RichCasino Offers Ethereum Payout Facility

RichCasino, the innovative gaming site, is now providing payout via the Ethereum cryptocurrency

Renowned for its comprehensive library of games and technology standards, RichCasino’s integration with Ethereum allows it to achieve higher payout and transaction rates.

Ethereum is perceived as the fastest cryptocurrency on the market, with an average block time of around 14 seconds – compared to the 10 minutes it takes to mine Bitcoin.

RichCasino’s more than one million global customers are able to play hundreds of top table games and slots from leading developers such as Microgaming, Betsoft and Pragmatic Play. The Curacao-based site is determined to also offer them a range of payment services that suit their requirements.

“We put a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction as a core value, and that means allowing people to access their funds however they wish,” said Gwen Adams, RichCasino spokesperson.

“We welcome change and innovation because we know that staying relevant in today’s online gaming market requires an ever-changing business environment. We realise our customers’ needs change rapidly and we strive to stay ahead of the curve.”

RichCasino has been operational for more than a decade, but has overhauled its operations in recent times, with a renewed focus on customer service.  As well as a huge increase in its games portfolio, a major redevelopment of the site has also been undertaken, with improved UI and an enhanced mobile offering.

“Ethereum integration is just part of the effort at improving our product,” added Adams. “In the last year RichCasino has undergone a lot of changes, including the introduction of a new slick design front end, and brand new backend system.

“Our continued aim is to create an online gaming environment in which customers can get the real casino feel from the comfort and safety of their own home.”



Game-changer of The iGaming Industry: Blockchains 

Blockchain technology is expected to change the world

Blockchain platforms are described as “the new Internet” and people consider it as the “central bank killer” or “the true democratiser”.
Already now, Blockchains have a huge impact on online gaming and there are changes seen on the physical layout services and products, and they way users are interacting with them. But not only to this also the regulatory framework will be changing in the future. These innovations are implemented by companies such as Virtue Poker, and

Blockchain technology can be a huge support for the emerging platforms. Cryptocurrencies such as Ether (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC), emphasise the utility of these blockchain applications on their respective platforms.

The main difference that comes with the blockchain technology is the distributed ledger system. This is a common technology on both blockchain platforms, the Ethereum and the blockchain platform itself.

These platforms consist of multiple independently working computers, so-called nodes, which are all combined and execute the same order of commands individually.

In tandem with other nodes, every computer is processing commands or information and generating them into a ledger.

After a process is finished, the data crystallises into the respective ledger of the note and a new process begins. A transaction, which has occurred few weeks ago, can content thousands of blocks of transactions which have been collected afterwards; an actual chain or so-called blockchain.

What makes the transactions on, for example, the Ethereum network extremely resistant to security breaches is the crypto-graphical protection. Thus, this kind of payment is considered as more secure as for example traditional gaming platforms or banks.

Another way Blockchains can be used is to generate smart contracts, which can operate in an immutable, secure and verifiable manner. So-called smart contracts are a series of instructions aimed at several stakeholders in a transaction.  The command of a smart contracted can be standardised to the formula “If this, then that”.

If “if” and “that” are ahead of controversy, they work the best, and it makes them very suitable for betting or gaming applications. As, for example, in a Blackjack game, if the dealer does not win, then the player wins. The base of these smart contracts are blockchains and thus, difficult or almost impossible to hack.

Traditionally, gaming platforms possess or at least regulate servers that content the game-play history logs, the commands of the game, the player information, the game-play history logs, the technology of the games, information on deposits and other sensitive data.

Different to that are the Blockchain gaming networks. These are not in charge of the networks which are hosting the sensitive data. Other, the host of this information is a decentralised network, the blockchain.

Before the blockchain, gaming sites have been victims to hacking attacks, leaks or other occurrences. This happened mainly since there was one central point — their servers — to be exploited.

Without this weak point, gaming platforms are more resistant to get hacked. Blockchains are more secure, since the hacker would have to decode every node of the blockchain to hack the system.

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