splendid event as well as to express my sincere gratitude to the judges for showing their appreciation for our hard work.”

”We are constantly striving to improve our product offer in order to provide our partners with the best Daily Fantasy Football platform on the market. Our latest deals with Marsbet, Safaribet Kenya and Bravio Gaming prove that we are moving in the right direction.”


SiGMA-igaming-Best DFS Product-Oulala

Oulala at SBC Awards ceremony in London


Among seven finalists, Oulala managed to be selected as the best in class by a panel of 57 judges. Generally speaking, 2017 has been a very successful and eventful year for the Oulala team. For example, during ICE in London, Valery Bollier, Oulala’s CEO won the ICE VOX Prophet award.

Moreover, at the company was nominated for EGR Operator Awards 2017 in the category of ‘Fantasy Sports Operator Award’’ and at the EGR B2B Awards 2017 for the ”Skill Games Supplier of the Year’’.

To crown this during the KPMG Game Changers Global Startup Competition and the World Football Summit StartCup Challenge Oulala managed to become a super finalist.

Oulala Partners with Bravio

The daily fantasy sports operator Oulala announces partnership with Australian tech group Bravio

Oulala Games Limited, the daily fantasy sports (DFS) provider, has announced its partnership with the TSX focused Bravio Gaming Limited, the Australian registered B2B and B2C provider of online digital entertainment. The white label agreement with Bravio Gaming Limited is the latest expansion of the European daily fantasy football site.

Benjamin Carlotti, Managing Director and Co-founder at Oulala, said, “At Oulala, we are extremely pleased to welcome Bravio as new members of our expanding Daily Fantasy network for football. Since Fantasy Football is growing in India in terms of engaging sports fans and utilizing their knowledge and skills, we think that our platform is exactly what they need.”

Bravio CTO Richard Boyd, commented, ”It’s a fantastic opportunity to partner with team Oulala; we can now offer our large mobile Indian network the option to play Daily Fantasy Football. Mobimedia are a great asset to the group as they know how to communicate and operate in an emerging market very well. The Indian public loves football, and it is the logical step to offer them a skill-based DFS platform.

We aim to launch in India quite quickly and follow up in Myanmar with a new low key solution. We may possibly offer our DFS skill based games to the Australian market for the up and coming 2018/19 season. We are working on the legal status now”.

Bravio is currently pursuing a TSX listing, and has recently completed the acquisition of Mobimedia India, a mobile marketing agency which implements and manages strategic integrated mobile marketing campaigns for corporate clients and brands, offering direct access to 250 million Indian mobile phone users.

Recently, Oulala announced two deals with Marsbet and Safaribet Kenya.



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Oulala Partners with Safaribet Kenya and Expands into Africa

Daily Fantasy Sports B2B provider Oulala continues to expand its DFS network by agreeing on a deal with Safaribet Kenya

After the deal with Marsbet, Daily Fantasy Sports B2B provider Oulala continues to expand its DFS network, and partners with Safaribet Kenya, one of the leading sports betting companies in East Africa, offering a wide range of games and socially innovative products. The official launch of a two-year agreement involving the integration with Oulala’s Iframe and then API, is scheduled to go live in the beginning of next year.

Valery Bollier, CEO at Oulala, commented, «We are very pleased that Safaribet has become a new member of our Daily Fantasy Football network. While most iGaming operators have begun to acknowledge the growing need to offer new types of products in order to attract younger generations, Safaribet’s team made a crucial step forward as they truly understand the benefits of offering our DFS product.

«We have actually come to the realization that convincing young operators to implement our approach is much easier, since they are less consumed by the “milk your customer/cow” route. Essentially, young operators from Africa, Asia and South America, as well as new entrants within the European market are far more eager to try out a new product and business model as they are still in the process of establishing and building up their brand and market.»

Imran Premji, CEO at Safaribet Kenya, said, «We are known as a vibrant, disruptive sports betting brand that likes to cut across barriers and drive social interactions, so offering daily fantasy football games fits perfectly into our vision of connecting with our customers on an emotional level. I think that with Oulala’s platform we will further enhance our market position and really capitalise on the World Cup next year.»



Oulala’s website


According to the deal, the award-winning DFS game will complement their online sports betting services for all major sports including football, basketball, ice hockey, rugby and others.

Oulala, whose deal with Marsbet is considered to be the first-ever agreement between a licensed B2B skill game operator and an iGaming company, is playing a key role in promoting the DFS sector in Africa, the biggest untapped market for the gaming industry.

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Oulala Pens Deal With Marsbet

This partnership will allow Oulala to penetrate the European and Brazilian market

Daily Fantasy Sports B2B provider Oulala has signed an agreement with Marsbet to integrate its football management game directly into their iGaming platform.

This is the first-ever agreement between a licensed B2B skill game operator and an iGaming company. Oulala will provide its game, which can be seen here, for three brands across the Marsbet group. The game was officially launched on Thursday ahead of Turkey’s biggest football match between Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe.

”We warmly welcome Marsbet as a member of our B2B Network,” said Benjamin Carlotti, Oulala’s Managing Director. ”Sports betting operators are now fully convinced of the benefits that come with offering DFS to their clients. The Oulala Network fits the exact needs of the new generations and it also generates long term loyalty.”

Marsbet, established in 2013, and the new brand Piramit Casino would include the innovative football management game which will complement their existing offers such as an online sportsbook, bingo, casino games and poker.

”We are delighted to offer our customers something new,” commented Ioannis Ntousias, a senior member of Marsbet’s marketing team. ”We believe that Oulala’s skill-based monetised football management game is the perfect tool for them to put their knowledge to the test against each other. We have high hopes that it will attract new users and retain existing ones thanks to its social structure.”

Oulala, the recipient of a B2B skill games licence granted by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) in March, has so far secured a white label agreement with Bravio Gaming and Orange Africa as well as a partnership with Game Interaction Group. The company will announce another important deal in the near future.

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MGA grants first ever B2B Skill Games Licence to Oulala

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has granted their very first official controlled B2B skill games licence to the Malta-based daily fantasy football operator Oulala Games Ltd.

 CEO Valery Bollier and Managing Director Benjamin Carlotti of Oulala

CEO Valery Bollier and Managing Director Benjamin Carlotti of Oulala

Oulala, the award-winning fantasy football platform for API integration and a complete turnkey solution, has updated stakeholders announcing that they have reached their founder’s goal of being ‘regulated separately from other iGaming activities’, a goal they had set out to attain four years ago.

The B2B-focused company has stated that this MGA B2B approval represents an important corporate milestone.

Due to the lack of strategic regulation for fantasy sports, Oulala was unable to operate legally within the UK market and thus needed to acquire a remote gambling licence in order to operate there.


Benjamin Carlotti on the right speaking at one of the SiGMA16 conferences

Benjamin Carlotti on the right speaking at one of the SiGMA16 conferences

The MGA has been the first in Europe to recognise the impact of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and a need for a special licence. Benjamin Carlotti, one of the co-founders and Managing Director at Oulala explains: “The authorities in Malta were the first in foretelling the impact of DFS’s potential in Europe, and the MGA was, in fact, the first regulator to acknowledge our needs”

The MGA has in fact spent over two years examining and working on a new licence category for controlled skill games which will allow a better European-wide regulation of DFS operators and industry needs, defining it as a game of skill as opposed to gambling.

Joseph Cuschieri

Joseph Cuschieri

Executive Chairman of MGA, Joseph Cuschieri commented: “The Malta Gaming Authority is pleased to be issuing a B2B licence for fantasy sports to OulalaGames Ltd under the new skill games regulations.”

Mr Cuschieri continued: “Malta’s regulatory framework ensures a high standard of player protection and game fairness whilst allowing operators space for growth and innovation. It is for this reason that operators such as Oulala have chosen Malta as their primary place of establishment.”

The controlled skilled licence is valid for five years and can be used for either B2C and/or B2B purposes and subject to a number of requirements, including segregation of operational and players.

Further to the update, Carlotti concluded: “We are incredibly proud to be participating in the development of a licensing framework that regulates skill-based games, fantasy sports included. This was a highly significant step in the right direction, and our hope is that other European regulators will soon follow suit.”

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Ben Carlotti

Ben Carlotti is the Managing Director and Co Founder of the first European Fantasy Football game, called Oulala ( Launched in 2013, Oulala has launched its monetized version in October 2015, and is now ready to commercialize the first daily fantasy sports BtoB solution to iGaming operators. Ben has been active in Fantasy Sports since 2010, when researching the promising American DFS industry and looking for the best ways to adapt its best practices to the European market

Valéry Bollier

Valéry Bollier is the CEO and Co Founder of Oulala. He worked for 9 years in media and online marketing and 12 years in online gaming.

He is a regular speaker at industry conferences and seminars, as well as a contributor to various BtoB publications. Valery is also shareholder and former CMO of ZEturf (11% of the French horse racing market).

Relive the highlights from our last show and stay tuned for this year’s SiGMA. Watch out for what we’re branding as the ‘iGaming Village’ this year.

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Valery Bollier

Holder of a Master 2 in Management at Dauphine University (France) and of an Executive MBA from HEC School of Management (France). After various experiences in media (newspapers and online from 1994 till 2001), Valery built from scratch the marketing strategy (from 2001 to 2003) of a new watchmaker positioned in the luxury market.

Valery then became the marketing/communication director and a shareholder of ZEturf (18% market share of the online horse betting market in France), an independent consultant to various industry players, and a BtoB media owner.

After ten years of experience in the digital gaming sector, Valery started working on Oulala in 2012, to build the most innovative Fantasy Football game in Europe. He is the CEO of Oulala and will be one of the panel speakers at the Gamification conference at SiGMA15. OulalaGames launched in August 2013 the first European Fantasy Football game called Oulala.

Based in Malta, Oulala has developed one of the most innovative football management game, available online ( and on mobile. A team of nineteen at Oulala has spent the last two years building the core of the game with the use of Big Data, which is currently revolutionizing sports, and specifically the Fantasy Sports industry. Oulala is therefore the first and only skill game of the sector.

The monetized version of Oulala (based on a Daily Fantasy Football Business Model) will be launched in August, shortly before SiGMA15. Oulala is currently aimed at B2C customers and will soon be available for B2B clients.

Valery has been living in Malta for over ten years

David Flak

David Flak is the director of Oulala Network, the BtoB subsiduary of Oulala Games. He graduated from HEC School of Management, with a specialization in entrepreneurship. He wrote his thesis on the Real Money Fantasy Football phenomenon.
Before working in the iGaming industry, David Flak worked in financial markets at HSBC, as an Equity Derivatives Sales, and at Deutsche Bank as a Debt Capital Markets Analyst. He learned there how to deal with clients in a very dynamic and stressful atmosphere.
Real jack of all trades, he also founded his first company in the education field at 22 and sold it a year after. Meanwhile, he found some time to write three books.Today, David is fully focused on Oulala Network, bringing his passion and skills to find new business opportunities. He is constantly in relation with european football clubs, sponsors and medias in order to develop Oulala Network. His commitment to his work also makes him travel a lot across Europe to connect with iGaming companies.