SiGMA iGaming Sun Bets partners with Otherlevels

Sun Bets Partners with Otherlevels

Real-time solution sharpened through in-play messaging

OtherLevels, the leading multi-channel messaging platform, has announced the launch of its in-play messaging module with Sun Bets. This will significantly improve the operator’s engagement and scalability with punters during live sporting events.

The sportsbook now have the ability to deliver personalised, contextually-relevant messages promoting their most recent in-play odds of all live sports and matches.

The executive Director of Tabcorp UK, Bernadette McLoughlin, commented: “We’re thrilled to have partnered with OtherLevels, in a move which will help us enhance our in-play messaging capabilities with greater scalability.”

“Integrating its automated real-time service means we now have the ability to reach the maximum number of bettors at any time with personalised offers across the long-tail of all sports and matches.”

The In-Play Messaging solution released by OtherLevels sends messages automatically, caused by a live event such as a goal or red card, to a specific demographic based on past betting preferences.

The CEO of OtherLevels, Brendan O’Kane, said: “This is a significant partnership for OtherLevels and we’re delighted to be working alongside Sun Bets.

“For the first time, they will have a sophisticated, scalable platform that is capable of delivering personalised real-time offers across as many sports betting markets as possible while also creating operational efficiencies through eliminating existing manual processes.

“We’re confident our in-play messaging service will lead to an increase in engagement from bettors and deliver improved revenues for Sun Bets.”

This means that the operator can now send in-play messages across a large scale of sporting events, offering bettors content that is personalised accordingly, which will increase engagement, conversion rates and revenues.



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