Monroe Schmidt

Monroe Schmidt is one of the directors of Amaya. The company recently hit world headlines for its majoy acquisition, Poker Stars. Mr. Schmidt has worked in an anti-fraud capacity within the online gaming industry since early 2007 and his experiences and training gained have equipped him with all the necessary tools and insights to battle crime cyber-crime.

As Amaya director and head of the company’s Fraud Department, Mr. Schmidt covers the following responsibilities

  • Review all processes, operations and procedures adopted by, or delegated by, the relevant subsidiaries for the purposes of ensuring that these comply with the conditions of the license, as well any other applicable rules and regulations;
  • Monitor all transactions conducted by the relevant subsidiaries and monitor all systems used to manage the compliance of the business;
  • Ensure that the Relevant Subsidiaries comply with all laws and regulations applicable in the countries and jurisdictions where any of the Relevant Subsidiaries holds a gaming license in or operates;
  • Monitor the complaints log maintained by the Relevant Subsidiaries to determine if customer complaints are being dealt with in a timely and effective manner;
  • Monitor key internal operational and support processes within the control system so as to ascertain the levels of compliance of the Company and the Relevant Subsidiaries;
  • Submit Gaming taxes to the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta;
  • Compile and submit monthly figures reporting to the Gaming Authority of Malta;
  • Ensure all incident reports are reported to the Lottery and gaming authority;
  • Ensure to grant appropriate approval to third parties who require access to servers;
  • Ensure system and processes are compliant based on Lottery and gaming standards;
  • Inform common Board of Directors with any impending problems connected with or involving the Subsidiaries’ actions relating to especially but not limited to corporate, regulatory and business matters, any threatened or actual disputes, litigation, investigations, penalties, as well as administrative or official notices or communications from government agencies, departments, authorities or otherwise relating to or involving the Subsidiaries and provide the Company and the respective Subsidiaries with all details relating thereto.

Mr. Schmidt is ideally placed to discuss such an interesting and important sector of online commerce. During his keynote speech amongst a panel of speakers,  one is exposed to the challenge analysts traditionally face in identifying fraud. Within the course it is emphasized the common schemes, detection techniques and methods of preventing occupational fraud, Mr. Schmidt will touch upon the following topics:

  • The criminal mind
  • How stolen data is acquired
  • Fraud & the gaming industry
  • Common fraud practice within the gaming industry
  • Social network investigations
  • Money laundering & the black market
  • Identifying the fraudsters pattern
  • Defending the gaming industry from fraudsters
  • Real Investigations



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