GiG Partners with Hong Kong-based D-Tech

GiG continues extended growth

Gaming Innovation Group (GIG) continues to make headlines. Its game provider subsidiary, GiG Games, is proud to announce a partnership with Hong Kong based games studio D-Tech, acquiring a 36% stake in D-Tech. This comes at a time of extended growth for GiG, and this partnership is another step to create a fully integrated iGaming ecosystem.

“We are very happy with this investment and with the partnership between us and D-Tech. The people behind the studio are industry veterans and masters of their craft. So we know that they will produce great games. Investing in an Asian game studio helps us build games for Asian players in Europe, effectively increasing our output in number of games per year to match the volume of larger game providers in the industry.” – Mathias Larsson, MD of GiG Games

The developer will launch their first game, ‘Year of the Dog’ in March 2018, and has several games in the pipeline with the aim to release ten games in 2018.

A selection of D-Tech Games will be built directly into GiG Games’ Remote Gaming Server (RGS) and will be branded GiG Games. The new games will go live on GiG’s own casino brands first, and will then be launched later with other operators in Europe.

“We are excited to welcome GiG as part of our team. GiG’s entrepreneurial and innovative culture is a perfect fit with our own and this deal provides D-Tech with a fantastic opportunity to team up with the leading innovative iGaming operator while we focus on building games for Asian players” – Harmen Brenninkmeijer, Founder of D-Tech.

GiG has paid EUR 360,000 for its 36% stake in D-Tech. As part of the transaction, GiG will receive eight exclusive online games.



VideoSlots Announce Two New Recruits

William Alhberg appointed as Head of Games, Gemma Hodge named Head of HR, a leading casino operator, has confirmed the appointment of William Ahlberg as the new Head of Games and Gemma Hodge as the Head of HR, on the 15th of February, 2018.

Videoslots has a substantially large gaming department. Despite this, Ahlberg, over the past 18 months, has worked his way up to the promotion of his position as Head of Games.

In his new position, he will take on highly significant roles regarding community management, introducing new content into the game portfolio, while also maintaining and building supplier relationships.

Hodge had previously worked as the Head of HR at ComeOn! for five years, with the Cherry Group.

During the rapid expansion of Videoslots team, Hodge will play a vital role in the integration of current and potential employees of whom share the operator’s distinctive culture. She will also be responsible for the enhancement of Videoslot’s reputation as a national leading employer as well as international.

Alexander Stevendahl, CEO at Videoslots, said: “We’re very pleased to have secured two outstanding candidates for these key roles. With William’s knowledge of the wider gaming industry and Gemma’s previous experience leading the HR department at another major operator, we’re sure they’ll both add considerably to our growing team.”

William Ahlberg, Head of Games at Videoslots, said: “In my time at Videoslots, I’ve seen a dynamic team that’s sole focus is on delivering the best gaming experience to the customer. I’m looking forward to utilising my expertise to confirm our position as the leading online casino.”

Gemma Hodges, Head of HR at Videoslots, said: “Videoslots continue to be one of the most progressive operators around in terms of diversity, culture and work-life balance, and I’m pleased to join and be a part of this exciting company.”

Videoslots has continued to place utmost importance on its promotion from within, with Clayton Marquette appointed as IT manager, Lorraine Sammut promoted to Employer Brand & Events Manager, and Ricardo Ruiz named Head of Development.




Videoslots extends portfolio with Nolimit City games

Industry leader to roll out new content, known for their pioneering approach and for hosting one of the largest casino games portfolios in the entire gaming industry, have announced their launch of Nolimit City games following a signed multi-year agreement between both parties in March 2017.

Daniel Hansen, Chief Product Officer at Videoslots, added: “Nolimit City has established itself as a progressive games developer with the release of various enjoyable titles which we’re pleased to showcase at

“We’re always looking for ways to expand our gaming portfolio to ensure we provide our players with the most expansive and quality range and integrating Nolimit City’s titles will help with this.”

Nolimit City makes its mark with successful partnerships, and is due to deliver more direct integrations through an array of innovative games and a proprietary-owned RGS platform. With seven state of the art games currently available to the market, Videoslots players will enjoy some exceptionally popular titles. These include WiXX, Oktoberfest, Creepy Carnival, and the Kitchen Drama series. Punters and can now also look forward to the series of exciting titles in the software provider’s pipeline, scheduled across 2018.

Malcolm Mizzi, Head of Sales at Nolimit City, said: “Working with such a key operator in the industry was an important goal for us and having a direct partnership only strengthens our drive to deliver more premium titles.”

“We are very pleased to see our games live with Videoslots and welook forward to future partnerships together.”



Casinos & Cryptocurrencies: A New Winning Revolution Spinning Our Way

A New Age of Winning Online

Money has always evolved and has been changed to suit the age we live in and as we head fast into the digital age money and casinos are merging like never before. This is the dawn of exciting times if you dabble the markets of cryptocurrency.

Slowly and surely you can spot the trend that the average casino online UK, America and Europe, are all adapting to the want for Bitcoins to be used as a form of gambling payment. With the casinos have adhered to the calls and you may come across the odd promotional claim that if you specifically deposit with Bitcoins, you’ll get a markup on a casino bonus to boost your playing bankroll. Now if casinos feel assured with this approach then any hysteria towards the negative of Bitcoins is a false accusation and with the surge of the coins strength surpassing everyone’s expectation in the past 2 months, it will surely surpass $20,000 mark and make its current 500% mark-up seem very minor. What this all means is that should this trend and rise continue, it (the Bitcoin) will become the most valuable currency worldwide. This all equals a very exciting prospect for casinos and cryptocurrency makers.

If you had invested $1000 on Bitcoins in 2010, then you would have in 7 years made a profit of $16,000.

Where this Money will all lead too

Let us look at one area of casinos – Poker. Poker accounts for over 50 million online players, right now whilst you read this article 300,000 are currently playing in their casino of choice, where the gambling industry is fuelled by a 1 Billion cash haul to cover their losses to online winners around the globe. With the forthcoming venture into Virtual Reality gaming, the two powerhouses could combine for a perfectly matched outlet for gambling, there is no better testing ground to play virtual games with virtual coins, a plan long well in development? Perhaps but more will be known once it becomes mainstream.

The future is promising, it’s not only Bitcoin there are others out there: Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA and well over 1300 more other formations of this cryptocurrency. If the logic of this monetary structure remains firm, then the future could lead to casinos formulating their own currency to then trade with other various currencies, thusly meaning no rules bind by government or state, freeing up gambling online to millions.

Make no bones about it, once the casinos have success with this measure of future payments businesses will follow, soon you’ll be ordering pizzas online without having to use the counties currency in exchange. Retailers such as Amazon will trade their own coin at some point down the line, but for now and soon you’ll make your orders using money that has no visual look to them. It’s a future of trading and winning binary that you’ll never get to physically hold.



GameCo Launches New Slot Game Danger Arena

The Slot Industry is Hard at Work On Skill-Based Slots

Gamers tend to look down at slot games for obvious reasons – they are chance-based products. When funds depend solely on the luck factor, there will be people who are surely not happy to risk their money without having the power to influence how they spend it. In gamers’ world where skills are what’s important, it’s not hard to imagine that Lady Luck is not the most welcomed guest to the party.

Nonetheless, the casino industry is a smart and growing industry. People won’t just turn its head over the fact that it could have a broader range of players than those of today. Many favor online slots sites like Simba Games if it only introduced something more skill-based to the world. And so it did. Some of the leading slot vendors already decided to move in the direction. Now some of them are providing a different experience. This means you can have more control over how you lose or win!

The Turning Point Called “Danger Arena”

A game developed by the GameCo software company, titled “Danger Arena”, is the best of both gaming and gambling worlds. From the side of gambling – you can win money by playing. From the side of video gaming – you need skills to encounter its levels. It reminds us of games such as Call of Duty and Hallo, as it shooter-based. One day, Danger Arena will be considered the origin of skill-based casino games. This might entirely change the way we view gambling. This switch is revolutionary for more than one reason:

•    We could witness some of the games similar to the world’s most popular ones such as LoL, Smite, WoW turn into real money products;

•    Ever heard someone say, “You can’t make a living out of playing games”? Well, this might also change, as devoted players could now make decent cash out of playing, and we are not talking only about gaming tournaments;

•    At the end of the day, games would be way more fun knowing that we profit from playing, which could turn many non-gamers into gamers.

An interesting fact is that Danger Arena might be the first legalized casino game in the US! You know how strict they can be with gambling laws. This is indeed a turning point.

Gameplay of the First Skill-Based Slot Machine

Though Danger Arena is the one to break the ice, it won’t be perfect; its adaption to players might last pretty long. What is known for now is that:

•    The length of one gameplay will last about 45 seconds;

•    As gamers’ job is to fight robots, the main goal is to take down as many of them as possible;

•    Six robots already make you a win, but for the highest payout, you want to accomplish killing 10 of them;

•    The idea is that the game is played by not only one but more players, which is also a thing differentiates it from slots;

•    Though a shooter product, it is created in a more cartoonish way;

•    Danger Arena is played in front of a video screen and with the use of a controller;

•    It will consist of various maps and levels of lower or higher difficulty;

At the end of the day, Danger Arena is a casino game, so know that house edge and RTP are included just the same. RTP is expected to be between 89% and 92%, while the betting range goes from 0.50 to 20 dollars!

What Can We Expect From the Future of Know-How Casino Products?

It won’t be surprising if regulators all over the world are wondering how to regulate Danger Arena as well as all similar games to come since it is not entirely a gambling game. With that said, this product is waiting for its approval from numerous regulators.
They are primarily based in America. Some countries that don’t approve gambling activities might just greenlight skill-based casino games!

What we are used to nowadays are chance-based slots which are mostly 3D and top-notch looking that satisfy the needs of most online casino players. But, what if there is a whole new fan base of players who are waiting for the opportunity to use their skills and make money with every game they play – imagine skill-based scratch cards – now that’s something that will even swoon the older generation of card scratchers and bingo players – who now flock sites like PrimeScratchCards: Online Scratch Cards – 120 Games – to give a try to new and more exciting generation of chance-based games. If the industry gets hold of them, it would immensely affect its popularity and revenue! Moreover, the industry is planning to work on more such machines that will be adapted to not just shooter but racing, sports, action, and adventure lovers!


Software Provider Nolimit city Launches New Affiliates Website

Nolimit city, a games provider and full-scale provider, introduced its new page on the company website


Nolimit city made this change in order to provide an open access for all affiliate pages. This should increase the interest in writing about Nolimit city games. The page includes a detailed guide on how to draw information from games sheets and asset as well as live games demos.

Nolimit city has made this release right after the publication of ‘Kitchen Drama: BBQ Frenzy’. The software provider made the launch at the end of November.
The company wants to encourage Casino enthusiasts which are in charge of their own Casino/Gambling review site. They also want to manifest their status as a superior studio in the gaming world.

They aim to collaborate with clients and partners alike. Nolimit city’s Head of Sales Malcolm Mizzi stated, “We want to make sure we’re leaving no stone unturned when releasing any of our great games. Allowing for an easy to access opportunity for Affiliate sites wanting to write about our games is something we feel is a must these days, and we give our full support to all those who want be part of our ever-growing friends list.”

Tthe URL to access the website is The launch of this page is one of the first, but the software provider has big plans. They want to mark the company as an all-inclusive player within the gaming industry.


GoWild prepares for UK expansion after being granted license

GoWild, a leading European online gaming operator, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a Remote Gambling Operating License by the UK Gambling Commission.

The UK Gambling Commission is one of the most demanding regulators in the world. As part of the due diligence process in granting the license, GoWild was required to meet the governing body’s renowned standards for quality and integrity.

As the UK is one of the largest and most respected interactive gambling markets in the world, obtaining the UK license is an exceptionally welcome achievement for GoWild, and a point of great pride. It is also a marked step forward in the company’s express, overall goals of further expanding into regulated gaming markets.

This achievement comes in the footsteps of other major triumphs in FY17 including the opening of the company’s Maltese offices, and further expansion in the Nordic markets. It also follows this year’s major milestone of successfully migrating over a decade’s worth of business from Microgaming, in-house to the proprietary GoWild HERO gaming system.


From the left: Marian Melinte, Affiliate Account Manager, Itai Zak, CEO, and Roger Katz, Head of Affiliates

“With a strong focus on expanding in regulated markets, licensing by the UK Gambling Commission is welcome news to GoWild,” commented Itai Zak, CEO at GoWild. “The UK is one of the biggest, oldest, and most respected gaming communities in the world, and operating there will allow us to increase our exposure, reach new audiences, and improve the local gaming experience. We look forward to opening our virtual doors in the UK, and successfully serving the local gaming needs.”


About GoWild

Established in 2008, GoWild is a leading online gaming operator licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. With over a decade of know-how to back it up, the company focuses on delivering a unique gaming experience that gives players exceptional freedom of choice in terms of promotions and game variety, as well as some of the fastest payouts on the market.

Five-Year Research And Development Project Solves SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is no longer a mysterious dark art. After concluding a five-year research and development project, REACH.AI, Media Skunk Works announce SEO is now officially dead!

In 2012, York-based innovation laboratory, MSW set out to industrialise the SEO industry. Twelve months later, it relocated to the York Science Park and that turned out to be a vital move for the fledgling operation.

Paul Reilly delivering a presentation at SiGMA16 last November

This commenced with a project in collaboration with the University of York’s Head of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Suresh Manandhar.

Machine learning is often described as the process of extracting knowledge from data, similar to refining petroleum from crude oil. Today, A.I. is ubiquitous and the largest company for it in the world is Google.

In 1998, their search engine was a paradigm shift. Its secret source was the innovative PageRank algorithm. PageRank pays less attention to keywords within a web page, but rather judges the page based on the links that link to it.

MSW’s industrialisation of the process of delivering these links has earned their VIP client roster, including leading gaming, casino and betting brands, billions in revenue over the last five years and continues to do so.

In 2015, Google announced RankBrain – an algorithm for learning how to rank pages, its usage and purpose, confirmed on 26 October 2015. PageRank had evolved and no one, not even Google’s engineers knew how the rankings were determined… until now!

Paul Reilly delivering a presentation at SiGMA16 last November

“Before we could solve SEO, we first needed to solve countless other information retrieval problems,” said MSW founder and CEO, Paul Reilly.

“It’s been challenging to say the least, not to mention expensive. We employ some very talented people and the team works very hard, often under very difficult conditions.

“SEO is more like a competitive sport and it takes a special kind of person to compete at Olympic level. The project – funded by the sweat and tears of everyone involved, past and present – has been quite a roller coaster.

“Solving the problem was the easy part, the hardest part was building the technology to get the data.”

MSW’s REACH.AI project offers unique investment opportunities for those interested in SEO, digital marketing, data enrichment, and person-name disambiguation objectives.

Relive the highlights and stay tuned for this year’s SiGMA. Watch out for what we’re branding as the ‘iGaming Village’ this year.

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William Hill tech platform: a review


William Hill Games Review

William Hill is one of the largest and oldest sportsbooks in the world founded in 1934, with a larger presence with physical shops especially in the UK but now the biggest one in Las Vegas thanks to their latest company acquisitions in the USA. Online they remain in the top 5 working together with OpenBet to offer their unique virtual sports services.

The company is registered in the London stock exchange with offices across the UK, the online operation runs from Gibraltar with physical presence in some European countries like Spain.

William Hill Virtual World

As William Hill develops its own games the one that goes beyond anything else found anywhere is their Virtual Sports Betting games. Horseracing, hound racing, car racing, bicycle events, motorcycle races and even soccer can be found. All of the players and characters involved are virtual generated and controlled randomly by an AI based on their odds of performance.

The graphics are awesome and events happen every 4 minutes, so users have no need to wait for an event like it happens in real life. A major difference from reality is the role of odds, here if a favorite has an 80% chance of winning then it will be just that, corruption or emotions play no role in this world. Maybe weather and injuries, but that is just part of the 20% the favorite won´t make it.

The races take place on fictional racetracks like Hilltop Gardens and Rapier Strip, there is also a National Hunt in Weston Vale. 10 runners take the field with odds of
1/5 for the first three places, the rest of the race you see it just like on TV with a live feed of all the action.

William Hill App

Online casinos and sportsbooks have been latecomers to the app frenzy, not because they were technologically slow, but because the few app stores available like iTunes and Google Play forbid to promote gambling apps. It took them a while to realize they could produce the app and hosted themselves to download from their own websites.

Nevertheless, there was really no need for the app, the William Hill website is responsive and mobile friendly, what is called a webapp. Webapps are not Android and Apple code based, they are html coded but can be sold on the Google Store (not iTunes). The main difference from any other app is they run only with internet connection.
So players now have the option to play directly online from their mobile phone or download the app to make things even more comfortable.

The app can be downloaded from the WH website with instructions on how to install. It is easy, but requires a few extra manual configurations steps on the phone to bypass the Android security settings that display a warning when it identifies the app doesn´t come from their store.

Casino Games

William Hill hosts hundreds of games on their online casino, not only do they a great share of Playtech, one of the best casino game developers from the present that powers all the big name casinos, they also host games from Ash Gaming, IGT, WMS, NextGen and Evolution Gaming besides developing their very own.

Best Online Slot from William Hill
 Age of the Gods
 The Incredible Hulk 50 Lines
 Wild Gambler
 Buffalo Blitz
 Halloween Fortune

With its massive game offering of great quality, William Hill Online stands as one if not the best online casino in the world. On top of that it offers one of the greatest sports books which allows a player to move from one or the other claiming various bonuses. Their Virtual Gaming platform seems to have opened a new market that will evolve into something astonishing.

Evolution Gaming launches new Dream Catcher super-sized lucky wheel

Leading provider of Live Casino solutions Evolution Gaming has launched its visually stunning super-sized new Dream Catcher Lucky Wheel. The vertical wheel comes with silver and gold 2x and 7x multiplier segments and was created using a precision-engineered bespoke wheel which was built exclusively for Evolution by TCSJOHNHUXLEY. Dream Catcher is the first title in a brand-new game category for Evolution — Live Lucky Wheel.

The wheel incorporates a similar multi HD camera studio to their award-winning Immersive Roulette and offers an ‘immersive’ online live gaming experience. This enhances the player experience as they are able to follow all phases of the wheel spin from their desktop, tablet or smartphone screens through a series of dynamic camera angles and close-ups. Their special light and sound effects auto-synchronised to the game action is also geared to intensify the player experience.

The game takes on the format of the live dealer spinning the wheel whilst interacting with the players throughout all the games. Players must simply bet on the number they believe the wheel will stop at with the payout odds corresponding to the winning numbers (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40) which appear in various segments of the wheel. Players also have the option to place repeat bets for a selected number of game rounds with the Autoplay feature.

Chief Product Officer at Evolution Todd Haushalter stated:  “This is a momentous launch for us because Dream Catcher will expose live casino to players who don’t play table games and therefore don’t play live casino. There are millions of slot, bingo, and other players who we are reaching out to with this product. It is intentionally simple and friendly to play, and with the potential for the 2x and 7x multipliers to keep hitting sequentially, players can win thousands of times their initial bet, just like in slots. It is almost like a game show that you can play along with at home. Both slot and table game players will find it a familiar and an enjoyable way to play. We really tried hard to make Dream Catcher a game that will expand the live casino space and we hope the players find it as fun as we do.”

He went on to explain the inspiration behind the idea: “Operators are constantly telling us they want to cross-sell live into other player verticals. So, we started thinking of ways to do that, but when it came to slot, bingo, pull tab players the problem was not making them aware of live, but simply that they don’t want to play table games. So, we started brainstorming about games that have no cards, dice, or even a table. The lucky wheel seemed intriguing, but the house advantage was too high and it lacked the ability to win large amounts. By adding the 2x and 7x multipliers that will hit fairly frequently, we brought the house advantage in line with other online slots and made it incredibly exciting. So now we have a real tool for our partners to cross-sell to slot and other non-table game players.”

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