LeoVegas appointed new brand ambassador in Sweden has revealed that it has just joined forces with one of Sweden’s biggest lifestyle stars, skier, car-enthusiast, blogger and product designer, Jon Olsson.
New Brand Ambassador for LeoVegas in Sweden

New Brand Ambassador for LeoVegas in Sweden, Jon Olsson

The first joint venture of this three-year partnership will see Jon taking the adventure of a lifetime – the Mongol Rally. This is a rough 20,000km journey from London to Mongolia through all kinds of road conditions, including a lot of extreme dirt roads. The journey will start from London in July 2016 and is expected to last more than 30 days.

Both and Jon Olsson like taking things to their limit and therefore it was decided that for this adventure, Jon will be driving a wide body carbon fibre Lamborghini Huracán. This is the sort of car you would get to drive on the smoothest surfaces possible as a show off car and not to drive through never-ending stretches of extreme desert roads. Jon will be sharing his adventures with his fans and LeoVegas’ customers through his online blog on


Apart from this adventure, and Jon Olsson will be collaborating on other similar activities as well as on a number of marketing events.

leo-vegas-casinoNiklas Andersson, Sweden Country Manager for said, “what we like about Jon Olsson is his determination to do things in his own way and how he’s constantly looking for innovative solutions to be the very best. The way Jon takes on challenges with his unique winning attitude really matches with the way that has grown and matured over the years. The moment we met Jon we noticed that we have much in common in the way we achieve our highest ambitions and this is what makes Jon an excellent brand ambassador for”

About LeoVegas

LeoVegas is an online and mobile casino that provides world-class game entertainment and offers 600+ games on mobile, tablet and desktop. LeoVegas is Europe’s fastest and most user friendly mobile casino. With cutting edge technology, innovative data, and a strong entrepreneurial management, LeoVegas has grown to become an m-commerce sensation. LeoVegas employs a team of 200 talented people in its offices in Malta and Sweden.

About Jon Olsson

Born in Mora, Sweden, Jon Olsson started ski racing in his early years. At age 16 Jon switched to freestyle skiing where thanks to influential videos and a handful of innovative double flips he established himself as a role model for this budding sport. Just under a decade later Jon returned to ski racing and for four years he balanced both Alpine World Cups and freestyle events. After that he decided to focus his efforts on freestyle skiing and managed to attain nine X Games medals, more than ten film appearances and countless of other free ski accolades. Jon’s passion has also allowed him to become a trendsetter in the world of apparel.


SiGMA interviews LeoVegas CEO Johan Styren

From a workforce of 170 today to some 300 by mid 2016, Johan Styren is at the helm of what’s arguably the fastest growing operator in Malta. In an interview with SiGMA the charismatic CEO discusses the success behind LeoVegas and its exciting plans for the future.


Johan Styren

Johan Styren, LeoVegas CEO

The LeoVegas brand has grown massively since its inception in 2012; which factors do you attribute to your successover the years?

First of all we have an amazing product. Having a mobile casino in itself is not unique, however the way we have been able to innovate and stay ahead of the competition is. We have kept our focus in product as well as marketing and that has kept us in the lead. On top ofthat we have constantly been able to find the most talented and hard working people, I can’t stress enough what a difference that has made.

LeoVegas has always been at the forefront on mobile gaming; where do you see mobile gaming heading in the next few years?

First of all it will keep on growing, people are still moving from offline to desktop and from desktop to mobile. That transition is far from over. I’m expecting new devices to play a bigger part of the mix including the new I-pad pro and the new version of the I-watch. We always look at new tech releases and especially apple for new inspiration and opportunities.

LeoVegas has been involved in some of the biggest ever mobile jackpot wins last year; can you tell us a bit more about them?

2015 started off in the best possible way with LeoVegas handing out the biggest mobile win in history, which was a Mega Fortune Jackpot of 5,6 million Euro. While that record stills stands some amazing jackpot wins has fallen out including 4,6 million Euro on Mega Fortune Dreams in July.

Few things can compare to hearing the stories of the lucky winners, what they where thinking when they won and how they will spend the money. The long awaited trip abroad is popular but also a lot of winners want to share money with friends and family. One of our absolutely biggest winners wanted to thank us for changing his life and decided to buy all of Leovegas, at that time around 120 people, a dinner at a nice restaurant. I just found that gesture absolutely heart warming. All in all we are extremely pleased with these wins and we can proudly say that there is nowhere better to play jackpot games than LeoVegas.

Sigma2015-011You were recently granted your UK licence and are investing heavily there, can you tell us why you chose the UK market over others?

I think its fair to say that the UK license regime is probably the most successful we have seen in Europe so far. That plus the cheer size of the market made it a very attractive place to invest in. What scared a lot of other companies of is naturally the significant competition. We did however feel that we had something unique to offer and a positioning that was not claimed in the market. Looking back at the success we have had I’m more than pleased with that decision.

You also partnered with primetime UK TV show Celebrity Juice. Can you tell us a bit more about how that came about and what you have planned there?

The reasoning is simply that its a primetime channel and show which is very much followed by the UK nation. Its also shares the same demographic which makes it a perfect fit. The sponsorship begins when the hit show returns to screens in September and covers all episodes, including the Christmas Special. The deal will also see LeoVegas branding appear online and on mobile, including the show’s website and catch-up content on ITV Player and The creative, entitled ‘Dress Like a Lion’, has been produced by NOW Advertising and focuses on LeoVegas’ lion mascot, Leo, as he tries on an array of flamboyant outfits, like those worn by the show’s host, Keith Lemon.

With such a crowded market in the UK, do you have any aces up your sleeve to make you stand out from your competitors?

Its all about the product and that’s where we differ from all other brands. As usual we have an array of activities going on in the UK as we continue to grow stronger in presence. The next quarter will see LeoVegas expand rapidly with both above and below the line activities to keep us top of mind.

Sigma2015-460You’re based in sunny Malta, can you tell us a bit about office life behind the scenes?

Malta has been a great environment for us to grow, we really wanted to go the extra mile when it comes to office environment to create the Google kind of atmosphere. In the end we found anamazing office in Sliema that has it all, terraces with amazing view, space for table tennis, videogames and you name it. The combination of Mediterranean weather and a fast pace working environment has created a great environment for us to attract talent.

What do you think the future holds for LeoVegas?

Our ambition is to keep on growing and even accelerate what we do. It’s a huge challenge and we need to constantly reinvent ourselves to keep ahead of the competition. I think its fair to say that wehave gone from start-up to the respected leader in mobile casino in a very short time and this is just the beginning.

We look forward to meet LeoVegas and their wonderful management in various conferences worldwide including, of course, SiGMA16! Until then, enjoy this short flashback from SiGMA15.


LeoVegas and Catena Media prepare to go public

LeoVegas stand at SiGMA15 To see full album click here

LeoVegas stand at SiGMA15.
To see full album click here.

Johan Styren

Johan Styren, LeoVegas CEO

SiGMA15 partners LeoVegas and Catena Media have started preparations to go on the Swedish stock market within months.

Both LeoVegas and Catena Media are currently discussing the IPOs with cornerstone investors, which means the companies can be expected to go public in the next months.

The last year was  successful for IPOs of other big names in Swedish tech industry, such as Evolution Gaming, Tobii, Fingerprint and Starbreeze. The two expected offerings would extend this fruitful trend.


Erik Bergman, Catena Media CPO

Erik Bergman, Catena Media CPO

Carnegie, investment bank and financial idvisory company that is said to help Catena Media with its IPO has also been hired by LeoVegas.

GP Bullhound, venture capital firm, announced LeoVegas can become one of the Swedish unicorns.

Catena Media is in even more advanced discussions with their anchor investors – the company is expected to go public in a few weeks with a valuation accounting for more than SEK 1 billion (EUR 109 millions).

In 2014 LeoVegas and Catena Media revenues exceeded USD 40 million and their growth continued with doubling the sales in 2015.

Click here to read featured interviews with SiGMA guests speakers Johan Styren, CEO at LeoVegas and Erik Bergman, CPO at Catena Media, in SiGMAgazine.




LeoVegas releases Realistic Games content

LeoVegas, SiGMA15 exhibitor, has recently launched mobile slots and table games developed by Realistic Games.

The award-winning operator will be the first to derive advantage from an integration of Realistic’s ReGaL games server into NYX Gaming Group’s OGS distribution platform.

LeoVegas will start off the launch with roulette, blackjack games and various slot titles.

Johan Styren,  LeoVegas chief executive, said: “Realistic Games’ content is among the best performers in the industry and we are very excited to have been given access to it via NYX’s OGS platform.”

“I’m sure our customers will enjoy playing both their table games and slots and we look forward to receiving further content in due course.”

Commercial director at Realistic Games, Andy Harris, added: “The deal with NYX was always going to be strategically important to us and we’re very pleased that it has allowed us to partner with such a forward-thinking operator like LeoVegas in the first instance.”

LeoVegas to sponsor ITV2’s hit show

One of SiGMA15 exhibitors, LeoVegas, well-known operator that focuses on mobile games, has closed an important sponsorship deal. The company will endorse a primetime ITV2 celebrity comedy panel show called ‘Celebrity Juice’. This is the second time when the company uses sponsorship deal for branding purposes.

The LeoVegas sponsorship starts in September when the 14th series of the popular show returns on air. The deal covers all of the episodes, including the Christmas Special, as well as other branding placements, such as the show’s website and ITV Player.

Shenaly Amin, LeoVegas UK country manager, comments on the sponsorship “We’re incredibly happy to have secured sponsorship on such a well-loved programme. Celebrity Juice is a fun and irreverent show which fits the LeoVegas brand perfectly. Since launching in the UK last year TV has played an important role in our marketing activity and we’re confident that Celebrity Juice will help us introduce the key young adult demographic to the fun and excitement of LeoVegas.”

ITV’s Business Development Director, Jason Spencer, adds:  “The last series of Celebrity Juice attracted 11.2m viewers across the series with more than 16% of those in the 16-34 age bracket. We are really excited to be working in partnership with Leo Vegas in their ambition to reach and engage this audience.”

The creative entitled ‘Dress Like a Lion’ was developed by NOW Advertising, focuses on LeoVegas’ lion mascot called Leo. The sponsorship negotiations were negotiated by the media buying team from The Broadcast House.

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