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Casinos & Cryptocurrencies: A New Winning Revolution Spinning Our Way

A New Age of Winning Online

Money has always evolved and has been changed to suit the age we live in and as we head fast into the digital age money and casinos are merging like never before. This is the dawn of exciting times if you dabble the markets of cryptocurrency.

Slowly and surely you can spot the trend that the average casino online UK, America and Europe, are all adapting to the want for Bitcoins to be used as a form of gambling payment. With the casinos have adhered to the calls and you may come across the odd promotional claim that if you specifically deposit with Bitcoins, you’ll get a markup on a casino bonus to boost your playing bankroll. Now if casinos feel assured with this approach then any hysteria towards the negative of Bitcoins is a false accusation and with the surge of the coins strength surpassing everyone’s expectation in the past 2 months, it will surely surpass $20,000 mark and make its current 500% mark-up seem very minor. What this all means is that should this trend and rise continue, it (the Bitcoin) will become the most valuable currency worldwide. This all equals a very exciting prospect for casinos and cryptocurrency makers.

If you had invested $1000 on Bitcoins in 2010, then you would have in 7 years made a profit of $16,000.

Where this Money will all lead too

Let us look at one area of casinos – Poker. Poker accounts for over 50 million online players, right now whilst you read this article 300,000 are currently playing in their casino of choice, where the gambling industry is fuelled by a 1 Billion cash haul to cover their losses to online winners around the globe. With the forthcoming venture into Virtual Reality gaming, the two powerhouses could combine for a perfectly matched outlet for gambling, there is no better testing ground to play virtual games with virtual coins, a plan long well in development? Perhaps but more will be known once it becomes mainstream.

The future is promising, it’s not only Bitcoin there are others out there: Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA and well over 1300 more other formations of this cryptocurrency. If the logic of this monetary structure remains firm, then the future could lead to casinos formulating their own currency to then trade with other various currencies, thusly meaning no rules bind by government or state, freeing up gambling online to millions.

Make no bones about it, once the casinos have success with this measure of future payments businesses will follow, soon you’ll be ordering pizzas online without having to use the counties currency in exchange. Retailers such as Amazon will trade their own coin at some point down the line, but for now and soon you’ll make your orders using money that has no visual look to them. It’s a future of trading and winning binary that you’ll never get to physically hold.



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