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Artificial Intelligence Expert Group Applications

European Commission sets to work on Artificial Intelligence

The European Commission is forming a group on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gain expertise and rally a wide-ranged alliance of various stakeholders.

Questions regarding the influence of AI on the future of work and existing legislation have been raised – calling for discussion on how to use and develop artificial intelligence successfully and ethically sound.

Commission Vice-President for the Digital Single Market, Andrus Ansip, commented: “Step by step, we are setting up the right environment for Europe to make the most of what artificial intelligence can offer. Data, supercomputers and bold investment are essential for developing artificial intelligence, along with a broad public discussion combined with the respect of ethical principles for its take-up. As always with the use of technologies, trust is a must.”

Carlos Moedas, Commissioner in charge of Research, Science and Innovation, added: “Artificial intelligence has developed rapidly from a digital technology for insiders to a very dynamic key enabling technology with market creating potential. And yet, how do we back these technological changes with a firm ethical position? It bears down to the question, what society we want to live in. Today’s statement lays the groundwork for our reply.”

Applications to join the group in artificial intelligence were opened today. Those who are chosen will be tasked to:

  • support the implementation of the upcoming European initiative on artificial intelligence (April 2018);
  • come forward by the end of the year with draft guidelines for the ethical development and use of artificial intelligence based on the EU’s fundamental rights;
  • advise the Commission on how to build a broad and diverse community of stakeholders in a “European AI Alliance”.

The application window closes on the 9th April, and the Commission aims to have a group by May.

Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel, explained: “To reap all the benefits of artificial intelligence the technology must always be used in the citizens’ interest and respect the highest ethical standards, promote European values and uphold fundamental rights. That is why we are constantly in dialogue with key stakeholders, including researchers, providers, implementers and users of this technology. Our work to build a Digital Single Market is essential for encouraging the development and take-up of new technologies.”

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