SiGMA iGaming An Overview of Affiliate Programs In 2018

An Overview of Affiliate Programs In 2018

2018 promises to be an exciting time for tech…

The Malta iGaming Summit, also known as SiGMA is what can be called a gathering of like minds and affiliate programs who are all well invested in the gaming industry. These stakeholders as placed under affiliate programs attend this summit annually. Last year’s edition was held at the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre in Malta. The event is made purposely to foster good communication between affiliates, using the affiliate programs, as well as develop a working network between these affiliates and those actively taking part in the industry.

Over the previous years, there has been such a massive turnout and support of the affiliate programs which has influenced the decision to keep holding the summit. In November last year, the summit saw a total of 7000 participants and up to 100 exhibitors including stakeholders of the affiliate programs. This added to the immense success of the summit.

The Malta iGaming Summit last year talked about several issues regarding the gaming industry and their affiliate programs today. The summit gave talks that encouraged innovative-ness and agility, as well as the presence of mind while handling several of the challenges related to the industry among affiliates. The conference prides itself on having some of the best affiliate programs in the gaming world. Due to Malta’s gaming prowess, it can be estimated that many of these programs are actually casino affiliate programs. Meaning a good number of them have been set up as affiliate programs to foster good relations with the casino world. There was a general consensus to invest in the knowledge and education of the industry, thereby boosting the human resources to raise the standard of services received, especially using these affiliate programs.

Malta iGaming Summit 2018

Like the ones before it, the 2018 edition promises to be a great success. These exhibitions are currently what adds up to hosting the number 1 gaming summit featuring many of the affiliate programs in the world. Over the years, the response towards the event has been phenomenal and support due to the number of affiliate programs has always been applauded. The 3 main pillars of the industry have been celebrated and well represented, with the great number of individuals under the affiliate programs taking an active part.

This year’s edition is slated for the 28-30th November, and calls are already being made for early booking of affiliates and individuals. There is actually expected to be a much larger turnout this year. Several plans are underway to make it an unforgettable time appreciating gaming and technology and appreciating of the various affiliate programs. The iGaming summit, not only is a time for the celebration of technology but is also an opportunity for gaming companies to leave armed with the right talent as well as information to make a positive difference in their individual gaming enterprises.

The iGaming summit has won the trust of several gaming enterprises and its affiliate programs because there is an equal chance for everyone to be able to join in at the exhibition. Due to their amazing affiliate marketing programs, there is generally good media coverage and publication prior to the event. The summit also tends to give one a good view of the beautiful country, Malta. This is because the location of the event is spread out across the nation. With different programs and different organisers each time, there is a fair chance of increasing success at each time.

The booking fee is not high. Affiliates who participate in the affiliate programs get to participate free. However, the entry fee for all others is low compared to various other gaming conferences. This is indicative of an expectation of a massive turnout.

Participants and partakers of the affiliate programs should expect, during the time, to be entertained. Apart from the insightful speeches that are to be read by hardworking individuals, affiliates and participants should expect some extra time to socialize and meet with each other. This should help boost the networking experience.

Following the success of the previous years, attending this year should be an exciting experience for those who participate in the affiliate programs and other participants.

The Malta iGaming summit is open to all and sundry. Apart from the affiliate programs, which allow a certain calibre of people to the conference, all digital games representatives, regulators and government, entities, as well as marketers of racing and sports betting, are invited. B2B and software providers who advertise various casinos and their slots online win real money features are also invited. The media and communication firms are not left out. In total, this is a summit for anybody remotely involved in the gaming enterprise and who partake in the many programs organized by them, and it promises to be a swell time.

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