Rickard Vikstrom

Rickard Vikström

Rickard is the Founder and Chairman of PolarBear Group. He’s working with sales and product development on a daily basis. Rickard also built Internet Vikings, a company providing software services to Internet professionals caring about their website traffic. During the last decade, Rickard founded and sold a number of companies. The largest sale was to j2Global (JCOM) with the email security company, Stay Secure.

About PolarBear Group:

Polar Bear GroupPolarbear Group was established in 2015, in order to manage Internet Vikings and other companies in the internet industry. At the end of 2015, Polarbear Group jointly funded the newly established IT-security company Holm Security. Polarbear Group is interested in venturing with other companies in the internet services market. It can offer product, technology and management support, together with funding.

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