Satah Kostense

Sarah Kostense-Winterton

Sarah Kostense-Winterton has 18 years’ experience in UK and EU public affairs.  She has specialist knowledge in gambling and social gaming, having worked with the industry for a decade.

In 2010 she formed KW Communications which provides strategic advice and advocacy for industries and organisations with often contentious issues and set within a complex political arena.

Sarah Kostense-Winterton was instrumental in introducing the industry to and driving forward the CEN workshop agreement on responsible remote gambling –  the first and only pan EU standard of its kind – bringing together a wide range of experts and stakeholders involved in different aspects of online gambling.

Outside of the gambling sphere, she has worked with the British Retail Consortium, De Beers, Royal Bank of Canada, Rio Tinto, Shell, Masterfoods and UTV Media. She also set up the consumer campaign organisation, Consumers for Health Choice.

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