Ralph Tegtmeier

Ralph Tegtmeier

Put succinctly, Ralph Tegtmeier (the Fantomaster) is known for maxing out and redefining the limits of conventional technology and strategical approaches in search marketing, automatic content generation, and more.

Familiar with IT since his high school days, Ralph initially pursued a formal academic background in Comparative Literature and linguistics. Following his graduation, he built a reputation as an award winning translator, a seminar speaker and a prolific author in various fields with currently 35+ published books to his credit. He has also worked in book retail and in publishing, covering the conventional brick and mortar as well as the then still budding online industry.

Since 1995, Ralph has further focused on working the Web as an active self-employed marketer in various highly competitive industries, ranging from offshore finance and privacy protection tools to online publishing including book retail, software development and search engine optimization.

The logobotixX Enterprises Online Marketing and SEO Service Program was conceived and developed by him and his new partners after having co-founded and managed for 12 years fantomaster.com GmbH (hence his nickname), one of the industry’s leading developers of SEO software and services ‒ dominating the search engines since 1999. (That’s just the company track record: actually, Ralph himself has been at it successfully since the outset in 1995.)

He is the mastermind behind numerous innovations and best-of-breed world class products such as fantomas spiderSpy™, the world’s most comprehensive and authoritative database of verified search engine spiders, later rebranded as: bseolized IP Grabber™; fantomas shadowMaker™, now: bseolized shadowMaker™, the bleeding edge industrial-strength IP delivery (cloaking) software; the 20 Links A Day™ and 10 Links A Day™ link building service (no longer operative); the world’s oldest and longest running series of SEO cartoons (Dr. Search’s SEO Pep Talk), and much, much more.

He is also famous for producing what is arguably the world’s best automated SEO content enforcing brutal quality standards (“If it cannot pass human editorial muster it’s no good!”), having serviced clients with over five million unique, full length top quality articles in the course of the years. So as you can see he’s really been in it for the long haul! Feel free to check out his reputation on the Web.

Ralph has been featured in Business 2.0 and ClickZ and has manned the panels at several Search Engine Strategies conferences. He has participated regularly in the ultra exclusive SEO Roadshow and SEOktoberfest events, as he has spanned the conference circuit from Barcelona to Reykjavik, from Copenhagen to Munich, from London, Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh to Kiev, Amsterdam, Vienna, Bucharest, Posnan and Berlin. He has given extensive interviews to just about every major publication in the search marketing world and worked for major Fortune 500 companies and leading advertising agencies in multiple language search spaces across the globe.

The only child of a German diplomat, he was destined to become a global nomad and expat from his very birth, born in the Middle East and growing up in Africa and Asia. Accordingly, he now spreads his year across various countries ranging from the United Kingdom to Austria, Germany, Malta, and others.

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