Is Bitcoin Gambling the Future of Casinos?

2017 was undoubtedly the year of Bitcoin

Bitcoin exploded into the lives of millions of people around the planet last year. What had been a relatively unknown digital currency became mainstream in spectacular fashion last year. As part of this, Bitcoin casinos have begun to offer an exciting new way of playing online.

Will these gaming sites continue to be popular in the future or is this simply a passing trend that will go away? At the moment, the majority of online casino transactions take place in US dollars, but some experts believe that Bitcoin casinos could overtake this currency in the near future. So, why it is on the rise in this way? Is it a key trend to watch in 2018?

The Benefits of Bitcoin Casinos

To understand the chances of these Bitcoin casinos being a long-term success we need to first of all look at what benefits they offer players. One of the key issues in this respect is that of the privacy and security offered by this payment method.

Anyone who plays online using Bitcoin doesn’t have to link their bank account, card or personal details to their casino account. It can also work out cheaper to play in this way due to the lower transaction fees. In addition, if the price of this currency rises as it did in 2017 then any casino winnings will grow enormously in value.

They can offer the same games as other casinos but with a more convenient way of paying. For instance, when at VegasCasino you can see a blackjack selection that covers 18 variants at the time of writing. There is no need to believe that using this currency means a restricted range of games.

The Drawbacks of Bitcoin Casinos

Perhaps the biggest reason that some people steer of Bitcoin gambling is the fear of the unknown. Someone who has never invested in cryptocurrencies may be daunted by the idea of doing so. In truth, getting hold of some coins is easy but not everyone feels confident about doing this.

The popularity of Bitcoin has also meant that processing times and fees have been subject to large variances. Finally, while the volatility of Bitcoin can be a good thing, it also leaves gamblers open to the risk of falling prices eating into their winnings.

Not Just Bitcoin

Most of the cryptocurrency news in the last few months has been about the runaway success of Bitcoin. Yet, this is just one of a number of digital currencies that could have a huge impact on online casinos in the future.

The real news here is that blockchain technology is changing the way that we move money around the globe. Bitcasino casinos could easily be joined by Ethereum casinos, Litecoin casinos, and other sites that use their own, bespoke cryptocurrency built on blockchain technology.

The idea of moving money easily and conveniently without the involvement of a third party has clearly taken the world by storm. While this is most obvious in the appearance of Bitcoin casinos, the blockchain technology that drives these sites is likely to be a bigger story in the future than the currency itself.



The New Overwatch League Continues to Grow, Promising More eSports Betting Action

eSports experiencing accelerating growth

With Esports gaining ground in recent history it’s time we covered gaming’s latest big competitive bout, Overwatch League. The Overwatch League (OWL) is a professional eSports competition for Blizzard’s videogame Overwatch. It was announced in November 2016 with the first season starting in January of 2018 and ending in June of that same year.

The Overwatch League is growing dramatically, with its bold initial statement of aiming to make eSports – and with it, eSports betting – mainstream, the popular first-person-shooter game has so far impressed audiences worldwide with fast growing viewership.

The League

The League, which can be watched here, follows a traditional North American professional sports model and uses a set of permanent teams and a regular play season. Blizzard have consistently released spectator tools and other multi-media assistance to further understanding of the game, the league and the players involved in it, which had led to strong followings in all of the teams.

Blizzard are further working to increase viewership by adding in in-game cosmetic awards, purchased through tokens earned by watching the matches, and they’re continuing to make necessary changes to the game (like several recent changes to the hero ‘Mercy’) to ensure fair, balanced and interesting play between the teams.

The majority of the teams are American, including ‘Dallas Fuel’ or ‘Philadelphia Fusion’, as per the American Sports Model. But, there are a few exceptions such as the ‘London Spitfires’ and ‘Seoul Dynasty’ which both British and Korean audiences have rallied to since day one respectively.

The League has been a hit so far, the familiar model and the teams, which are all quickly adopting personas of their own, make the league very entertaining to watch and follow, whether you play Overwatch or not. It is also very, very lucrative both for the organiser and for iGaming brands involved in eSports betting.


Betting on the League too is growing to be a fast, fun and lucrative pastime. The new Overwatch League has a lot of potential for betting with over 35 million players active on the game itself and with close to half a million individuals stopping by to watch the opening debut of the E-League. Many sites offer betting services for Esports like Overwatch, many of which are featured on comparison sites like GambleIO, which compares top Bitcoin-based betting options.

In addition, the dust still hasn’t settled and many teams previously presumed to be quite weak are proving that they too can win. Since the opening week viewing numbers have dipped slightly to around 350,000 concurrent viewers, only to now be rising back up and beyond the initial number. As Overwatch league continues to grow and mature from its early state, now is the perfect time to get involved in this budding phenomenon.

The Overwatch League is looking pretty promising so far. While the pecking order between all the teams, and between the Overwatch League and its immediate Esports rivals (names Counterstrike: Global Offensive or League of Legends) is still being established this new budding E-League continues to grow and settle into its new spot as a very popular spectator sport – and a great one to bet on.



Co-founder of Apple to visit Malta for GiG’s 5 Year Anniversary Event

Steve Wozniak, the Co-founder of Apple, will be visiting Malta for GiG’s 5 year anniversary event

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) is one of of Malta’s leading iGaming employers. GiG will be hosting Steve Wozniak upon his visit to Malta. He is famously known as the Silicon Valley tech wizard ‘Woz’ Wozniak, coming to Malta for an event celebrating GiG’s five year anniversary.

The annual employee conference held by GiG, called ‘GiGsters Connect’, is taking place on the 6th and 7th March, with all 650 GiG employees (as well as those travelling from abroad to join their Maltese colleagues).

On top of meetings, parties, hackathons and opportunities to learn, there will also be a “fireside chat” and a chance to ask ‘Woz’ questions. Those who attend will learn about Apple’s startup and the way Woz transformed the system by venturing into the unknown.

Over 400 university and MCAST tech students – as well as developers, startups, entrepreneurs, some members of the Maltese business community, will be invited to the session with Woz.

GiG’s CEO Robin Reed: “There are many people in Malta, including at GiG, who work in highly specialised technology roles. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate five successful years of our company than by giving our employees and 400 of the Maltese tech community the opportunity to be inspired by Woz, a pioneer of technology.”

The engineering prodigy Steve Wozniak had worked side by side with the late Steve Jobs. He individually built the first Apple computer prototype, revolutionising the computer world.

GiG only recently announced their all time high quarterly revenues, reaching a whopping EUR 39.9 million in Q4 of 2017. They also plan to penetrate into the US market, after forming a new partnership with Hard Rock International to deliver their first Casino.



VideoSlots Announce Two New Recruits

William Alhberg appointed as Head of Games, Gemma Hodge named Head of HR, a leading casino operator, has confirmed the appointment of William Ahlberg as the new Head of Games and Gemma Hodge as the Head of HR, on the 15th of February, 2018.

Videoslots has a substantially large gaming department. Despite this, Ahlberg, over the past 18 months, has worked his way up to the promotion of his position as Head of Games.

In his new position, he will take on highly significant roles regarding community management, introducing new content into the game portfolio, while also maintaining and building supplier relationships.

Hodge had previously worked as the Head of HR at ComeOn! for five years, with the Cherry Group.

During the rapid expansion of Videoslots team, Hodge will play a vital role in the integration of current and potential employees of whom share the operator’s distinctive culture. She will also be responsible for the enhancement of Videoslot’s reputation as a national leading employer as well as international.

Alexander Stevendahl, CEO at Videoslots, said: “We’re very pleased to have secured two outstanding candidates for these key roles. With William’s knowledge of the wider gaming industry and Gemma’s previous experience leading the HR department at another major operator, we’re sure they’ll both add considerably to our growing team.”

William Ahlberg, Head of Games at Videoslots, said: “In my time at Videoslots, I’ve seen a dynamic team that’s sole focus is on delivering the best gaming experience to the customer. I’m looking forward to utilising my expertise to confirm our position as the leading online casino.”

Gemma Hodges, Head of HR at Videoslots, said: “Videoslots continue to be one of the most progressive operators around in terms of diversity, culture and work-life balance, and I’m pleased to join and be a part of this exciting company.”

Videoslots has continued to place utmost importance on its promotion from within, with Clayton Marquette appointed as IT manager, Lorraine Sammut promoted to Employer Brand & Events Manager, and Ricardo Ruiz named Head of Development.




Casino Professor named Best Affiliate Newcomer at IGB Affiliate Awards 2018

Affiliate steals show at major Gaming Event

The creator of Casino Professor, Cashcow Ltd, has proudly announced that Casino Professor has taken the winning seat as Best Affiliate Newcomer at the IGB Affiliate awards 2018. This awards ceremony is considered one of the main events of the online gaming calendar. It took place last week during the London Affiliate Conference.

At the IGB Affiliate awards, the most highly ranked in the iGaming affiliate industry come together. This occurs in order to grant acknowledgement and also celebrate the achievements of the last 12 months.

Casino Professor, the online casino site, has gathered an astronomical 8000 new depositing players in just above six months. It is currently functioning in three separate markets, including: Finland, Germany and English-speaking countries.

Aside from its rapid growth, Casino Professor has also stood out due to its unique system. Casino Professor has been developed differently, with the user instead of the search engines being considered.

The content involved is player-centred, with truthful reviews and tips available. Additionally, the website’s speed performance on both mobile devices and desktops, is ultra-fast.  Casino Professor can be considered a prime tool for excelling in gambling skills as well as being extremely enjoyable.

As for future plans, Cashcow Ltd aims to strengthen Casino Professor’s position within various markets. In addition to this, they are keen on producing website versions with a variety of language options. They also intend to provide more content through videos on their Youtube channel.



MGA seeks collaboration with Italian Anti-Mafia Commission

Lacking collaboration between anti-mafia authorities

The gaming watchdog fears that a possible result of a lack of collaboration with Italian anti-mafia  authorities shown by the Malta police and regulators, could be the weakening of the fight against irregular activity.

Malta Gaming authorities stated that despite the regulator not being a law-enforcement medium, information relating to irregular activity in correlation with companies registered in Malta did reach it on occasion.

“The problem is that there is no collaboration between the Italian authorities investigating the Mafia, the Malta police and authorities like us. We are literally kept in the dark and find out what’s happening from the Italian press,” sources insisted.

MGA executive chairman, Joseph Cuschieri, reportedly said to Agimeg, the Italian gaming news site, that he would like to “start a collaboration” with the Italian Anti-Mafia Commission, and also any other agency that would want to be in the know about Italian gaming operators’ activity in Malta.

He also insisted that “a handful” of Italian companies that were registered in Malta, in spite of not actually operating here, were going through a review process.

This comes after the recent arrest of Benedetto Bianchi by Italian police, the former being a suspect relating to the membership of the Sicilian Cosa Nostra, earlier this month.

The notorious Mr.Bacchi, regarded as the “King of slot machines”, was allegedly responsible for hundreds of gambling stores, each generating millions of euros. Authorities in Italy have reason to believe that Mr.Bacchi was utilising companies based in Malta in order to launder money made by the mafia from illegal activities, including drug trafficking, extortion, and others.

For this reason, the gaming watchdog has expressed concern that the Italian mafia has made use of Malta as a money laundering medium, through suspicious gaming companies registered in Malta.



Competing in an increasingly saturated virtual marketplace

Virtual sports have come a long way…

From the earlier days of virtual dogs and horses filling in the gaps in the retail schedule, virtual sports have now become a mainstream entertainment vertical across all channels. With this, we have seen new sports available, which has meant many new companies entering and saturating the market in the last two years.

This Saturation of products has been met with mixed success by players and operators but one of the key factors for any virtual games success is the maths of virtual sports, which is an easy proposition for a sports bookmaker to understand. Virtual Sports are proven to add between 15% and 20% to your revenue at an ideal margin of 18%, which is different from selling casino games, where it is never truly clear what value a new slot game would add, the argument for virtuals is clear and concise.

Although the virtual sport betting industry was born in the UK, it has quickly expanded globally, with the legalisation of virtuals in Italy proving a massive growth opportunity. With these clear benefits to the operator the last 10 years has seen a growth in virtual suppliers entering the space to gain a slice of this ever-increasing market.

As a first adopter of virtuals, the question for VSoftCo has been how do you define yourself in an increasingly competitive market place? The core to the strategy of VSoftCo, can be defined in three simple concepts, celebrating our differences by thinking outside the box and expanding beyond virtuals.

Celebrating Our Differences

The core principle to the VSoftCo strategy has been to celebrate our differences from our competitors. Although other suppliers try to make claims about their technology we are the only supplies who provides a real time virtual game. This means every game is a unique instance and not built from a library of pre-rendered clips. We expanded this concept through working with players of Sheffield United Football Club to accentuate and embrace our differences.

Consequently, VSoftCo is the only provider in which the virtual game is 100% motion captured using professional footballers, so the players movements truly replicate the action that occurs in a real football match. The increased library of motion capture sequences means that each match has over 2.5 million different outcomes and allows us to incorporate changes to real football such as the new kick off sequence easily and seamlessly into the game.

The real time technology allows for unique bet markets such as first goal scorer, which accounts for 30% of bets and is the most popular bet type on the market, closely followed by 1×2. VSoftCo also used our real time rendered technology to be the first certified supplier of virtual league football in Italy. Although other operators had embraced the black market, VSoftCo stayed true to our principal of only working in regulated markets. The real time rendered technology allowed us to quickly adapt our single game to fulfil the key requirement of ensuring every betable event was visually displayed.

Thinking Outside The Box:

In addition to unique technology that clearly defines VSoftCo as different, it is clearly not enough. So in mid-2016 it was decided to adopt a strategy to work with known brands, to create a branded experience of players. From experience we have all seen the success of branded slot content so it was a simple decision for VSoftCo to enter into an agreement with Striker, to create the first branded virtual football game.

The benefit of this brand, is the passion that has come from Striker to create not just a virtual football game but a virtual football league. It would have been easy to simply just take the characters and put them in the game. However, as always at VSoftCo we go the extra mile, the events of the Warbury Warrior’s matches in our virtual league will influence the outcome of the comic story line, which is shown in The Sun and on the Striker YouTube channel.

Looking past a virtual football league the team are currently working on a Fantasy sport version of VStriker, which will allow a new vertical for followers of Striker and fantasy sports betting to follow. The concept of fantasy betting on a virtual following league is exciting for both VSoftCo and operators.

VSoftCo stand at SiGMA17

Expanding Beyond Verticals:

It has become clear over the last two years, as we have developed into the home of virtual football that this concept could be expanded into casino gaming. A plan has been put together to develop bespoke casino football content so that gaming operators know we are truly the Omni channel kings for football content in the gaming space.

The first foray of VSoftCo into this market has been warmly received. Spot the Ball, takes virtual football into the casino market. It combines pre-rendered virtual football clips with the well-known concept of Spot the Ball and roulette. Bringing a whole new fun dimension to all the time classic game of roulette. Associating roulette, virtual football and Spot the Ball has bought a fast paced, fun and exciting game to the player. With gaming operators competing to be the first to take this fun and exciting concept into both the online and retail space.

Plans are afoot to quickly add to this first game, with branded slots for Striker being developed and another fun roulette game called Boot For Loot being developed.

All of the above combined with VSoftCo’s flexible remote game server, means that for the first time, virtual football content and casino content can be delivered in an Omni-channel environment to operators through one simple integration. The journey over the last ten years has been fun as VSoftCo has developed to compete in a expanding market place. However, it is clear by working with existing partners, the path to expansion through celebrating our difference, thinking outside the box and expanding into new gaming virtuals, VSoftCo is an exciting proposition for a gaming operator whichever global market they operate in.


New BestCasinos site to electrify Affiliate Market

Website features new level of independent assistance has announced the launch of its new affiliate site which brings a new level of independent assistance to consumers searching for their perfect gaming platform. The BestCasinos site covers all aspects of online casino gaming, and impartially helps users to choose an operator that suits them based on differentials such as location, needs and expectations.

Johan Larsson of BestCasinos commented, “BestCasinos was developed with the sole purpose of providing casino gamers with a plethora of useful tools specially designed to help them choose online casinos that best suit their needs. Having performed a detailed analysis of the affiliate market, our team at BestCasinos has initially identified and subsequently incorporated a selection of key features that set apart from the competition.”

“We at BestCasinos hope that casino enthusiasts from around the world will recognise our efforts and that the site will quickly become their go-to guide for key information about each and every aspect of online casinos. During the coming year, BestCasinos will be looking to gain a firm footing in the affiliate market and to position itself as an authority players can rely on to guide them through a rapidly developing online industry,” continued Larsson.

The fully-responsive website is optimised for both mobile and desktop browsers, and gamers will welcome the simplicity of its clean, classy layout.

BestCasinos is a guide that objectively reviews and ranks sites in each of the gambling verticals and clearly points visitors to the latest promotions and best bonuses. boasts a committed team of professionals who are motivated to share their knowledge and experience by providing expert reviews on the latest and most popular slot and casino games.

Quick facts and clear analysis mean that visitors can instantly determine whether they are interested in a particular site.

BestCasinos’ determination to forge a reputation for trustworthiness and integrity means gamers can be assured that it will only link to online casinos that are 100% safe and secure.

BestCasinos offers daily promotions and bonuses, while visitors can gain a complete understanding of gaming thanks to news and playing tips.



Eventus International gearing up for event

The Sports Betting & Gaming India Summit 2018 just two weeks away

The month of February has been very exciting for Eventus International, as the Sports Betting & Gaming India 2018, scheduled for the 27th& 28th of February 2018 at the Park Hyatt Goa Resort & Spa, draws nearer.

With just two weeks to go, Eventus International is all geared up to host its first ever sports betting & gaming event in India. The Eventus team is very excited to host this event and our delegates are ready to mix it up and network at SBGI.

With an agenda crafted to answer attendees’ questions on any legal issues and regulatory developments, and the current state of the gaming industry in India; everybody is thrilled to be part of the event and are set to hear, learn, meet, network and develop relationships with key industry stakeholders.

And with the final speakers lined up from all over the globe from companies like Genius Sports, Betradar, William Hill Australia, PMU, Alderney eGambling, Deltin Group, Lottoland Solutions, Dream11, Silver Heritage Group, Nazara Technologies, All India Gaming Federation, Global Market Advisors, Taj Rummy, Aada52, to name a few; everyone is thrilled to be part of this event with only 14 days left!

Eventus International is a highly professional, independent and global event producing company that specialises in gaming conferences and exhibitions; across Asia and Africa, attended by hundreds of senior delegates from the private and public sector.

The Sports Betting & Gaming India Summit (SGBI), is scheduled to take place on the 27th& 28th February 2018 in Goa, India. clinches iGB Affiliate Award for Best Casino Website

“A fantastic event to end what was a great conference” has announced that the group has been honoured with the “Best Casino Website” award at the 2018 iGB Affiliate Awards in London on February 9th.

A leading authority in affiliate marketing for the online gambling industry, iGaming Business honours the best affiliate marketing organisations once a year at their annual award ceremony in London. The 2018 edition was held at The Brewery on Chiswell Street in the City of London. The hot “Havana Nights” theme provided a welcome respite from the cold February weather. Group’s experience in iGaming player acquisition, driving and converting targeted traffic enable it to offer iGaming operators a deep source of new players in regulated markets. James Brotherton and Owen Watters from the commercial team attended the awards ceremony and collected the award on behalf of the Group.

“A fantastic event to end what was a great conference. We’re delighted to have won the award. The team always put in a lot of effort and it’s hugely appreciated when that’s recognised, particularly so when that recognition comes from those within the industry,” remarked Owen Watters, commercial account manager at Group Plc.

“It’s a fantastic honour to be officially recognised as the best casino website and it is a testament to the hard work the whole team put in to make it what it is. One of the cornerstones of our progress to date has been focussing our efforts to provide a website both our team and our players can feel proud of, and so it’s especially nice to win this one,” added James Brotherton, commercial account manager.