SaleCycle & iGaming – A Behavioural Marketing Introduction

SaleCycle & iGaming – A Behavioural Marketing Introduction

Is driving visitors to your website costing a fortune? Attracting visitors to your website is vital but what if these visitors are leaving before making that all important First-time Deposit ?

As you know, the gaming industry spends billions of dollars every year driving traffic to their websites, yet a huge proportion will leave without ever depositing a penny. So, what can we do about this?

Behavioural marketing profiles your visitors, to understand how they use your site and make sure your online journey fits their individual needs.

Here’s how it can be done…

Take Advantage of the moment

Visitors to your website, won’t always convert. SaleCycle figures show that 70.1% of visitors to iGaming websites abandon before they convert.  As a digital marketer, you might think ‘It’s ok, they’ll come back’, but what if they don’t? It’s vital that you make the most of a visitor being on your site. Remember, attention is precious!

Behavioral on-site displays are a fantastic way to grab a visitor’s attention and prevent them from disappearing forever. Visitors who are showing intent to leave your site, will be shown triggered display highlighting a sign-up offer, this will lead to a longer session time and an increase in FTD’s.

Better still, these displays can be segmented to ensure that visitors who have never deposited will receive one message whereas those whose data you have, will receive another.

Segmentation is key, and tailoring that message will ensure your visitors are receiving the relevant prompts they need, to make that next step.

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Use segmented browse abandonment emails to call their bluff.

So now you have a visitor’s data, jackpot! This gives you the opportunity to let them know about your deals, offers and exciting new games. But I’d put money on that you already do this, right?

The next move is to personalize and segment this earlier in the customer journey. Browse Abandonment emails can help turn browsers and ‘webroomers’ into repeat customers.

Knowing the browsing activity of a website visitor, means that you can send out dynamic, personalized emails, based on what they have recently been looking at. It’s all about reigniting the interest of those window shoppers and creating an essence of urgency amongst your gamers.

Once they’re on a roll, it’s time to up the ante.

Finally, you’ve got people to your site, you’ve collected their data and they’ve completed a FTD. Fantastic, job done?

Not just yet.

The customer journey has only just started! Automated Post-Transaction emails can be sent directly after a transaction with the aim of upselling. An idea would be to include special odds, free games and many more enticing deals in this email, leading to an increase in loyalty and added value.

Post-Transaction Messaging doesn’t stop at emails. It can also be done in the form of SMS messages. With 51% of e-commerce sales taking place on mobile in 2015 and 16% of gaming revenue worldwide coming on mobile, it’s so important to get your mobile strategy right.

The good news for mobile doesn’t stop there, our data shows that an astounding 98% of all SMS messages are opened and a 15% click through rate. That’s huge! Behavioral SMS messaging is something that is in the ascendency and could certainly help shorten the odds for your iGaming success.


It’s a challenge to pull visitors to your website, and can often be costly. Therefore, it is vital that your website is best prepared to convert as many visitors as possible. Use on-site displays to prolong a visitor’s session time on your site and make them aware of your deals to make sure they just can’t leave!

Check out our iGaming page here for more details on what SaleCycle can do for you:

If you want to find out more about how SaleCycle’s behavioural marketing solutions can help your iGaming business, why not see our Head of iGaming Dan Morrison at LAC?

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Author: Matthew Anderson, Marketing Assistant SaleCycle.

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