Eric Benz

Eric Benz

Eric Benz, Managing Director at Cryptopay, has been involved in the ‘payments technology sector’ for the best part of a decade and has delivered retail payment solutions for the world’s largest merchant brands transforming the way in which they sell and ship to their worldwide customers. Eric continues to lead innovative Pay-Tech solutions for the rapidly emerging digital currency and mobile wallet markets. His specialties lye in providing and integrating a wide range of merchant services in combination with accelerating brand and product development. Being at the forefront of mobile and alternative payments, Eric Benz prides himself for being constantly informed and engaged with merchants and payment service providers alike.

Eric’s expertise is vast in the European and emerging markets and has worked in many different places immersing himself with localized payment solutions for the under banked consumers who are living in low card penetration demographics. Whilst working in Russia, Eric was instrumental in establishing and scaling combined online/offline retail whilst pushing for rapid adoption of mobile app ecosystems.

Eric Benz received his Associate Arts Degree from Marymount College in Los Angeles and went on to receive his B.A. degree in International Business Management from the British American College in London (BACL).

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