Silvio Schembri

Hon. Silvio Schembri

Member of Maltese Parliament Hon. Silvio Schembri has been appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Digital Economy, Financial Services and Innovation. Before, he served as Chairman of the Responsible Gaming Foundation, an independent institution which was set up earlier this year with the aim of educating, assisting and preventing negative effects related to gambling.

Silvio Schembri has a Master’s degree in economy and teaches at the University of Malta on part time basis. He was a founding member and general manager of the Gal Xlokk Foundation, one of three Maltese registered action groups under the Leader program of the EU Common Agricultural Policy.

Schembri was President of the PULSE movement and president of the Students’ Council at the Junior College, p.r.o of the GWU Youths’ Section and Education Secretary at the Luqa Labour Party Local Committee. Silvio contested the local council elections for Luqa on the Labour Party ticket, where at the age of 18, he became Malta’s youngest councillor.

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