How Greyhound Racing Can Meet the Need for Short Form Betting Opportunities

Paul Witten, Product Director at SIS, believes the sport’s short-form content is the perfect fit for bettors looking for quick and easy betting opportunities

Consumer habits are changing at a faster rate than ever before with the proliferation of technological advancements in all areas of our lives. Consumers now demand and expect immediacy and simplicity with everything they do whether it is banking, grocery shopping or in their leisure time. Betting is no different, and bettors today are looking for frequent and relatively easy betting opportunities.

Short-form Betting for Shorter Attention Spans

The most obvious example of quick-fire sports betting is the wide range of in-play markets, which now outstrip ante-post wagering on big televised events such as football.

Like football, greyhound racing has been entertaining sports bettors both on course and in-shop for generations, particularly in its heartlands like the UK, Ireland, and Australia. Unlike a football match where there may be a relatively small number of betting spikes, greyhound races last around 30 seconds and occur every 8 to 10 minutes throughout the day, representing a significant opportunity for frequent and quick betting, which should resonate with today’s customers wherever they are in the world.

Results are also always known within a short, defined period of time, so there is never a need to wait on the outcome, for example, of the bet placed in the first minute of a game in the 90th minute. On greyhound races, the customer gets the satisfaction and thrill of an outcome quickly, and that means the whole engagement is positive.

Engaging the Masses

A great opportunity exists for operators and greyhound racing to also engage new audiences as it has all of the raw ingredients to appeal to them. The younger demographic may not have grown up with the live greyhound stadium experience or have seen greyhounds in betting shops, and may even be in a country with no cultural references to this type of racing.

Yet if operators and suppliers tackle this educational issue, I’m convinced that the sport and its short form betting opportunities will fit very well with the younger bettor.

Greyhound races are quick and simple to understand, there are always the same number of runners, the race distances and conditions are relatively constant and therefore, reading form is that much more straightforward which is why offering more of this type of short form content can lead to more people engaging with the sport.

Improving Stickiness

Content has been, and always will be king in the betting and gaming industry. Retail and online bookmakers are always looking for events which can not only fill schedules, but keep people within their retail outlets or actively engaged online.

Short form betting can provide an effective solution to this challenge, particularly with greyhound racing, as the short duration of the races means that much more can be shown across the day.

At SIS, we’re focused on maximising value for bookmakers by creating these events for greyhound and horse racing. Through the SIS Greyhound Service, races are shown every 8-10 minutes, which in turn increases well time on websites and inside betting shops.


Sports Information Services Will Relaunch Its TV Service

SIS Announces Relaunch of Retail Service

SIS (Sports Information Services), a leading supplier of products and services to the retail and online betting markets, has today announced a significant relaunch of its retail TV service to bookmakers.

There will be a short period of transition on the SIS FACTS and SIS+ TV channels for British horse racing content from the end of 2017 when SIS’s rights for the Northern courses expire, to 1st April 2018, when horse racing content from RMG courses will be introduced to the SIS service. Reflecting these changes, SIS’s new service will be introduced in two phases – one from 1st January 2018, and the second from 1st April 2018.

From 1st January the SIS FACTS channel will still include British horse racing from Chelmsford City, Leicester, Stratford, and Taunton, along with Irish horse racing. In addition to international horse racing from France, Germany and UAE, the channel will have additional horse racing content from Latin America and the USA, and increased virtuals content, to complete the racing schedule. British greyhound racing and 49s numbers and established virtual racing will also remain.

The SIS+ channel will continue to feature British and Irish horse racing and greyhound racing, Indian and UAE horse racing, as well as the overflow of French and German horse racing, and additional virtuals.

On 1st April 2018 the SIS service will be provided across two complementary channels to reflect the increased volume of content, and the second channel will ensure that content is covered as thoroughly as possible with more build-up.

Paul Witten, Product Director at SIS said “After much anticipation, we are pleased to announce the relaunch of the SIS service, which have been a staple within British and Irish betting shops for over 30 years. We have worked to ensure that the SIS service schedules are optimised for customers’ needs, and will maximise value for bookmakers”.

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The future of eSports betting

There is no denying that the eSports market has expanded drastically over the last few years and it has become a popular pastime to watch pro players battle it out in their favorite games. These Twitch chart toppers include Counter Strike: GO, Dota 2, League of Legends and Overwatch, though the number one issue still remains the viewership numbers. If we compare these figures to those of mainstream sports, they are merely a blip on the radar. So, what does the future of eSports betting have in store tfor the gaming industry?

The Ever Growing Fan Base

It comes as no surprise that eSports don’t draw in the same viewer numbers as major sporting events – while millions tune in for major football events, the numbers around eSports events are much lower. However, this doesn’t mean that the world of eSports is not going anywhere, quite the contrary, there has been a year on year increase in the number of people who are watching eSports at events and at home. According to Newzoo, there are an estimated 148 million eSports fans and enthusiasts around the world. This number will increase over the next few years as more and more millennials are watching eSports on a regular basis. Newzoo have estimated that almost 22% of males under the age of 35 in the United States watch some form of eSports. This puts it almost on par with ice hockey and baseball, though this is for all eSports combined.


Revenue Growth and The Media

The industry saw massive revenue growth last year and this is estimated to be doubled to over $1 billion by 2019. These are promising figures for something that was until recently only viewed as a hobby by our parents’ and grandparents’ generations. The younger fan base means that platforms such as Twitch, Smashcast (formerly Hitbox), YouTube Gaming and Mirrativ have become ever more popular as the so called Y Generation moves away from mainstream media such as television. However, this has not stopped cable television stations from trying to swoop in on the action.

The Games

eSports is a loose term for any form of professional gaming and includes a large selection of gaming titles that feature great competitive play. The competitive play aspect is the greatest draw cards for these games and is one of the main reasons why so many of these great titles have gained large followings in recent years. Another reason for these games’ popularity is the fact that many of them will run on lower end computers and this makes them very popular among gamers with even the most basic budget gaming PCs.

Viewing Figures

If we look at the figures from January to June 2017, there are three main contenders in the eSports world. Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and League of Legends dominate the top three spots of the top 10 list of Twitch views. League of Legends has a staggering 26.1 million viewed eSports hours on Twitch in June and Dota 2 came in second with 23.5 million viewed eSports hours. Trailing behind them in third place was CS: GO with 10.2 million viewed eSports hours. While these figures will fluctuate from month to month, it is clear that they are go-to games for eSports and betting.


The Current Betting Scene

It will come as no surprise that there are already a number of betting sites on the internet that are dedicated to the world of eSports. Typing in “eSports betting” into your given search engine will bring up a substantial volume of search results related to this very topic. The real question is, how many of these are sites of substance and how many of them are merely fighting for their place among the best betting sites at the moment? One thing is clear, and that is that the top 3 Twitch contenders are also among the most popular games to place your bets on. Much like any sport, there are odds and an in-depth knowledge of the various teams and players will mean the difference between making a profit with a firmly placed bet, or blowing your bank on a badly thought out bet. Generally, enthusiasts and fans are more willing to bet on the outcome of a game due to their in-depth knowledge of the games and teams, however, there is still the issue that a good portion of these fans are under the age of 18. This means they are not legally allowed to bet on the outcomes of any league matches, so despite their knowledge, they still remain a market that cannot be tapped.


The Future Betting Scene

The forecast for the world of eSports is very bright and this is great news for those who have their finger on the pulse of this market when it comes to betting. With revenue on the rise and set to double in the next 2 years, it makes sense to get into the game now while it is relatively small. We use the term relatively small very loosely due to the fact that it is already a large market. Nonetheless, it is set to grow and has the potential to expand exponentially due to the fact that more and more people between the ages of 16-49 are enjoying the world of eSports. The current fans who cannot legally bet on any games will soon find themselves coming of age and will become part of the ever growing pool of fans and enthusiasts that are willing to place their money on the table for their favorite teams and games. The top games are also unlikely to change in the near future and it will more than likely be follow up games of the current top 10 that will take their place.

Wrapping It Up

The world of eSports has definitely grown and will keep growing for some time to come. The fact that many of the Y Generations or Millennials as we like to call them are more focused on video games than traditional sports speaks volumes for the potential of this market. The current generation of fans will soon join a class of gamers who will legally be able to place bets on their favorite teams and titles, making for a very optimistic forecast for those currently running or looking at starting a dedicated eSports betting website.


BtoBet discusses new leading partnership in Nigeria

During its exclusive roadshow and the VIP dinner organized in Lagos, BtoBet presented the new technology features of its platform to existing clients and tightened new partnerships with local companies willing to develop their business in the region and acquire new market share with BtoBet.

With 150 million mobile users in the area – 52% of the population – and an increasing interest in mobile shopping, the Nigerian gambling market is showing clear signals of being ready to step towards mobile and online. However, the evolution from retail to mobile is challenging; in fact, it requires more than a simple creation of a mobile page.

John Camara and Alessandro Fried

If you wish to have an insight into the Nigeria gambling market, download the Interview here “BtoBet interviews John Kamara on Nigeria’s betting market.”

During the recent show in West Africa, local operators had the possibility to discover how to expand their business in Nigeria with the right tools and fitting technology. BtoBet’s chairman Alessandro Fried was a speaker in the panel “Making the most of growing opportunities in Africa”, showing his vision about how local operators must be prepared to step into the developing scenario towards mobile.

Commenting on his point of view, Fried highlighted:                                                                                                                                                           To win in mobile, the Nigerian licensee needs to focus on the maximization of the experience in shop but at the same time must push the player to move from the shop to mobile, through native apps. In this perspective, a mobile app is no longer a nice-to-have, it is now a must-have”. And he added, “The right technology can provide the support to enable the delivery of the most effective betting proposal to players. Operators must be able to create a cross-channel experience for their users that allows licensees to avoid losing track of all the activities of the players, as they move between channels.”

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Five-Year Research And Development Project Solves SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is no longer a mysterious dark art. After concluding a five-year research and development project, REACH.AI, Media Skunk Works announce SEO is now officially dead!

In 2012, York-based innovation laboratory, MSW set out to industrialise the SEO industry. Twelve months later, it relocated to the York Science Park and that turned out to be a vital move for the fledgling operation.

Paul Reilly delivering a presentation at SiGMA16 last November

This commenced with a project in collaboration with the University of York’s Head of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Suresh Manandhar.

Machine learning is often described as the process of extracting knowledge from data, similar to refining petroleum from crude oil. Today, A.I. is ubiquitous and the largest company for it in the world is Google.

In 1998, their search engine was a paradigm shift. Its secret source was the innovative PageRank algorithm. PageRank pays less attention to keywords within a web page, but rather judges the page based on the links that link to it.

MSW’s industrialisation of the process of delivering these links has earned their VIP client roster, including leading gaming, casino and betting brands, billions in revenue over the last five years and continues to do so.

In 2015, Google announced RankBrain – an algorithm for learning how to rank pages, its usage and purpose, confirmed on 26 October 2015. PageRank had evolved and no one, not even Google’s engineers knew how the rankings were determined… until now!

Paul Reilly delivering a presentation at SiGMA16 last November

“Before we could solve SEO, we first needed to solve countless other information retrieval problems,” said MSW founder and CEO, Paul Reilly.

“It’s been challenging to say the least, not to mention expensive. We employ some very talented people and the team works very hard, often under very difficult conditions.

“SEO is more like a competitive sport and it takes a special kind of person to compete at Olympic level. The project – funded by the sweat and tears of everyone involved, past and present – has been quite a roller coaster.

“Solving the problem was the easy part, the hardest part was building the technology to get the data.”

MSW’s REACH.AI project offers unique investment opportunities for those interested in SEO, digital marketing, data enrichment, and person-name disambiguation objectives.

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Social Betting App BetBanter Releases New Ad

Producers of BetBanter, a recently developed social betting app released their first advert.

The social betting app BetBanter will soon be available on AppStore and Google Play and the producers decided to promote it with an advert, focusing on its casual approach to betting and social features.

The advert stars Daniel O’Reilly, better known by his stage name Dapper Laughs, a British stand up comedian. Dapper Laughs gained popularity on Facebook and Vine, where he reached around 2,407,000 and 575,000 followers. He is also active on social media sites such as Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube.

The stars and the production company involved in the video have on average 200 million views a month on their Facebook pages and 1.3 million Snapchat views per post.

BetBanter allows users to bet amongst their friends with their own odds, bet on all manners of sport and random events. It’s possible thanks to a special payment solution which makes paying and monitoring the bets simple. On top of other features, such us multiple player bets and live game news feed, the app is very easy to use and can be started just with a Facebook account.

EveryMatrix Signs Casino Content Deal with CEGO

Leading iGaming software provider EveryMatrix has signed a casino content deal with CEGO, an online casino operator that powers some of the biggest brands in Denmark.

Following the agreement, CEGO’s newest brand will get access to premium content from NYX, Scientific Gaming, Evolution, and Magnet Gaming, via EveryMatrix’s CasinoEngine product. All the content will be delivered via Web API on external wallet with EveryMatrix’s bonusing system.

Commenting on the deal, EveryMatrix CEO Ebbe Groes said: “Following the Norsk Tipping deal, this is yet another step forward for EveryMatrix, and we are happy to carry out our privileged position in the Nordic market through our latest partnerships.”

CEGO CMO Esben S. Thomsen also commented: “We are looking forward to cooperating with EveryMatrix. It will open up a large portfolio of new and exciting games, which will benefit our players and strengthen our gaming products even further.”

Groes went on to say: “At this moment, our company is one of the few Danish certified platform providers, and with the new CEGO agreement, we continue to grow our name in the Nordics region.

“Our platform was recently selected by Norsk Tipping state lottery to provide services for their iGaming Integration Platform, and now with Danske Spill owned CEGO we see the recognition of our hard work and focus we invested into building one of the most competitive products on the market.”

CEGO is a highly experienced Danish online casino operator; it works with some of the largest online casino brands in Denmark, such as and

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Best Gaming Technology Confirms Partnership Extension with Stan James

Innovative retail technology company Best Gaming Technology (BGT) has confirmed that it will supply 83 widescreen terminals to new Stan James betting shops.

Commenting on this update, Stan James director Euan McCormick said: “We have recently completed the deployment of 30 widescreen Storm terminals into our estate. Following our acquisition of the Coral/Ladbrokes shops, it was clear that we would need to have an enhanced product to retain existing customers and to compete in the modern market place.”

McCormick pointed out that they are pleased to have placed an order for the latest widescreen Storm terminals, offering the full BGT product range including Racing Post and a variety of numbers betting. He mentioned that the bookmaker plans to place a minimum of two terminals in each shop to ensure availability to customers.

He went on to say: “As part of our upcoming re-branding and relaunch as Megabet, we are looking forward to investing in, and improving, our Sports Betting offering along with all other areas of the business from the shop environment to the range of products and services on offer.”

Also commenting, BGT UK Managing Director John Pettit said: “BGT is extremely happy to be able to work with Stan James/Megabet in providing the very best in sports betting technology, offering a seamless transition of BGT services, including the introduction of our new-look homepage, Racing Post and numbers betting. We look forward to further developing our relationship with Stan James.”

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Betfred Completes Refinancing Package Worth £195 Million

UK independent bookmaker Betfred’s governance has confirmed that is has officially completed a £195 million refinancing package.

The financing comes as Betfred moved to complete its £55.5 million acquisition of 322 retail betting shops from newly merged FTSE enterprise, Ladbrokes Coral.

The bookmaker’s senior debt package has been supported by four UK banks; RBS, Barclays, Lloyds, and Yorkshire Bank, with auditor KPMG acting as lead debt advisory for the operator.

The new banking facility refinances an already existing package and provides the financial ammo to complete the deal.

Commenting on the refinancing package, Financial Director at Betfred, Nicola Barr, said: “It was great to have strong support from the local banking community to support the company in this significant transaction.”

By winning the UK Competition and Markets Authority (UK CMA) bid for Ladbrokes and Coral shops back in October, which had to be put for sale in order to meet industry competition standards, Betfred increased its UK retail betting portfolio to +1500 betting estates.

KPMG Head of Debt Nick Dodd issued a deal note commenting on the refinancing package arrangement: “Investment to develop a multi-channel offering and the in-shop experience for customers, particularly through the digitisation of outlets, is a real focus for established bookmakers as they respond to the challenge presented by online competitors.

“We expect to see more firms seek external funding to fuel their expansion and build on strong growth in the industry.”

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Catena Media Acquires US Online Gambling Assets

Online lead generation company Catena Media has entered the regulated US online gambling market by confirming the acquisition of licensed affiliate website assets from three separate US founders.

Catena Media governance, specifying acquisition details, stated that it has agreed to pay an upfront cash and shares deal valued at €15 million, with 25% of the deal being settled through a distribution of a total of 440,669 new shares in its business.

As a further deal incentive, based on revenue performance of the assets over a three-year period, it has placed a $45 million cap earn-out.

Catena stated that its new assets would contribute directly to corporate performance, and further detailed that the acquired websites had an estimated revenue €1 million per quarter, with a 75% operating margin.

The revenues generated stem from licensed operators in the regulated Casino and Poker markets in the states of Nevada and New Jersey. It is estimated that following the acquisition, close to 50% of Catena Media’s revenue will be derived from regulated markets.

While Catena governance did not disclose the name of individual assets, it did confirm that and are among its acquired US online websites.

Commenting on the US acquisitions. Catena Media CEO Robert Andersson said: “We are very excited about this opportunity, which will not only see Catena Media becoming the largest regulated casino affiliate in the US, but also puts us in pole position to take advantage of further re-regulation in what has the potential to become the world’s largest iGaming market. This is an important step in realizing our vision to become the world´s number one provider of high-value iGaming leads.”

This year has seen Catena Media move to increase its international affiliate network as the company moves to extend its player marketing footprint in regulated iGaming and betting markets. This month, Catena confirmed its £10 million acquisition of leading UK player portal

Website co-founder and seller to Catena Media, Aaron McCann, commented: “We are impressed with Catena Media and are excited to join their strong and experienced team, which will enable us to take advantage of the many strategic and 2 D-2452017-v2 financial benefits expected from the regulation in the US. We look forward to continuing the journey we have started, and Catena Media is a great match for us.”

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