iGaming Academy Addresses GDPR Compliance With New Course Launch

iGaming Academy is addressing one of the key regulatory issues currently influencing iGaming with the launch of its new eLearning course on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

With content relevant for all employees who deal with client data, the aim of the course is to define what personal data is, what parts should be protected, how they might be breached and how to comply with the new GRPR regulations. As well as presenting information, the course will deliver different scenarios to test viewers’ understanding of Data Protection.

Jaime Debono, iGaming Academy’s Managing Director commented that “Understanding GDPR and the requirements it puts on business is essential. Companies that fail to comply with the new framework leave themselves open to the imposition of huge fines, licencing restrictions and loss of company reputation. It’s critical that companies and their employees are well prepared as this will help ensure they safe guard their interests as well as those of their clients”.

iGaming Academy’s GDPR Compliance course forms part of the company’s regulatory compliance core range. Others within the range include:

  • Responsible Gaming
  • Information Security
  • Anti-Money Laundering & Proceeds of Crime
  • Anti-Fraud & Payments Handling
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • UKGC Advertising Guidelines

All courses are available purchase by visiting the igacademy.com/about/elearning/. Alternatively, contact iGaming Academy for a demo account and to discuss corporate prices to ensure your team is regulatory compliant.

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