Brazilian Senate Scraps Gaming Bill

Gaming bill voted down in Brazilian Senate after long debate

A gaming bill seeking to legalise games of chance and casinos in Brazil was voted down in the Senate’s Constitution and Justice Commission, in a session lasting more than 2 hours, according to the Games Magazine Brazil.

Two other gaming bills are currently being debated in the Chamber of Deputies, one of which being a general tourism law that could legalise casinos at resorts.

Ciro Nogueira, senator from the PP of Piauí and author of the project to regulate the exploitation of games of chance, says in the CCJ that “if we don’t regulate sports betting, our football will be contaminated. It’s very easy to be against. But we do not have the option of having or not having gaming. Let’s get the benefits. Today, Brazil is left alone with the mischief of the activity. Money laundering exists as it is today.”

Rapporteur Bendito de Lira said that illegal gaming is responsible for the biggest problems: “Clandestine games are a reality and cause the problems. All institutions are aware of this. We are trying to legalize an economic activity, which generates employment. We are pulling out legality.”

The ambitious Senate bill could have legalised multiple forms of gambling including video bingo, casino games at resorts, sports betting and igaming had it passed. Despite the contrary decision, there is still, however, the opportunity for another vote on the bill to be requested.

Companies including Las Vegas Sands and Caesars are evaluating possible developments in Brazil should casinos be legalised.