sigma igaming Online Gaming Taking the US by Storm

Online Gaming Taking the US by Storm

Nine US states get the ball rolling by legalising online gaming within their borders

After inquiries from New York and Illinois, the courts and the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel concluded that states could offer online lotteries as well as online casino and poker games within their borders. Expressed 6 years ago, this decision has, to date, resulted in nine states doing just that.

Those states include Delaware and New Jersey (online casino and poker), Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey (online lotteries) and Pennsylvannia (online casino, poker, and lotteries)

In addition another 19 states have also passed legislation legalizing and regulating daily fantasy sports.

There is also online gaming and lottery legislation active in a number of states (specifically: Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, New York and West Virginia) with more legislation expected towards the end the year. Just two months into 2018 and legislation is planned for several other states including six which have pending online gaming or online lottery legislation.

It is likely that Massachusetts and New Hampshire will introduce online gaming legislation towards the end of the year, with the former likely to delve into online lotteries after a failed attempt last year to pass a bill on the subject.



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