BtoBet Chairman Alessandro Fried Offers Insight into Gaming Market

BtoBet chairman Alessandro Fried gives advice  on how to grasp the potential of the market in Italy at Enada Spring

BtoBet’s chairman Alessandro Fried, warned bookmakers and operators about the possible hidden dangers and highlighted the strategies they should adopt to develop a fluid DOT IT business. For further insight, the full report can be downloaded here.

After Italian legislators launched the bidding process for 120 gaming licenses made available from January 2018, only around 10 applications had been presented by February. Around 40 operators are looking to renew current licenses and a forecast of 60/70 new companies predicted by the 19th March.

By the end of the summer there are plans to issue new licenses, which will be able to offer all types of gaming allowed in Italy, such as betting, casino games, poker, virtual, bingo, horse racing and betting exchange.

Recent studies, reporting a growth of +15.5% for the online market in the sole month of January 2018 (compared to 2017), with revenue higher than 485 million euros and an actual outlay of 60.8 million, are confirming the growing potential of the online in the country where 84% of players’ spending is generated by smartphones.

Operators and bookmaker will have the possibility to book a meeting in Rimini, next 14-16 March, with Fried and other BtoBet Group’s experts.



BtoBet On the Final Sprint for the Global Gaming Awards London

BtoBet proudly announces its nomination as one of the finalists in the Online Sports Betting Supplier category at the 2018 Global Gaming Awards London

A globally recognised Nomination Panel, made up of some of the most experienced and influential operators in this industry, has chosen the finalists for each of the 16 categories of the Global Gaming Awards.
There are ten nominees in the Online Sports Betting Supplier category, and the winner will be announced on the eve of ICE Totally Gaming.

BtoBet will look to build on last year’s success, and will also present its leading Neuron Sports platform at ICE Totally Gaming in London from 6th to the 8th February, on booth S1-320.

During the expo, the technology partner will showcase its portfolio, network with all operators and bookmakers and cater to their bettors with the ultimate betting experience.


BtoBet dancers at SiGMA17

Alessandro Fried, BtoBet’s Chairman, commented on the awards, “Throughout the years BtoBet established itself as a pioneer in the Sports betting industry and with this mindset continues to develop its advanced products, always up to date with the contemporary and future technologies. After the Las Vegas awards, we are delighted to have been selected also in the European session of the Global Gaming Awards for the Online Sports Betting Supplier category.

“Our aim is to help bookmakers tackle the opportunities offered by new and exciting technologies, providing a best-in-class, robust platform that is constantly evolving and improving. It is a recognition of our cutting-edge platform and for us, as a trusted technology partner in the sports betting industry.”

Regarding the BtoBet’s Neuron Sports platform, he expressed, “Our multi-awards winner omnichannel sports-betting platform – during 2017 – confirms new promising recognition also in 2018. Neuron Sports is a fully customisable sports betting platform, allowing infinite personalization, ensuring bookmakers and operators will be unique on the market and differentiate themselves from the competition.  It is open to integrate with sportsbooks and games providers, any payment and affiliation system, and is perfectly suited to every regulated market.

“Neuron Sports generates a detailed report aimed at verifying the profitability for each type of game and for each player, allowing bookmakers to analyze the performance of any given strategy and suggesting modifications or corrections in order to achieve predefined goals. Through sophisticated deployment of Artificial Intelligence technology, it enables bookmakers to set up advanced rules for effective profiling and easy players management, ensuring the possibility of tailored offers to players, automatically.”


Logrand Enterntainment Group and BtoBet Launch Strendus

BtoBet and Mexican Gaming Operator Logrand Enterntainment Group Partner Up to Launch Interactive Division Strendus

With 14 casinos in Mexico, the Mexican Logrand Enterntainment Group is considered one of the leading Gaming and Entertainment operators.

Key elements of the company’s success are their strong focus on customer orientation, a precise adherence to laws and regulations, up-to-date technology and a world-class executive team.

As part of their vertical integration strategy, Logrand Entertainment Group has appointed BtoBet as their technological partner. Together they plan to launch an interactive division of Logrand Entertainment Group, “Strendus”, into the online market.

Lenin Castillo, Chief Operating Online Officer at Logrand Entertainment Group stated: “Logrand Entertainment Group, as a reputable Mexican company, has high expectations in terms of service providers and has always required the highest standards to be able to compete with international operations in the region and create long-term partnerships with all its business associates.”

“Our group and BtoBet share the same vision to anticipate future needs of global audiences, listening to their customers instead of seeing what competitors are doing. For these reasons, to launch our new interactive division, we opted for a very complete and detailed RFP process that scrutinises all bidders profoundly.”

He further added: “BtoBet is a technology leader in the online gambling industry, with multiple nominations and awards and counting on a very professional and skilled team. All these factors allow companies, like ours, to develop a trustworthy relationship with them, in a very short time.

“If you add all this with their top of the line products and services, the decision to choose them becomes easy. Our high expectation will continue in the years to come and we are sure with our new partner we will continue being the successful company we have shown to be for all these years.”

BtoBet’s Chairman, Alessandro Fried, expressed, “We are very proud to support Logrand Entertainment Group as a partner in Mexico. We share the same vision of business and the interactions between our teams is very cooperative. The growing number of online and mobile gamblers in Mexico and LATAM, is indicating the need to adopt a suitable platform and fitting software to have the greatest insight into players’ data and behaviour in order to drive and manage the gaming business in the most efficient way. In this perspective, we firmly believe our technology and solutions will effectively allow Strendus to reach great achievements.”


Impressive results achieved by SiGMA 2017

Impressive results achieved by Sigma 2017 with stimulating panel discussions, spectacular displays and riveting performances.

The fourth edition of iGaming conference SiGMA has just concluded, showing a bigger and more involving formula than ever before. It attracted thousands of operators and iGaming professionals at the MFCC, proposing interesting industry trend discussions and plans for the future.

The multinational company BtoBet, sponsor at SiGMA 2017, surprised all attendees with its Technifying iGaming Tour 2017 and portal. It also amazed the public with an unprecedented dancing performance, where 5 international talented and flexuous dancers – Anna Armato, Georgia Evans, Liz Strini-Brown, Patrick Laera and Gianluca Blandi who is also the choreographer – were astonishing interpreters of the importance of a trusted and flexible technological partner to follow on the iGaming floor.

The concept expressed by the dancing show at SiGMA was further explained and discussed in Room A, dedicated to Sportsbook & eSports, where BtoBet’s chairman Alessandro Fried was the key speaker on the panel “Time to move to your own iGaming platform”. There he shared his vision about the importance of “collaboration” and “trust” for operators seeking platform providers that have the capability to aggregate all the available content while providing players with a seamless customer journey.

Commenting on operators’ needs, Fried highlighted: “Any decision to share player data – including names, personal data and preferences – must not be taken lightly, since this is giving insight into the heart of any operator’s business. For this reason, when choosing a technological partner and adopting software that has not been developed in-house but outsourced, it is crucial to consider only providers with an open, independent and foresighted approach.”

Fried concluded “A good technological partner is not only a software provider, but one that gives constant support to their clients through skilled and knowledgeable referrals, holds extensive knowledge of the industry, and helps operators to achieve objectives in a safe environment that cannot cause damage to their business.”

To know more about Fried’s discussion at SiGMA, download the Industry Report “Platform: in-house or outsourced? Trusting times.”

All operators that were unable to meet BtoBet’s experts at SIGMA can contact

Relive the highlights from our last show and stay tuned for this year’s SiGMA. Watch out for what we’re branding as the ‘iGaming Village’ this year.

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