EveryMatrix enters Romanian market after securing gambling licence

Leading independent iGaming software solutions provider EveryMatrix has secured two Class II Licences from the National Gambling Office in Romania.
This class II will allow EveryMatrix to provide their solutions, platform management and hosting facilities to operators within the regulated Romania market.

Romania’s outdated legislation was amended in May 2015 to bring the Romanian space in line with the European Commission demands.

Now, EveryMatrix is better able to assist clients and offer their wide range of award-winning sports and casino solutions in the Romanian market to interested online gambling operators.

EveryMatrix CEO Ebbe Groes commented: “Our access to the Romanian market comes as a natural consequence of our long-time investment in this country.

“I am proud to say that Romania shelters our largest EveryMatrix office, with more than 50% of our employees working in the heart of Bucharest.

“At the same time, Romania is one of the largest European countries and it is, therefore an important addition to our portfolio.”

EveryMatrix’s Sportsbook Solution has recently been awarded “The Best Sportsbook Content Provider” in the Romanian industry by the local Casino Life & Business Magazine at the beginning of December 2016 as a sign of recognition.

The solutions provider has already secured licences in many reputable territories such as United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Malta and now Romania showing their continuous enthusiasm to conform and adapt to local regulatory frameworks within the European market.

Good Governance to AML

claire-camilleri Good governance is the key to proper anti-money laundering for obliged entities including the gaming sector. This article explains how to implement effective AML from a Top-to-Bottom Perspective.

It has been a year since the European Union approved its Fourth Money Laundering Directive and there is one year to go for the closing of the transposition period. For new sectors which will be covered under the ‘obliged entity’ definition, this means that the time is running short to ensure that proper anti-money laundering (AML) culture has soaked in the system and day-to-day checks are in place at client on-boarding and servicing. Promoting such culture requires a firm board commitment and inclusion of AML as a component of good corporate governance at obliged entities is an important requirement at Gaming entities. Directors should invest time and dedication in order to attain an effective culture change. The purpose of this article is to present the main pillars that the directors should put in place for this project which are: Communication, Leadership and Control.


Effective leadership is the catalyst of culture change. The first step is to start including AML as an item on the Board’s agenda. The directors should not just skim through the subject but should dedicate enough time to discuss the entity’s policies, how AML milestones are being achieved and whether these are effective enough. The directors should challenge and assess whether the policies, procedures and processes, are commensurate with the business risks and can effectively mitigate the money laundering risks.

For the everyday implementation, the Board should consider the delegation of this important project to a dedicated working committee. In smaller entities an individual could be appointed to oversee this project, and where necessary assisted by external expert consultants. Whatever the type of set-up opted, the Board of Directors should ensure that the persons that are involved in this project are not only knowledgeable on the subject and on the regulatory requirements but actually have hands-on experience on AML. Also, the MLRO that will be appointed is suitably qualified to lead the AML function following the coming into force of this legislation and is able to manage the AML risk efficiently and effectively. In addition, such individuals must be of an independent mind and should be provided with the right opportunity to positively challenge the system. Of course one cannot underestimate the importance of resources and the directors should actively support the provision of appropriate budgets both at the implementation of the project but in support of ongoing AML requirements.

Effective communication

Effective training on AML ensures that staff not only understand the regulatory requirements but also appreciate its importance. This is also an excellent opportunity for the Directors to ‘set the tone’ on the matter. In general, the training, whether online or in a classroom set-up, should at least cover the legislative framework, the entity’s policies and procedures on customer due diligence, record-keeping and reporting of suspicious transaction reporting and the name and contact details of the MLRO. Repercussions of non-compliance clearly outweigh any perceived nuisance that comes with adhering to the policy.

The final AML Policies and Procedures need to be easily accessible and in this regard the use of intranet systems are a good option to consider. Internal circulars should at least cover the need to comply with AML and such messages will have a higher weighting if this is issued directly by the Chief Executive Officer, for example, or by board members collectively. The message should be a positive one but at the same time tough on non-compliance and non-cooperation during such project and post-implementation. As goes by saying you have to be ‘cruel to be kind’ and this approach can re-align employees’ attitude.


Basic as it may sound, control involves listening. This important process will assist in understanding the drivers that are helping or hindering the right culture and good governance. However, it makes sense that any controls are calibrated. Too many controls and restrictions can hinder the business and might be excessive to the type of money laundering risk at hand. On the other hand, high money laundering risk situations call for enhanced due diligence and appropriate controls. Moreover, at each stage of this project and also post-implementation the directors need to reassess whether the control processes are efficient and effective to manage money laundering risk. This also ensures that the whole AML system is updated with the external macro and micro developments which are impacting the day-to-day evolvement of the entity’s business.

As part of the ‘listening’, the Directors should request reports by the responsible persons on AML. At AML project implementation, this needs to be presented by its respective Chairman of the working group or the person responsible on this project. As part of the AML regulatory requirements and post-implementation, the MLRO should be then the person responsible for presenting such report. During such reviewing and discussion, the Directors, in particular those occupying non-executive roles need to ask themselves whether the confirmations provided are actually closing the relative compliance gaps and where need be, they should constructively challenge the system as part of this exercise.

Another important aspect that needs to be considered are the control functions such as compliance and internal audit. Whilst noting the latter, the engagement of a compliance officer at senior management is a mandatory regulatory requirement

in terms of the Fourth Money Laundering Directive. On the other hand, the appointment of an internal auditor needs to be considered by the same directors based on the scope, scale and complexity of the entity’s activities. Going back on the principles of leadership, the knowledge and experience of persons engaged in this function is of the essence in ensuring that good filters are in place.

Final thoughts on corporate governance

This is an overall description of the good governance to AML. Yet, whilst this concentrated on AML one should not disregard the principles of good governance on a separate exercise such as having the right mix of non-executive and executive Directors which are now becoming a ‘must have’ in regulated set-ups. On the other hand, the high financial repercussions and reputational damages brought by non-compliance could put the entity at stake and Directors cannot continue to disregard this requirement and cannot afford to postpone this further. Moreover, a sensible and intelligent approach to AML achieved through proper governance can really have a positive culture change.

Author: Claire Camilleri Gauci, Compliance Specialist and Director of Aid Compliance Limited

This article was published first on SiGMA Magazine. The magazine was launched at SiGMA show last November. For SiGMA17 sponsorship opportunities click here.

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2016 in Review – iGaming Highlights

2016 has been a busy year for the iGaming industry seeing a lot of mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, product releases and record-breaking results. To have a solid recap, we lined up the highlights in a month-by-month review. 2017 – bring it on!


Gaming Innovation Group Announced New Share Offering

robin reedGaming Innovation Group, who is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, announced plans to issue 23 million new shares with a target price of NOK 1.95 (€0.20) per share.

The company looks to raise an estimated NOK 45 million (€4.8 million) from the sale, which Swedbank Robur Fonder, a leading Scandinavian asset management firm shall be directing.

The sale allows Gaming Innovation Group to “strengthen GIG’s financial position and enable the company to step up efforts to monitor strategic growth opportunities”, the operator noted.

Robin Reed, CEO of GIG, said: “A strengthened balance sheet will allow us to pursue these opportunities as they arise. As part of the transaction, we have received a substantial and long-term shareholder.”

Betconstruct Opened New Regional Offices

Betconstruct Opened New Regional OfficesBetConstruct, an award-winning developer and provider of online and land-based gaming solutions, expanded its global presence with two new regional offices in Montevideo, Uruguay and Kiev, Ukraine.

The new offices form part of an overall international sales and service development strategy.

“According to our practice of being as close as possible to our partners and our strategy of insistently expanding into new markets, we have doubled our efforts in Latin America by opening the second sales and service centre there,” commented Vahe Baloulian; BetConstruct’s CEO.

“At the same time, we are not overlooking our European home base, the eastern part of which will now be better served by our newly established and expanding Kiev branch,” he added.

Richard Carter Joined SBTech as Chief Executive Officer

Richard CarterGaming industry leader, Richard Carter, was appointed as SBTech’s new chief executive officer in January.

Carter, former director of research at Deutsche Bank, was responsible for running the highly rated European equity gaming franchise for the past 7 years.

Between 2003 and 2009, Richard worked at the London listed Stockbroker Numis Securities, as a key member of their highly rated Leisure and Gaming team. Carter was notably positioned at the forefront of several highly renowned global online gaming companies such as 888, 32Red and Empire Online.


Malta the Most Represented Nation at ICE

ICE Totally GamingMalta was the most represented nation on the exhibition floor of one of the largest gaming shows in the world, ICE Totally Gaming, which took place in London.

For those who need more proof that Malta is one of the hottest gaming hubs in Europe, then the flowing statistics should be enough. The Mediterranean island topped the ICE international league table with 34 exhibitors, followed by other well-represented countries – United States (23), Italy (18), Germany (13) and Spain (11).

Catena Media went Public

Catena Media went publicCatena Media, the Malta-headquartered online lead generation company, opened a listing on Nasdaq First North Premier in Stockholm in February.

From affiliates to super-affiliates; from a small start-up to a public listed enterprise – Catena Media became the success story that many industry practitioners dream about.

“We welcome all of our new shareholders and look forward to be a listed company on Nasdaq First North” said Robert Andersson, the company’s CEO. “This is an exciting day for us and we are very motivated to continue our hard work in order to deliver profitable growth and increase shareholder value.”

Ulrik Bengtsson became the New CEO and President of Betsson AB

Ulrik BengtssonBeing an extremely successful CEO at Betsson Malta, Ulrik Bengtsson proved that he was ready for the big step ahead. He replaced Pontus Lindwall, who returned to his previous role as Chairman of the Board.

“I have been a part of an incredible journey over the past four years with Betsson but I think that we are still only at the start of a structural transformation of the entire industry, which is enabled by a continued transfer of the activity towards online. In my role as CEO and President of Betsson, I will continue to ensure that, in the first instance, the group focuses on customers, and that innovation takes place where it is important for them. In this way Betsson will continue to gain market share. Our strategy to grow both organically and through acquisitions remains”, said Ulrik Bengtsson.


LeoVegas Public Offering Met Huge Interest

LeoVegasThe mobile gaming giant, LeoVegas, generated huge interest from Swedish and international investors when it got listed on Nasdaq First North Premier in Stockholm on March 17th.

Commenting on the IPO’s huge success, Gustaf Hagman and Robin Ramm-Ericson, co-founders of LeoVegas, said: “Not even five years have passed since that spring evening when the concept for the mobile gaming company LeoVegas was born. We are happy about the extremely strong interest to invest in the LeoVegas share and now welcome almost 30,000 new shareholders.”

Notable new investors in the Malta licensed gaming giant include Catella, Handelsbanken, Swedbank Robur, Carnegie Asset Management, Keel Capital, Fonden Alcur and AMF Fonder.

888 Holdings Appointed Itai Frieberger as New CEO

Itai FriebergerOne of the leading gaming companies, 888 Holdings, appointed Itai Frieberger as their new CEO in March.

Frieberger was promoted from the position of chief operating officer, which he had held since April 2011. In May 2015 he joined the 888 Holdings board.

Chairman Brian Mattingley commented: “Itai is admired throughout the online gaming industry and has been instrumental in the company’s development in recent years. He is therefore, without doubt, the natural choice to take 888 further forward in the rapidly growing online gaming market.”

Mattingley, who had been the executive chairman since 13th May 2015, became a non-executive chairman.

Gaming Innovation Group Acquired Delta Markets for €4.2 Million

gaming innovation group smallGaming Innovation Group (GIG), an international internet gaming company, negotiated an agreement to obtain the assets of Delta Markets; a Dutch based affiliate networking company founded in 2015.

In the agreement it is confirmed that GIG will be paying a premium of €4.2 million ($4.6 million) for the acquisition, 30% of which will be settled through new GIG shares, amounting to 4,336,314.

Robin Reed, founder and chief executive officer of GIG, declared: “This acquisition will make Innovation Labs the local leader for referring paying users in the highly sought after and soon-to-be regulated Dutch casino market.”

“Innovation Labs has proven to increase organic growth when bolting on individual assets to our core referral platform. We are continuing to build out our distribution channel for the top performing brands in the industry, and look forward to deliver even more quality online resources for end-users.”


Betsson announced new London Technology Centre

Betsson AB declaBetssonred the opening of its ‘Applied Digital Technology Centre’ in Holborn, London.

The company opened its new London office while partnering with collaborative workspace specialist WeWork, in order to focus on improving the firm’s technology development and data capabilities.

According to a corporate statement issued, Betsson AM governance stated that its branch in London became an integral part of its business, aiming to create further ‘direct synergies’ with its corresponding teams.

The opening of the firm’s London technology hub corresponds with the operator re-launching of its sports betting subsidiary Betsafe for the UK market.

Catena Media acquired AskGamblers.com for €15 million

catena-media-acquires-askgamblers-890x395_cOn 3rd April 2016, Catena Media acquired the acknowledged and highly regarded affiliate website AskGamblers.com for EUR 15 million and thereby consolidated its position as Europe’s fastest growing company in lead generation. The transaction was the largest in Catena Media’s history.

“We are incredibly proud of acquiring AskGamblers which is one of the best brands in the affiliate market and whose operations are a perfect fit for Catena Media. AskGamblers is an extremely important site for casino operators and, through its stringent requirements for certified casinos, contributes to creating a better iGaming industry.” said Robert Andersson, CEO of Catena Media.

Unibet paid €7.5 Million to Former iGame Owners

Unibet iGame ArticleOnline games provider Unibet PLC, confirmed that it paid an initial €7.5 million to the former owners of iGame Group Ltd in accordance with its agreed August 2015 corporate acquisition terms.

In a statement to investors, Unibet disclosed that iGame Group had managed to meet its initial performance targets set for the financial year ending 31 December 2015.

The cost of paying the maximum earn-out of €20 million was fully provided in the financial statements of Unibet Group on 31 December 2015, so this payment has no impact on Unibet’s earnings for 2016.

Lvbet Online Casino Went Live

Image associéeLVbet, the Malta-based gambling operator, launched its first online casino. LVBet.com is a fully licensed casino and regular online casino players can recognise many of the games on offer which are created by some of the best game providers like Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Thunderkick and Wazdan.

Commenting on the launch, Marcin Sapinski, a representative for the startup gambling company, said that they are extremely excited to be introducing the new casino to the online gambling market. Mr. Sapinski further noted that they want to make their players feel special and to know that they matter to the online gaming brand.


Leovegas Launched Sports Betting Product

Leo VegasAfter the initial public offering on Stockholm Nasdaq in March 2016, the mobile casino LeoVegas went live with its sports betting product named LeoVegas Sport.

Gustaf Hagman, CEO and co-founder of LeoVegas Group commented on the launch: “LeoVegas` mobile DNA and innovative strength are the foundation for our market-leading position in mobile gaming. I am very proud of our employees who have enabled us to launch a product that will bring mobile sports betting to a new level.”

“We launched LeoVegas Sport in the UK, Sweden,  Norway, Finland, The Netherlands and Canada. We’re looking at expanding into more and new markets shortly”, commented CEO of LeoVegas Gaming Ltd. Johan Styren.

Cherry Signed Acquisition Agreement with Comeon

cherry-logo-2Swedish gaming company Cherry AB acquired 49% of ComeOn Malta Ltd.’s shares, with an option to also acquire the 51% remaining. The acquisition strengthened Cherry’s position in Scandinavian markets significantly and provided great opportunities for international expansion.

CEO of Cherry AB, Fredrik Burvall, said: “This acquisition will strengthen Cherry’s position in online gaming against competitors in Scandinavia and other European markets. Both Cherry and ComeOn are growing considerably faster than the market as a whole, which facilitates further investments in existing brands and continued expansion in new markets. We will add several strong brands and will profit from the strong entrepreneurial spirit within ComeOn.”

Everymatrix Launched Development Office in Vietnam

EveryMatrix Integrates MrSlotty Games Porfolio into PlatformOriginally founded in Copenhagen, EveryMatrix reached a significant corporate milestone by launching its new development office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Ebbe Groes, CEO and co-founder of EveryMatrix, said: “The present iGaming industry displays a significant commercial potential which translates into a growing number of clients for our company. This reality required a new development office so that we can offer the same high-quality products and respond to the latest demands of our clients for responsive desktop and mobile solutions.”

EveryMatrix’s global office portfolio now consists of the UK, Romania, Denmark, Norway, China, Malta, Ukraine, Philippines, Armenia and Vietnam.


Gaming Innovation Group Acquired Betit Holdings

gaming innovation group smallGaming Innovation Group signed an agreement to acquire all shares in iGaming operator Betit Holdings Ltd., which owns some of the biggest operators in the Scandinavian iGaming market including SuperLenny. com, Kaboo.com and Thrills.com. The deal is worth approximately €54 million.

Robin Reed, CEO of GIG, said: “Through this agreement, we team up with some of the most accomplished entrepreneur’s in the industry, significantly enhancing our reach to end-users, marketing partners and professionals. Our vision is to make the industry an open and connected eco-system and we will all benefit from the commercial and operational synergies. The acquired technology will accelerate our ability to grow and strengthen our base for further M&A activity.”

Sbtech Secured Software Licence in Romania

SBTech Logo

SBTech was granted a B2B Class 2 Software Provider License by the National Gambling Office in Romania.

Romania is the latest regulated European market to license the company, which allows it to continue expanding its existing portfolio of awarded permits in numerous regulated markets such as UK, Ireland, Portugal, and more.

Richard Carter, CEO of SBTech, commented: “Increasing the number of regulated markets in which we operate is a key part of our strategy and I am delighted that we are entering the Romanian market, having met the high standards set by the ONJN.”

Mr Green Launched Sportsbook Product

Mr Green Launched Sportsbook ProductMrGreen extended their portfolio with a Sportsbook product powered by Malta-headquartered provider Kambi. Malta-licensed operator launched its sportsbook ahead of schedule announced in February – a few days before the UEFA Euro 2016.

Per Norman, CEO of Mr Green & Co AB commented: “By launching a Sportsbook, we are meeting our customers’ demand for betting and odds. Together, we have managed to build the Sportsbook in record time thanks to our new, efficient product platform. We have built a Sportsbook of the same high quality as our online casino.”


Tipbet extended ‘Premium Partnership’ with Fortuna Dusseldorf

tipbetTipbet Ltd extended its ‘Premium Partner’ sponsorship of Bundesliga 2 football club Fortuna Dusseldorf for the 2016/17 season.

Conducted by Infront Sports & Media, a representative marketing agency for Fortuna Dusseldorf, for Bundesliga 2 season 2016/17, the Tipbet trademark gained a widespread coverage all the way through the ESpirt Arena (capacity 50,000) on match days.

Product Marketing Manager for Tipbet, Philippos Naskos, said: “Tipbet Betting stands for passion in sport! We are therefore very pleased to continue our commitment with Fortuna Dusseldorf as a partner for the new season.”

Aspire Global Launched Lucky Bets Casino

Aspire GlobalAspire Global launched its fifth white label of 2016 with LuckyBetsCasino. com.

“The growth rate shown by our B2B division this year shows that our solution has the value that our partners are looking for. As such, we are seeing an increase of companies wanting to work with us, offering them an additional channel to monetize their assets in today’s ultra-competitive environment”, said Jov Spiero, VP of the B2B division at Aspire Global.

“LuckyBetsCasino are delighted to partner with Aspire Global. With a high quality web and mobile solution, we can now offer a variety of the most popular games in the market”, said LuckyBetsCasino’s CEO.

Tipico released Prepaid Deposit App in Germany

Tipico released Prepaid Deposit App in GermanyTipico strengthened its service offering by launching a brand new prepaid payment application for customers in Germany.

With this prepaid app, sports bettors can top up their account easily via smartphone; the application is available for free download on both Android and iOS.

Prepaid cards are available in several shops across Germany, tobacconists and tobacco shops, grocery stores, gas stations, and various other providers guarantee an area-wide service.

Furthermore, the Tipico Pay application always leads the customer to the nearest point of sale, on the shortest route available.

Kyte Consultants partnered up with Featurespace

ConsultantsKyte Consultants entered into an agreement with Featurespace, provider of machine learning fraud and compliance products to the gaming sector, to be official resellers of Featurespace’s ARIC™ products to gaming operators and financial institutions in Malta, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Alan Alden, Director at Kyte Consultants, commented: “We chose to partner with Featurespace because their ARIC engine offers the most advanced machine learning solution in the market, and is already successfully deployed by some of the world’s leading gaming operators and financial institutions. Featurespace’s ARIC engine will help our clients to grow their businesses while complying with regulatory requirements.”


Daily Fantasy Sports to be regulated in Malta

Daily Fantasy Sports to be regulated in Malta Malta has intentions of regulating Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) which will make it the first European country to specially regulate DFS. The Malta Gaming Authority announced that daily fantasy sports will no longer require a gambling license. This decision towards the skill based licensing framework is expected to attract an extensive arrival of new operators to this small Mediterranean island as well as propelling Malta into the very center stage of DFS action in Europe. Valery Bollier, CEO of Malta based operator Oulala.com stated, that MGA’s team has foreseen a few years ago the rise of a future Skills Game industry in Europe.Malta has intentions of regulating Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) which will make it the first European country to specially regulate DFS.

The Malta Gaming Authority announced that daily fantasy sports will no longer require a gambling license.

This decision towards the skill based licensing framework is expected to attract an extensive arrival of new operators to this small Mediterranean island as well as propelling Malta into the very center stage of DFS action in Europe.

Valery Bollier, CEO of Malta based operator Oulala.com stated, that MGA’s team has foreseen a few years ago the rise of a future Skills Game industry in Europe.

888 Holding launched Localised Service in Romania

888 holdings enter spanish sports betting market888 Holdings launched a new localised service in Romania. The company’s Romanian version, 888.ro will unify its poker, casino and sport arms all together in a single account.

“Our flagship brands, 888poker, 888casino and 888sport, operate in several regulated markets around the world, including the United Kingdom, Spain and Denmark, and have been an online destination of choice in these markets for years. We aim to offer 888.ro to Romanian players as a global brand with a unique, local flavour,” commented Chief Executive of 888 Holdings Itai Frieberger.

KPMG to aid creation of National Self-Exclusion Platform in the UK

KPMGThe Remote Gaming Association (RGA) recruited KPMG to assist in the creation of the online gambling self-exclusion system in the UK.

The company will initially assist the trade body by undertaking a scoping study which will help to shape the development of the National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme. It will then support and advise the RGA during the implementation process which could take place before the end of 2017.

RGA chief executive Clive Hawkswood commented: “Self-exclusion can be a vitally important tool, especially for problem gamblers or those who are at risk of developing problems.”

NetEnt went live with Rank Group

NetEnt went live with Rank GroupNetEnt entered into an agreement with major UK gambling operator Rank Group. Following a seamless integration process, online players at Rank Group can now enjoy titles by one of the world’s leading providers.

This move came as part of NetEnt’s strategy to further extend its presence in the rapidly growing UK online gambling market that is so highly competitive.

Enrico Bradamante, Managing Director of NetEnt Malta Ltd. said that they are happy to sign a deal that would expand their presence in the regulated UK market, and further noted that their titles will most certainly be enjoyed by Rank Group customers.


BetConstruct implements Golden Race Virtual Sports Content

betconstruct-strengthens-its-virtual-sports-game-teaming-up-with-golden-raceBetConstruct entered into an agreement with Golden Race to provide their virtual sports clients the full range of Golden Race virtual sports content.

This will include premium virtual content such as horse and greyhound racing, virtual football, tennis, Real MMA Fighting, keno and lottery.

Vahe Baloulian, CEO of BetConstruct commented: “Aside from the founders of BetConstruct, I don’t know anyone else in this business who is more passionate about what they do than the founders of Golden Race. BetConstruct is happy to put its distribution power behind Golden Race content. We are confident that it will contribute to the success of both companies.”

iSoftBet and Tom Horn entered Partnership Agreement

isoftbet-and-tom-horn-enters-partnership-agreementSoftware developer Tom Horn Gaming secured a deal with iSoftBet which will enable them to continue their expansion across the European gaming market.

This agreement will see Tom Horn’s full range of mobile and online gaming casino integrated into the prominent mobile and online casino games supplier iSoftBet’s Game Aggregation Platform.

CEO of Tom Horn Gaming Ondrej Lapides commented: “The partnership with iSoftBet is a key success for Tom Horn Gaming and we are extremely happy that they will be offering our full portfolio to some of the largest and most successful e-gaming operators.”

Paysafe confirmed Acquisition of Income Access

Paysafe acquires Income AccessPaysafe Group confirmed the agreement to acquire Income Access, the leading industry affiliation and acquisition marketing software for CAD$40 million (US$30.5 million/€27.4 million).

CEO of Paysafe, Joel Leonoff said: “By adding Income Access’s affiliate technology to our product suite alongside our Skrill and NETELLER brands and deepening our merchant relationships, this transaction delivers on Paysafe’s strategic objectives to provide relevant payment solutions that serve the evolving needs of our merchants.”


TWIST3D turns time spent playing into real impact
TWIST3D turns time spent playing into real impact

Chroma Studios announces the immediate relaunch of their 750,000 user free to play game — TWIST3D for iOS and Android. Updated for the latest generation of operating systems, the game features new and unique Freemium Philanthropy™ technology from Karmafy. This enables players to support their favourite good causes, for free, simply by playing the game. A unique system for gamers to leverage their time spent playing into having real-world positive impact.

“We’re firm believers in the power of games to change the world, and have always been open to supporting charity within our games.” said Tim Shepherd, CEO of Chroma Studios. “Until now, we never really found a solution that embraced a community spirit and fits our free-to-play business model. When we heard about Karmafy and ‘Freemium Philanthropy’, we knew it was the right fit for us and our players.”

LeoVegas granted gaming licence in Denmark

Group CEO and LeoVegas co-founder Gustaf Hagman states: “LeoVegas expansion continues, and it is gratifying to see how we grow in new markets. Our strategy to enter regulated markets or markets that are facing regulation seems like a winning concept. I am convinced that our market-leading mobile gaming product, data-driven marketing approach, and a strong, local team will help ensure a successful launch in Denmark, where no one has yet taken the mobile position.”
According to the data from H2 Gaming capitol, the Danish online gaming market has been estimated to be worth DKK 4.6 billion in 2016.

FAST TRACK Solutions Partners with NetRefer

FAST TRACK Solutions Partners with NetReferCEO of FAST TRACK, Simon Lidzen commented “FAST TRACK is delighted to choose NetRefer as its key partner for our clients marketing platform solution. The flexibility of the solutions & the progression of the product enables us to ensure our clients will receive a leading offering.’’

COO of NetRefer, Timothy Buttigieg commented “NetRefer is excited to partner with FAST TRACK, a technology organisation building robust, innovative and scalable platforms. We will provide FAST TRACK with our award winning product suite together with access to our industry experts to ensure that they are successful.”

This partnership is the second B2B agreement FAST TRACK have made in recent succession, following from their recent partnership with Enteractive to extend Enteractive’s customer retention support offering to FAST TRACK casinos.


Golden Race First to be Awarded Class 4 Licence by the MGA
Golden Race First to be Awarded Class 4 Licence by the MGA

Golden Race CEO Martin Wachter commented: “We are extremely proud to be the first virtual company to receive a Maltese Class 4 licence, which allows all companies who work under the Maltese Gaming Regulations to take advantage of our product there.”

He went on to say that: “The process takes a lot of time and effort to ensure all of the stringent guidelines are adhered to, but at Golden Race we strive to provide exactly what customers need to be successful, regardless of their location and regulations. Now those operators who love our products can use them fully licensed – it’s win-win all around.”
The MGA license is one of three recently obtained by the heavy-hitting company as it continues to expand across the globe.

Unibet to Deliver its Strongest Ever Full-Year Performance

Unibet Delivers its Strongest Ever Full-Year PerformanceThe Stockholm-listed operator detailed that period group revenues had reached £142 million compared to the £83 million in the same period last year. Its strong revenue performance sees Unibet declaring a period EBIDTA of £33.9 million.
Closing the quarter on September 30th, Unibet governance declared profits after tax of £21 million, compared to the £12.9 million in Q3 2015.
Updating investors on its year-to-date performance, Unibet governance declared £391 million worth of group revenues, compared to YTD 2015 with £242 million – combined with YTD group profits after tax of £54 million, compared to 2015’s £36 million.
Commenting on corporate performance, Unibet Group CEO Henrik Tjärnström stated: “Strong performance across all brands and successful acquisitions deliver 65 per cent increase in Gross winnings revenue (42 per cent in constant currency, of which 27 per cent is pure organic growth)”

SiGMA raises the bar with mega successful show
SiGMA raises the bar with mega successful show

The third edition of SiGMA broke all records. The island has never witnessed an iGaming bonanza this spectacular, this successful: everyone walked out a winner. The organisers anticipated close to 3,000 attendees, with the final numbers edging 4,000, double last year’s numbers. This was clearly visible on the expo floor, which was extremely
busy on both days.

After receiving plenty of great feedback, this year’s summit saw some great upgrades, including the fact that over 300 affiliates flew to Malta for free, from the organisers’ own pockets. There are plans to reignite this idea with 300 fresh flights, but for new affiliates, thus injecting the show with “fresh attendee blood”.


Catena Media Announces Casino UK Acquisition

Catena Media Announces Casino UK AcquisitionCatena Media, the lead generation and online marketing company have expanded their reach with the acquisition of Casino UK. The purchase price which is payable upon completion amounted to €10.6 million. Casino UK website is estimated to generate a revenue of around €600,000 per quarter with an operating margin of about 80%. Most of its revenue comes from the UK market. They currently provide reviews about UK-facing online casinos popular casino games guides and other gambling related content.

NetEnt Expands Into Mexico’s Online Casino Market with Codere
NetEnt Expands Into Mexico’s Online Casino Market with Codere

NetEnt has repeatedly pointed out that expanding into regulated jurisdictions has always been a crucial part of its growth strategy. The Mexican regulated online gaming market is set to become the latest to have the Swedish supplier’s games and solutions launched in, as well as the first one in the Latin American region.
Codere is a leading gambling operator in Mexico which operates in both the land-based and digital segments of the industry. NetEnt will be able to go live in the country via its partner’s licence.
NetEnt’s announcement about entering Mexico comes merely days after the Swedish provider launched its Christmas-themed gaming title, Secrets of Christmas – a 5-reel, 25-line, 3-row slot which features funny and colourful symbols and exciting bonuses which capture the spirit of Christmas and create a festive atmosphere for players.

MGA Reports Gaming Industry Employment up by 31%

MGA Reports Gaming Industry Employment up by 31%According to the interim performance report published by Malta Gaming Authority(MGA), employment withing the Malta’s gaming industry has increased by 31% in the first six months of 2016.
According to the report, an estimated 6,150 people were employed in the gaming sector by June 2016 with the gaming industry directly contributing 12.0% of the total economic value of the Maltese economy with employment in the gaming industry rising by 31% year on year.


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Skill, Luck and a Good Global Connection

In the old cigar-smelling poker rooms, the players with the cards in their hands had only three true friends: Skill, Luck and the best poker face they could muster. At the Black Jack corner, cards are flicked and numbers are added up quicker than you can say “surrender.” It’s the same story in casinos with slots, the roulette and even with sports betting; elements of luck and skill spice up the games, determine who gets the jackpot – and who goes home broke.

Fast forward a couple of decades and luck and skill are not the only players in the game anymore. Mobile has joined the party, and the impact is huge!

The digital revolution joined the scene when traditional casinos started seeing potential in going online. There was a new untapped market; players no longer needed to travel, but could experience the thrill of betting from the comfort of their own home. Connectivity became the be-all and end-all to the provision of this service. New gaming needs required better connectivity, enabling the experience to become as enjoyable as possible. In an incredibly short time span, all of this went mobile.

When mobile became widespread and people started to move and travel more, new demands started to weigh on gaming. When the average user picks the phone up 1,500 times in a week, there’s definitely something to be said about the relevancy of mobile optimization. One cannot separate the gaming industry from the realities of society: people turn to their smartphones as if it were second nature to them.

Growing trends show that, apart from an increase in online mobile gambling, players prefer in-play bets, which the advances in mobile technology now allow.* More excitement builds in the short interval between live event bets, and with mobile players converting faster and spending more time on mobile it also makes financial sense for gaming companies to offer them. We have also seen an unprecedented growth in social casinos, one of the fastest growing genres on social networks in the past few years. Although this has recently seen a decline when compared to previous sectors, it is only because the more serious players are gravitating towards all-in-one casino apps – and away from their PCs.**

Over €19 billion gross winnings will have been generated from mobile betting, gaming and lottery by the end of 2018, just under 44% of total interactive gaming gross wins***. 44% – that’s almost half! More and more players are hitting the felts on their mobile device, with numbers surpassing online or desktop poker players. A quick search on Google will give you endless lists of recommended Mobile Casino Apps to download, and they will all tell you the same thing: with more people opting for a smart device, mobile casino apps will not be going anywhere. On the contrary, more and more casino providers will want a piece of the proverbial pie, engaging their mobile customers from their devices too.

And if that’s not enough to jolt traditionalists, the next thing will: the mobile gambling industry is expected to be worth $100bn by 2018 and 164 million users will access their mobile to place bets or visit a mobile casino.****

The “Survival of the Fittest” gene has clearly kicked in and casinos around the world have scrambled to adapt, optimizing their games and slots to the player who is not only digital but now also mobile and travelling frequently.

Trouble in Paradise

One infamous word: Roaming. For many travellers, of which a percentage are players, the very mention of the word is synonymous to dread at receiving high mobile bills. In fact, many opt to switch off data roaming when they travel, preferring not to rely on the vague rates offered by their operators. This alters not only their mobile use but in turn also their gaming and betting patterns. A hunt for free WiFi normally ensues. While there are different options the traveller can go for, it’s very difficult to find a solution which packs it all in one convenient connection.

Difficult, but not impossible. This is where we come in.

Forbesfone – Redefining Roaming

The Forbesfone Global Connection, which takes the form of a simple SIM card, takes the frequent traveller the extra mile. We offer global connectivity without the hassle of expensive mobile contracts or complicated charging. Travellers usually end up connecting to any Wi-Fi hotspot they can find, with no care whatsoever for the security of their personal data. Many networks are open, unsecured networks, which offer nearly no degree of safety in terms of personal data, apart from the slow, irritating connection shared with everyone else in the café or hotel lobby. We aim to make looking for WiFi hotspots at whatever the cost, obsolete.

Designed to Eliminate Credit Wastage

“Roam like a local” never sounded truer: our low worldwide roaming rates help the user save costs he could easily spend on other travel expenses, while the prepaid plans ensure you only spend money on the services you use. On top of that, we really are everywhere: we offer coverage in every continent and in over 200 destinations. Some build walls. We break them down.

Forbesfone Global Sim + Online Gaming Providers = $$$

What are the odds that, having a secure, reliable and cost-efficient roaming solution in place, the mobile player is online for longer? With a Forbesfone SIM connecting the players with the best networks around the world – sans high bills risk – they will be more comfortable spending longer stretches of time on their favourite slot. Simple math, really.

As part of a retention program, many igaming providers are giving their customers free roaming on a bid to incentivise players to play on their phones even when abroad. Forbesfone offers value-added business packs for companies which want to tap in on their customer’s mobile habits. In other words, we can help you achieve your end result: encourage users to stay online, for longer.

How Do We Do It?

We’re not in the business of over-complicating matters for your customers. We want the Forbesfone global connection to fit in seamlessly with your gaming platform, so users are not put off by the extra bits they have to go through to start playing. We’re committed to providing a simple and straight-forward service both your company and customers will enjoy. Think of our connection as being another feature your platform offers. Ingrained, not apart – without the extra fluff.

Bottom Line?

It’s all good news: for one thing, your own bottom line will look much better. Think: higher retention, higher digits and an increase in customer satisfaction. We can help you improve your customer’s mobile experience, so they are happier pulling the levers on your virtual slot machines and you make more profit. Win-Win.

Flexibility is Key

We are very flexible with the packages we offer. We understand that every gaming provider has different needs and targets and as such requires a tailored deal. We want you to be able to scale up easily and to adapt to the changing marketing needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Forbesfone has therefore catered for these prerequisites, offering easily accessible plans, a transparent pricing scheme and simple integration with your existing platform. Ultimately, we simply want to help you retain your customers in the best way we know.

All in

Forbesfone is proud to be an official SiGMA partner this year. This annual expo is the perfect beehive for gaming providers, casinos, developers, regulators and affiliates to get together, share ideas and network. Forbesfone will be there to lay every card on the table and to answer any questions regarding our services. Talk to us! We’ll be expecting you.

* Source: Optimove

** Source: VentureBeat.com

*** Source: H2 Gambling Capital

**** Source: Global Online Gambling & Betting Market

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Keeping up with the Regulators

Keeping up with the regulatorsSigma met with senior lawyers James Sciculna (on the left) and Joe Borg (on the right) outside their offices in Ta’ Xbiex to find out what it takes to navigate through the complexities of constant regulatory updates in such a fast-paced industry.

How has the gaming scenario evolved in Malta?

JS/JB: Malta was the first EU member state to regulate online gaming, at a time when most other countries were still scratching their head as to what to do with this online “phenomenon”. Malta being ahead of the game in terms of regulation resulted in a significant chunk of the industry choosing Malta as its base. Many operators and suppliers actually started off here and are now sizeable multinationals leading the way in the industry. This critical mass also lead several other very large operators which originally decided to establish themselves elsewhere to moving parts or all of their operations here. Today Malta is at the centre of the global remote gaming industry and keeping this leadership role requires regulatory innovation and investment in improved infrastructure locally.

Mergers and acquisitions seem to be taking the whole industry by storm. This must mean a lot of work for firms like yours. Are you worried that ultimately this bubble might implode?

There has been significant M&A activity in this industry over the past eight to ten years or so, but the last few years have seen the stakes get progressively higher. There is increased consolidation in the industry with acquisitions by operators interested in expanding to new markets and some very significant private equity groups looking at this as a real opportunity to build shareholder value. We’ve seen mergers of equals or quasi-equals which on paper should have worked due to complementary products and increased efficiencies, but these are always harder to manage in practice. On the expansion side competition is cut-throat and certain markets have become quite saturated. Product innovation, cost-cutting and focus on increased customer loyalty are, in our view, all essential for the industry to continue to thrive. The brave will be looking for new markets in geographic areas many wouldn’t have previously considered. We are actually seeing all of that happen and as the big fish get bigger and others become interested in this sector, we expect to see continued high levels of M&A activity over the next year.

The main challenge which the industry has faced for some time now is over-regulation, the increase of compliance costs which is resulting from market fragmentation as well as taxation and the application of rules in certain markets so as to give an advantage to local incumbents.

We do not believe that this is a case of a bubble that could burst. The industry is here to stay. However, the scenario is evolving and as it does so business must evolve and regulation must keep up with it.

Tell us a bit about landmark cases that might have helped reshape the course of iGaming law.

As you readers will know, in Europe the industry was shaped to a large extent by a number of judgements of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). Unfortunately, while initially decisions of the CJEU suggested that a single market for remote gaming was an achievable reality, more recent judgements favoured a national authorisation regime approach which, in itself, has reshaped the industry to what we have now. Probably the turning point was the Santa Casa case in 2010. That being said, there are several EU law rights which can be availed of by operators in this industry, such as that to establish their business wherever in the EU they deem fit.k

There never seems to be a dull moment. From AML to EU trade secrets to changes in EU (data protection) law, Brexit and more… how do you see the legal landscape evolving?

There are several areas of EU law which are harmonised and cut across sectors, which have a strong impact on the gaming industry. Recent changes to EU AML laws are being implemented across EU countries at the moment. These will add further compliance burdens on operators, but in the end, operators will comply and continue to do business under these new laws. The same applies to important changes in EU data protection laws. The industry is maturing very quickly and most stakeholders have learned and are equipped or are equipping themselves to comply with these new obligations. We feel that the industry can survive added burdens which are logical, fair and necessary for the better regulation of the industry itself and the protection of the consumers.

Brexit is a completely separate argument. It is unfortunate that Britain has taken a decision to leave the EU. In our opinion it is a tragedy for the EU, Malta included, in the longer term. In the short term this decision has created more interest in the Maltese regulatory regime, especially from operators that are based in Gibraltar. However, it is also true that Malta has lost one of its biggest allies on the EU negotiation tables. In gaming, the UK was probably the only member state, apart from Malta, that was more open to the needs and the specific realities of the industry. It was also the jurisdiction that was more open to harmonisation of certain technical standards for the gaming industry, thus simplifying cross-border market access to gaming operators. So all in all, in our opinion, Brexit is a bad thing that we have to live with.

Esport, Fantasy Sport, Digital Games of Skill, Virtual Reality…. is it possible for legislation to keep up with such a fast paced industry?

The only way for regulation to keep up with the industry is by having the technology and game neutral regulation. Technology neutrality and game neutrality favour innovation and development. It is also essential that the regulator is granted the adequate tools and a high-level framework to regulate the industry effectively and efficiently.

This is what the industry is expecting from the legislative overhaul announced by the government and the MGA. This is what needs to be achieved in this process.

Given gaming’s impact on local GDP and the increasing demand for talent, do you feel there is a need for the University of Malta to introduce more related academic modules?

There is certainly a need for a larger supply of skills related to the gaming industry in the local labour market. This is important for the growth of industry here. In the short term the supply can, in our view, only be satisfied by those having the skills moving to Malta, so to say by “importing it”. In the medium and longer term, we would like to see Malta’s academic and technical institutions churn more developers, people interested in marketing, accountants and lawyers, amongst others, minded to work in the area of technology. Fundamentally, it is not only about churning numbers of graduates but also about their quality, not only in academic terms but also in terms of their communication skills, critical faculties and openness to the world.

Where do you see the Maltese gaming industry in the next five years?

Five years is a long time in such a dynamic industry. It is difficult to predict. Much depends on the regulatory overhaul which the government and the MGA have embarked on. Achieving a technology and game neutral regulatory framework as well as cutting down on red tape by simplifying procedures whilst keeping a high level of consumer protection is the goal. A lot also depends on Malta’s ability to improve its physical infrastructure, roads, urban planning, quality accommodation and on keeping inflation in check. However, the future future also depends on external factors that may create new challenges as well as new opportunities for the industry in Malta. Time will tell. What is certain is that Malta cannot just sit and wait.

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Japanese-Themed Games – Interview with Mitsuya Fujimoto, Ganapati

Mitsuya FujimotoThere has been an air of uncertainty recently in markets globally, however, in this dynamic iGaming industry creative entrepreneurs are not so easily deterred. One of which is Ganapati, which has been making waves in our industry over the past few months. We talked to Mr Mitsuya Fujimoto, CEO of Ganapati (Malta) Limited, who explained the company’s operation and the exciting new Japanese-themed games they’re bringing to the market.

The mission of Ganapati is to spread Japanese Culture worldwide. How are you embarking on such an ambitious and exciting project?

It was natural for us to focus on Japanese culture because it was something very familiar to us and has so many aspects to be explored; from the rich traditional culture to the modern-day anime and manga culture. Only a selective amount of our culture has made it out of Japan into the rest of the world – there is so much more to share!

We wanted to spread Japanese culture through something that is already well integrated into everyday life in Europe. The igaming industry was ideal in a sense that it is well regulated, integrated into everyday life and is a place that our products will be well appreciated.

How are your games promoting Japanese culture? What are the features of your games that showcase Japanese culture in a unique way?

We will be focusing on the traditional side of Japanese culture, the arts and the graphics, as well as closing up on the more recent culture which has gained more popularity worldwide through games and anime culture. Our designated staff, well equipped in both Japanese and European culture inside and out, will determine what content will be best to represent Ganapati and what aspects of Japanese culture would be the most interesting to share with the European market.

What ideas have you been implementing to promote your games? Why do you feel your content is different?

In the past, content with a supposed Japanese feel has not really represented the true culture which we feel we are able to deliver on. We bring not just the Japanese-look to the slot games, but also the technology and essence that makes things “Japanese.” Our content is different from any others because we are authentic and only choose the best of what Japan offers.

We are working with top creators in studios in Hollywood and Japan to deliver high-quality 3D imagery on our games.

Your company has the backing from the Japanese Government – how has this partnership been instrumental?

The Japanese government for the last few years has been quite proactively promoting Japanese culture, through a very strict system of authentication. We are happy that, even though there is still stigma attached to gambling in Japan, the Japanese government was able to acknowledge the potential in our business model, which goes above and beyond a basic distribution business.

You’ve been at a few shows already. Which markets have been more receptive to embracing Japanese culture in general and how has your ideas and concepts been received?

Yes, we attended ICE and the Super Show in Amsterdam earlier this year. We have had such a great reception from everyone we met and spoke to there. I cannot say which markets have been more receptive because we received a lot of positive feedback from the operators and suppliers that service in all markets across the globe. Everyone seems very interested in Japanese culture and the unique aspects we can bring to the games, which is extremely encouraging. We even met a few manga and anime fans which show how popular Japanese culture is outside of Japan. Our ideas and concepts have been received well and I am determined to bring those aspects to this industry for all of our enjoyment and entertainment. It’s hard not to get excited about this kind of momentum and I look forward to launching our games!

As a new entrant to the online gaming industry, what do you feel you will add to the industry as a whole?

Whilst we may be new to the industry we have a good understanding of what the end user likes and understands. We believe our products and brands have an association with the consumer which is hard to replicate unless it comes direct from the creators with which we have relationships. We have a team of talented game developers and can use the technology in Japan to continually create content which I believe has not yet been seen in the industry yet.

Can you tell us a bit about the background of the company and yourself?

Ganapati Plc has been around for two years now. We are a listed entity on ISDX in the UK and have offices in Japan and London. We have several business entities worldwide already providing social apps and other services. The gaming industry is an area we have looked at since our infancy, however it is only recently that we have decided to make an entrance into the market place. With this in mind, we had to ensure we were able to support the product and the industry through proper means, which required employing the right team and gaining the right knowledge. We are now in a position to launch our first products in the gaming industry.

As for me, my background is mostly in TV/ music production and artist management where I have worked with major brands and artists worldwide. Despite being new to the iGaming sector, I have extensive experience in the entertainment industry and have been enjoying the exploration of this new avenue.

Tell us about your roadmap for your games. How do you intend to distribute your products and when will you be ready to launch on to market?

We have three games ready for distribution just after ICE in Feb 2017. These games will be Japanese-themed slot games which will showcase our animators and technology and various aspects of Japanese culture. After this initial release, we will be releasing our other games which are in the production schedule. For the first year our main theme will be the Japanese-style fighting games and from there our content will continue to diversify and grow, but continue to share the uniqueness of Japanese culture and technology through each game and deliver high quality imagery.

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GIG secures full Gaming Licence from MGA

The fast growing gaming technology and software service provider Gaming Innovative Group Inc.(GIG) has recently secured a Class 4 Remote Gaming Licence from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) for their subsidiary company BettingCloud Ltd.

The licence will enable the company to provide to other licenced operators their sports betting products. Wetten.com, the German facing operator will be their first operator client to be launched on this new BettingCloud licence having signed a platform agreement earlier this year with GIG’s subsidiary iGamingCloud.
Wetten is expected this week to conduct a soft launch and the full commercial launch is anticipated in the early part of Q1 2017.

GIG CEO Robin Reed commented: “We have reached a major milestone as we are now a fully licensed B2B gaming service provider for the Sportsbetting vertical. GIG is continuing to branch out in the iGaming value chain and is now a fully-fledged gaming service provider”

Currently, GIG is also developing technology to produce proprietary odds through its subsidiary OddsModel AS. This new technology will be integrated on BettingCloud who is expected to provide a range of services covering content services, odds feeds, risk management, betting engine and trading tools. This is scheduled to be marketed in 2017.

These solutions will all be sold independently with them being able to be bundled seamlessly with GIG’s iGamingCloud platform. Reed offered a glimpse into GIG’s plans for the new year with this statement: “Within next year, these efforts will fully come to fruition and it will greatly benefit the Company and our clients”

Kindred focuses on start-up communities across Europe

The newly rebranded Unibet Group now called Kindred Group, will see a subsidiary company, the Kindred Futures expand their involvement with start-up communities all over Europe. Their goal is co-create future value propositions by seeking mutually beneficial long-term partnerships.

The company’s idea is to collaborate with start-ups who’s fields and expertise are data privacy, augmented reality, content marketing, cyber security, artificial intelligence and responsible gaming.

They plan to cooperate with start-ups in London, England; Stockholm, Sweden and Tel-Aviv, Israel to establish unique ways in which customers can interact with the different products and brands Kindred offers.

Kindred’s internal expertise and data will be available to partners that sign up to the new scheme along with the groups marketing teams which have a reach of over a million customers.

Head of Kindred Futures Will Mace had this to say:

“There is so much opportunity in the gambling industry to transform the experience we offer our customers – it’s a very exciting time for us to work with partners to explore new ideas and discover new sources of value.

“We are keen to look at any great new idea or opportunity – the more transformative the better.

“We believe we have a lot to offer potential partners and thus this is a genuine commitment to do something valuable for both parties.

“At Kindred Futures, our model is as much about giving as it is taking; we are on equal turf.”

BetConstruct Secures Class II Romanian Gaming Licence

Award-winning developer and gaming solutions provider BetConstruct has secured a Class II gaming licence from the Romanian National Gambling Office (ONJN). The company will now be able to supply its platform to all online gaming operators within the Romanian regulated market.

Commenting on the news, BetConstruct CEO Vahe Baloulian said: “BetConstruct views Romania as a significant and forward-looking jurisdiction. With the ONJN license, we are bringing our powerful betting technology to local operators enabling them to stand-out in this important market.”

This licence adds on to the company’s licences granted by Malta Gambling Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, as well as other jurisdictions, which allows BetConstruct to help its partners meet any necessary requirements for operating in different regions.

After having been given the title of Best Sports Betting Product Award at the SBC Awards just two weeks ago, Baloulian commented: “Being recognized as the Best Sports Betting Product supplier by the only awards dedicated to betting, speaks for itself. BetConstruct cherishes the industry’s acknowledgement and the responsibility that comes with it.”

He went on to say: “We will continue building on our success and providing the best products the operators and players expect and enjoy.”

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Gaffg Awards 2016 Winners Announced

The Gaffg Awards 2016 winners are announced with a few first time award winners along with some repeat winners. This is the 6th year of the Gaffg Awards where affiliates can vote for the affiliate programs and affiliate managers they trust the most where 5 are awarded in each category. The Gaffg Trusted Affiliates are eligible to vote where they must have a quality website. There is also the Charity Recognition Award given out to companies that contribute and participate in charities of their choice.

Trusted Affiliate Program 2016 Winners
● Affiliate Edge
● Bet365 Affiliates
● Evoke Affiliates
● Fruity Affiliates
● Casumo Affiliates

Trusted Affiliate Manager 2016 Winners
● Martyn Beacon – Affiliate Edge
● Jelena Isakov – Fruity Affiliates
● Marius Filip – Evoke Affiliates
● Jack Jelinek – Slotland Affiliates
● Aleksandar Stošić – Casumo Affiliates

Charity Recognition Awards 2016 Winners
● Neteller Affiliate
● LatestCasinoBonuses
● CasinoMeister
● Calvin Ayre Foundation
● Rewards Affiliates
● Casumo Affiliates
● Bet365

The Trusted Affiliate Program winners features both Affiliate Edge and Bet365 Affiliates winning the award for the 6th straight year. Affiliate Edge is one of the most respected casino affiliate programs around while Bet365 Affiliates are regarded for their affiliate support and their casino & sportsbook. Evoke Affiliates is a 2 time winner while Fruity Affiliates and Casumo Affiliates are first time winners. A few notable winners in the past include Betting Partners and CasinoLuck Affiliates as 2 time winners of the award.

The Trusted Affiliate Manager winners features Martyn Beacon winning his 6th award making him the most decorated winner in this category. Marius Filip has won his 3rd straight award while Jelena Isakov is a repeat winner having won her first award last year. Both Jack Jelinek and Aleksander Stošić are first time winners of the award. Some notable winners of the past include Renee Mate, a 3 time winner, Riyaz Abdulla (2 time winner), Anthony Hodgetts (2 time winner) and Keith Hathaway.

The Charity Recognition Award features numerous repeat winners. These are not the only individuals and gaming companies that donate and contribute to charities but represents a list of companies that have been nominated. The goal for this award is to applaud the individuals and programs that have participated in charities and as well to encourage others to consider getting started. The most decorated winners of this award feature companies that always are participating in charities. These repeat winners include Neteller Affiliate, Income Access, Betting Partners / Calvin Ayre Foundation and Rewards Affiliates.