Each of the three SiGMA conferences will comprise a number of panel discussions which will be chaired by experienced panel moderators.

Anthony Telesca

Anthony Telesca is the Executive Director of the APCW (Association of Players, Casinos & Webmasters) and the Program Director at the GPWA (Gambling Portal Webmasters Association). Anthony has a long history with iGaming affiliates and has worked in the industry as an affiliate and player advocate for over 10 years.
Anthony’s affiliate program audits with the APCW are highly respected for their accuracy and thoroughness. The audits promote integrity and transparency in the industry and are a great benefit to affiliates and online gaming sites alike.
In his work with the GPWA, Anthony Telesca administers the most active forum of iGaming affiliates in the world. He knows the iGaming affiliate industry inside and out and understands the issues and challenges facing affiliates and affiliate programs through direct experience.

Nathan Farrugia

Nathan is a business coach, entrepreneur, CEO, TEDx speaker, MBA graduate and endurance record breaker. He has combined his experiences from the edge of human physical and mental possibility with business practice and theory, to help CEOs and Executives unlock their potential and that of their business teams. His down-to-earth approach and passionate delivery has learnt him top ratings as a speaker in Europe and the USA.

Nathan Farrugia speaking at TEDx

Bernard Mallia

Bernard Mallia is a recognised expert in the fields of technology, economics and enabling infrastructures. He is currently Equinox Advisory Ltd.’s CEO, the Institute of Research and Improvement in Social Sciences’ President and a visiting lecturer on regulatory policy and institutions at the University of Malta.

Equinox Advisory, a firm he founded in 2008, and its affiliated law firm Equinox Legal (established in 2010)have, on various occasions, been internationallyrecognised as the top commercial services providers in Malta.Their latest award, that for Commercial Law Firm of the Year 2014, was bestowed upon them by Finance Monthly UK last July.

Bernard has provided, and continues to provide,business advisory services focused on business strategy, commercial, regulatory and infrastructuralissues to businesses and governments in Asia, Europe and Africa, in the fields of electronic communications, company structuring, remote gaming (skill-gaming and casinos), infrastructure and enabling regulation, compliance, competition and concentration policies, M&As, e-commerce, auctioning and business and risk planning.

Bernard was awarded his first degree in Commerce with a specialisation in Public Policy and Economics, as well as an honours degree in Public and Private Sector Management from the University of Malta. He pursued post-graduate studies at the University of Edinburgh by reading for an M.Sc. in Economics, and at the European University where he read for an M.Sc. in Information Systems, and has also been the recipient of diplomas in Computerised Bookkeeping (IAB), Project Management (CIC), and Advertising and Public Relations (CIC).Bernard is a certified MS Office advanced user and a SQL Server 2005 Microsoft Certified Professional.

Throughout his professional and academic endeavours, Bernard has managed to establish a reputation for the provision of consultancy services delivered to the highest of standards and his impeccable track-record has come to stand for integrity, ingenuity and excellence. He is a member of the Institute of Research and Improvement in Social Sciences, the American Economic Association, the Post-Autistic Economics Network, the Malta Institute of Management and the Malta Chamber of Commerce.


Vin Narayanan

Vin Narayanan is the editor-in-chief of Casino City, the premier information source for gaming professionals and enthusiasts. He has been covering the online gambling industry for the last nine years and is an expert on the legal and regulatory landscape of online gaming. Narayanan graduated from Michigan State University in 1994, where he majored in journalism and political science.

Michael Corfman

Michael Corfman, a veteran in the remote gaming scene needs no introduction. He is committed to the development of comprehensive information resources covering all aspects of the gaming industry. Mr. Corfman believes in creating transparency in the industry with the goal of helping reputable gaming companies delivering good value succeed by providing gaming professionals and enthusiasts with the information they need to make intelligent decisions.

Some of the free comprehensive gaming industry web resources he oversees include:

www.CasinoCity.com – A directory of over 6,000 land-based gaming properties worldwide.
online.CasinoCity.com – A directory of 3,000 online gaming sites and their slot games.
www.CasinoCityTimes.com – 100,000 gaming industry news and strategy articles.
www.CasinoVendors.com – A directory of over 10,000 land-based gaming industry vendors.
www.iGamingSuppliers.com – A directory of over 1,500 online gaming industry suppliers.
www.iGamingAffiliatePrograms.com – A directory of 1,000 online gaming affiliate programs.
www.GamingMeets.com – A directory of 1,500 gaming industry tradeshows and events.
www.GPWA.org – The award-winning online gaming affiliate marketing association.

Mr. Corfman also oversees the publication of a variety of digital and print resources offered for sale on www.CasinoCityPress.com.

Together with his wife Sylvia, Michael was also the founder of Information Technology Systems, Inc. The firm specializes in software product development, web development and hosting services, and also in the gaming industry through its Casino City, Casino City Press, and Gambling Portal Webmasters Association divisions.