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The Gambling Affiliation Team

Gambling Affiliation is an independent platform with a team of expertise ranging from affiliate managers to web developers and administrators.

Antoine Szczot, the CEO of the company, graduated from an engineering school in France in 2003. He has been running Gaming Affiliation since its inception – and shared a few words with us regarding this ambitious project.

The gambling industry has changed considerably in the past 10 years. According to Antoine, these changes were most evident in the areas of regulation, professionalisation, and technology.

“Regulation is by far the main change,” he says. “Each time a country regulators online gaming, it shakes the entire landscape of the industry. “People are more trained, more educated and things are becoming more transparent,” he adds. “When we started, most of the operators didn’t have a proper affiliate program – this has drastically changed over the years.”

SiGMA-igaming-Antoine Szczot

Antoine Szczot – CEO of Gambling Affiliation

Gambling Affiliation was set up due to a lack of affiliate platforms dedicated to iGaming. In fact, according to Antoine, there weren’t any at all. The company was set up in France in 2005, and in 2007 it moved to Malta. The main geos in which the company operates are France, UK, Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain and Portugal. “We are also looking at new markets such as LATAM, Greece and Russia,” Antoine says.

Currently, the team is working on bringing more services to their affiliates and advertisers. “We aim to show iGaming brands the best way forward,” Antoine explains. “We have developed a number of tools such as an odds comparator, a bonus comparator and a geo-targeted multi-banners widget.”

The company often reach out to affiliates from outside the gaming vertical. “Our a liates come from all verticals. The key for an a liate is to be creative and nd out the way to convert his audience to any type of merchant,” Antoine says.

On the topic of regulation, Antoine explains that in general, it is positive thing that helps the industry. “We are putting most of our efforts to develop geos which are regulated,” he says. “When it comes to the affiliates, a code of conduct would be better than an inappropriate licensing system.”

Consolidation in the industry doesn’t seem to worry him, either. “It creates a lot of competition,” he says, “and shows that our industry is flourishing.”

But what is it that distinguishes Gambling Affiliation from the other affiliate network companies out there? Antoine explains to us that their service is unique, and entirely custom-made. “Each affiliate has working with us have a dedicated account manager which is providing them with the best deals to match their audience advising them constantly,” he says. Affiliates also benefit from additional tools that aren’t available anywhere else.

The future seems even more interesting for Gambling Affiliation. “The next milestone for us would be to provide more services to our affiliates. We will release some of them by the end of the year,” Antoine says. “We are also heavily promoting our brand new software solution which allows operators to use our platform as their affiliate software.”

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