Benjamin Grech

Benjamin Grech

From a young age Benjamin Grech studied in the UK at Charterhouse school, a boarding school just south of London. He attended the University of Nottingham in the UK where he read Architecture & Environmental Design to pursue his dream to become an architect; in 2010 Benjamin graduated with MEng. Hons.

In the months after completing his architectural studies Benjamin joined a renowned architectural practice on Bond Street, London. Within a year he joined a more prominent practice based in Berlin, Germany where he worked on a number of large-scale projects, gaining further technical experience within the architectural practice. After several years practising within the architectural environment Benjamin returned back to Malta to get involved in the world of real estate, eager to make changes through his passion for the built environment and experiences overseas. He has been involved in the real estate business from a very early age; officially started gaining experience as an agent at the age of 17.

Upon his return to Malta, late 2012 both Ms Grech & Mr Grech knew that it was time to give their business a new edge and offer higher quality services with access to an international network. Sara Grech Ltd. a household name locally and enjoying a good reputation co-branded with Engel & Völkers a premium international real estate brand. Following months of preparation, the new business model unique to the real estate industry offering agents better training and a more dynamic platform has now been implemented and proving to be a success.

“Our objectives were clear”, says Mr Grech, “and that was to provide the most successful platform for a real-estate agent, to be both professional and passionate about their work and to offer the highest standards of service to their clients. Engel & Völkers has helped us to do just that. A globally established German brand dealing in Premium Real Estate as well as Yacht brokerage. With its proven successful systems and strategies, we are very honoured to have taken on the real estate brand and Mr. Völkers himself is a great inspiration. I am lucky to be surrounded by leaders who are professional and established.”

“Management is about doing things right, while leadership is about doing the right things. Having been involved from the very beginning of our vision, I feel that I have been preparing for this role my entire life. My passion, energy and focus to make certain that the Engel & Völkers Sara Grech brand achieves its goals and objectives are without end. I know that I will have many challenges, but I believe that by maintaining my integrity and passion, I will be able to steadily adapt our vision and strategically guide the business forward to continue the success my mother enjoyed,” stated Benjamin Tabone Grech, Engel & Völkers  Sara Grech’s COO.


“The community of iGaming companies in Malta has been growing, and an essential part to many of these businesses is their premises and the lodging of their employees. I am looking forward to giving our company’s view on what the local real estate market has to offer.”

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