SiGMA iGaming BetterBetting announces BETR listing on HitBTC

BetterBetting Announces BETR Listing on HitBTC

BETR token listing features BetterBetting

BetterBetting has announced its long awaited listing on the HitBTC exchange.

Adriaan Brink, CEO of BetterBetting, said: “HitBTC has strict criteria for listing and requires an extensive amount of due diligence prior to extending an offer so we are pleased to have established this partnership with them. We anticipate having an active community and an increasing demand for the BETR token.”

HitBTC has been functioning as a major exchange since 2013, acting as a trading platform used worldwide. HitBTC, by trading volume, has been consistent in maintaining its position within the top 10 exchanges (24 hours trading volume at time of press: $431,266,065 USD). This exchange system allows markets to trade digital assets, tokens and ICOs, while providing a large span of innovative features with stable uptime.

Established in 2017, Better Betting is a decentralised peer-to peer sports betting system, based on blockchain. It has raised a whopping $5.5M from over 2,500 esteemed participants through the course of its ICO, that came to an end on the 31st February, 2018. Since the completion of ICO and the development of the technology department being prioritised, the BetterBetting team team is working on establishing a portfolio of exchanges. Here, the BETR token is listed, advocating for increased liquidity and token use.

BetterBetting has also proclaimed its collaboration with a decentralised liquidity network, The Bancor Network™. By incorporating the Bancor Protocol, BETR token holders can obtain access to consistent liquidity, irrespective of trade volume or exchange listings, through Bancor Network™. With the circulating token supply, BETR will initiate a Token Relay™, allowing users to be able to purchase and even sell BETR tokens at a calculated price.

Trading BETR tokens can also be accomplished through the networks: Etherdelta, Idex, Waves and Bisq.

BETR tokens will become a standard for transparency and fairness in the industry, as well as being an unbreakable sports betting system for all online sports gaming. The company’s utilisation of BETR with an advanced distributed peer-to-peer and peer-to-sportsbook wagering platform will be embraced and incorporated by the leading sports betting websites around the world.



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