10 New Recruits Added to PBSA Team

PBSA initiates team expansion

The Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association (PBSA), has expanded its team by over 200% with 10 new hires just before of a range of launches on the Peerplays blockchain this year.

Among the recruits joining the PBSA team, which is headquartered in an ex-military nuclear bunker in Nova Scotia, Canada, are seven developers and hires filling four newly created operations positions.

The PBSA President, Jonathan Baha’i, commented: “Since launching last year, the PBSA team is expanding rapidly and it is fantastic to be able to welcome so many talented new faces.”

“The Peerplays blockchain will be powering a series of revolutionary products throughout this the year, so it was critical that we put a world-class team in place to ensure these products are delivered to the very highest standards.”

“The PBSA is always on the look out for exceptional people who can help the Peerplays blockchain fulfil its potential, and we will continue to expand in the coming months.”

The PBSA, which promotes provably fair gaming standards for the Peerplays blockchain, is securing its team ahead of the launch of several new DApps in 2018.

These include Bookie, a decentralised sports betting exchange, and 5050Labs, a gaming project designed to aid organisations with fundraising.



Tom Light from SBTech Moves Towards Blockchain and Gambling

Tom Light to leave SBTech group

Tom Light, Senior Vice-President of Business Development at SBTech, will be leaving the group in order to establish a new business venture. This project aims to unite blockchain and gambling and leverage the power of the crypto-currency in a gaming and betting environment. 

SiGMA iGaming Tom Light from SBTech Moves Towards Blockchain and Gambling

Tom Light, Senior Vice-President of Business Development at SBTech

Tom Light joined SBTech in 2014 to lead its business development and commercial efforts and initiated the massive growth curve the group has experienced since. 

On planning his next move, Tom Light commented: “I have really enjoyed working at SBTech and seeing the group grow to become the leading sports betting and gaming solutions provider to the sector. The new project I will be heading is particularly exciting as it combines two great passions of mine: blockchain and gambling. It will leverage the power of crypto-currencies within an igaming setting and produce a truly disruptive offer for the sector.”

He has been credited with signing a number of SBTech’s defining partnerships and will continue to maintain the full support of the company in future projects.   

Richard Carter, CEO of SBTech, added: “SBTech is particularly grateful to Tom for his incredible work over the past four years, which has enabled us to experience massive growth and has put SBTech in prime position to capitalise on future opportunities in the online and land-based gaming and betting sector worldwide. He retains the full support of SBTech and we look forward to his new project, which we believe will be as successful as the past four years he has had with SBTech.”       

Tom Light recently expressed his thoughts on the possibilities of blockchain within gambling, during a discussion at the iGaming Asia Congress in Macau. 



Nordic Capital Fund IX Forge Deal to Acquire Trustly

Deal struck between Nordic Capital and Trustly

Nordic Capital Fund IX, has acquired Trustly, the company which provides a solution for Online Banking ePayments through its direct payments technology.

Nordic Capital said the acquisition will back up its goal of becoming the “leading global online banking payments provider”. The purchase remains subject to approval by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

In association, Bridgepoint Development Capital, the largest shareholder in Trustly, will dispose of its full equity interest in the company, with the management, founders and investment firm Alfvén & Didrikson remaining as the significant shareholders.

Nordic Capital partner and advisor Fredrik Näslund said: “Direct bank payments are the future of payments and Trustly is leading this transition. Nordic Capital views Trustly as a highly strategic payment platform with unique capabilities. We intend to support the management team and founders in the journey to becoming the global account-to-account infrastructure player by providing capital and experience from our previous successful investments in payments.”

Oscar Berglund, the Chief Executive of Trustly, added: “The shift towards online banking-based payment solutions is only in its infancy and we are looking forward to continuing to innovate and execute so as to make it easier, safer and quicker for both consumers and merchants to make payments online. We are delighted to partner with Nordic Capital whose support will be of great value as we grow across merchant verticals, products, and geographies.”



Boracay Casino Plan Advances Despite Threats from President Duterte

PAGCOR and Galaxy Entertainment Group move forward with Boracay Casino

Philippine gambling regulator PAGCOR and Macau gambling operator Galaxy Entertainment Group have confirmed the building of the $500-million casino resort on the Philippine island of Boracay. This will occur in spite of recent threats made by President Rodrigo Duterte, local media outlet The Philippines Lifestyle reported.

SiGMA iGaming Boracay Casino Plan Advances Despite Threats from President DuterteAlfredo Lim, President of PAGCOR, told Reuters today that they believe the project would improve the Philippines’ tourism product event further. The casino resort would be intended for high roller players from the Asia-Pacific region. Targeting wealthy casino patrons, Galaxy and its local partner hope to also draw the attention of junket operators that would organize the trips to their resort.

The small island is known to be especially popular with international tourists due to its white sand beaches and nighttime entertainment options. The plans for development were first revealed by Galaxy in December 2017.

The major Macau casino operator has partnered with the local developer Leisure and Resorts World and is seeking approval to develop a $300-$500-million resort with a casino and other attractions.

It can be said that the Macau casino operator might be particularly keen to capitalize on the improving relations between China and the Philippines and the rise of China’s middle class as a major consumer power.

Earlier this year, developer DoubleDragon Properties revealed another significant project for the construction of a 1,001-room hotel on Boracay. The plan includes building on two hectares of land and would also involve the construction of different attractions and meeting and convention facilities.



Forbes Discovered Selling Influencer Articles to Shipchain

Shipchain and Forbes caught up in article scandal

The USAHerald has uncovered a long-rumored scandal concerning top financial publisher Forbes. Shipchain, an ICO cryptocurrency seller that is run by John Monarch, has been caught paying contributors on Forbes to publish articles promoting Shipchain without disclosing that the articles were paid for.

This tactic of pay-for-play without disclosure is an FTC violation.

The article in question which described Shipchain as “revolutionary” and as “a handful of blockchain platforms poised to do things even the Internet couldn’t accomplish” has since been taken down.

According to Shipchain’s vendor Adam Torkildson, Shipchain paid a $1000 for the publication of the article.

“Everything I do operates exactly like a sponsored article where you get to write the content, decide the anchor text, decide whatever clients you want, but it’s not labeled as sponsored.   It’s on a per article fee.” said Adam Shipman to an undercover reporter.



Mvideoslots Acquired for Six-Figure Amount by AXL Affiliates

Acquisition of Mvideoslots assets announced by Malta-based AXL Affiliates

Plans are in place to integrate the newly obtained assets under the expanding AXL Affiliates brand, with Mvideoslots slated to represent an important part of the consolidated turnover.

Mvideoslots is an important casino affiliate company which contributes to the success of online gambling operators – gaining trust by offering useful information to casino and online slots players.

AXL Affiliates is one of the world’s renowned iGaming affiliate companies, delivering more than 6000 new customers on a monthly basis from its network of over 2000 sports and gaming specialised websites.

“The acquisition of Mvideoslots is fully in line with AXL’s ambition to succeed in the online gambling affiliate business. Mvideoslots is a recognised iGaming jewel and will enable AXL to integrate an online casino affiliate program into our portfolio of activities. This transaction will also enable AXL, its managers and its employees to benefit from Mvideoslots’s experience in the online casino affiliate business. Finally, it will give AXL the necessary means to successfully accelerate its development.” Alex Munteanu, CEO declared.

In November 2017 AXL Affiliates acquired £22m for the digital advertising platform ASTUTE MEDIA and its twelve subsidiaries. This has resulted in AXL sending ten times more traffic to partner gaming companies and sportsbetting sites. This added to AXL’s previous expansion following the purchase of TipsBetting Media and Oddstake.com.

Prior to joining forces with Mvideoslots, AXL Affiliates had been a major player in the sportsbetting affiliate sector.

Alex Munteanu, chief executive of AXL Affiliates, added: “We take pride in building iGaming affiliate brands that people appreciate. We have always given the best of ourselves and still stand behind that desire.”



Google Crackdown on Cryptocurrency Related Advertising

Google will ban all Cryptocurrency-related advertising


Alongside cryptocurrency-related content, Google’s ban will include initial coin offerings, wallets, and trading advice. The move follows a similar ban by Facebook earlier this year.

Companies with legitimate cryptocurrency offerings will also find themselves unable to serve ads through any of Google’s ad products, which place advertising on its own sites as well as third-party websites.

This company’s updated financial services-related ad policies will go into effect in June 2018, according to a company post.

“We don’t have a crystal ball to know where the future is going to go with cryptocurrencies, but we’ve seen enough consumer harm or potential for consumer harm that it’s an area that we want to approach with extreme caution,” Google’s director of sustainable ads, Scott Spencer said.

This ban comes as Google releases its annual ‘trust and safety’ ads report.

The company took down more than 3.2 billion ads in 2017 that violated its policies, which is nearly double the 1.7 billion it removed the year before.



BetConstruct Hosts Workshops Ahead of Summit

Workshops to inspire innovation organised by BetConstruct


SiGMA iGaming Betconstruct Hosts Workshops Ahead of Summit

BetConstruct stand SiGMA17

Before the ASEAN Gaming Summit, BetConstruct is hosting Innovations Workshops dedicated to its new solutions for the gaming industry.

The novelties of BetConstruct were unveiled at ICE Totally Gaming Show 2018, fuelling the global interest towards the company, while simultaneously diversifying its profile. Due to all of the new launches, BetConstruct will organise Innovations Workshop and give all those who participate, a free hands-on experience with the company’s solutions.

Spring BME was revealed in summer 2017 before iGaming Super Show and is now enhanced with new functionalities and products. A data feed solution in real-time, provided by FeedConstruct, is also available through SpringBME, coupled with Friendship platform, a global marketplace for unique sport videos, designed for digital content providers.

With regards to gaming and betting solutions, the discussion of BetCloud allowing operators to accept bets over established limits will be included, as well as SlotBuilder having an opportunity to create a slot game and integrate it into the slot machine logic.

New BetConstruct projects will also be covered. This will include BookieApp, which means everyone can create a bet-on game and allow people make bets on it. Another project would be BetOnPolitics, an open platform for the flow of news, opinions, political analyses and predictions.



Affiliate Marketing on the Rise in Latin America

Growing market in Latin America
SiGMA iGaming Affiliate Marketing on the Rise in Latin America

NetEnt stand at SiGMA17

Due to recent developments, the iGaming-market in Latin America has received a growing interest. With Colombia becoming the first country to approve a regulated online-gaming market in 2016, the latest trends indicate that more countries will follow.

The leading games developer, NetEnt, recently signed a customer agreement with Caliente, Mexico’s largest online casino in their regulated market. This is yet another huge step towards more doors opening for both operators and affiliates alike.

Experts believe that it won’t take long before more Latin American authorities realize the benefits of the added tax income and job opportunities that a regulated online gaming market will bring.

Thanks to great advancements in technology, Latin American gamers have quickly developed considerable interest in online gaming. The surge in the use of smartphones, especially among young people, means that online gaming operators now have a strong advantage over land-based casinos.

The Latin American region has a population of over 600 million people and online operators are constantly finding new ways to tap in to this market. Some of Europe’s biggest operators have already made their presence known, especially in countries like Mexico, Colombia and even Brazil.

As the number of operators increase, affiliate marketers have more brands to advertise. The number of affiliate marketers around Latin America are still relatively few and this means that there’s plenty of room for new affiliates to stake their claim.

SiGMA iGaming Affiliate marketing on the rise in Latin America

Jimena Gamboa Baragaño, Matching Visions

This is why Scandinavian affiliate network Matching Visions have their sights set on conquering Latin America in 2018. Mexican international Jimena Gamboa Baragaño was recently added to the Matching Visions team and they are now preparing to travel West and start building relationships with the Latin American affiliate crowd.

“With so many countries being potentially just months away from regulation, this is the perfect time for affiliates to educate themselves in this market,” Jimena adds.

CEO and CO-founder Dennis Dyhr-Hansen said that the timing couldn’t be better, especially with the upcoming football World Cup this summer.

Matching Visions Operations Manager, Andreas Lilja went on to say that: “trust is the key to any affiliate relationship, especially in the iGaming sphere. Hence, our initial aim will be to simply establish contact with affiliates and operators alike.”

Lately, Matching Visions have been keeping busy with developing and running a Latin American affiliate site of their own, http://onlinecasinoguia.com/, aimed at educating players about the best brands in the region.   



Softbroke and Asia Live Tech Join Forces

Softbroke lands agreement with Asia Live Tech

Softbroke, which offers White label casino, sportsbook & online gaming platforms, has combined efforts with the first Bitcoin iGaming Software provider in Asia, Asia Live Tech. This is in order to carry its full-service line as part of their offerings.

Asia Live Tech is particularly well-known in the igaming industry, owing to its accomplishments and contributions to the industry.

The Softbroke CEO, Stefan Jannson, commented: “We are happy and excited to work with Asian igaming developer Asia Live Tech.”

Within the range of just a few years since its launch, Asia Live Tech could successfully emerge as one of Asia’s most trustworthy brands in the industry.

The objective of Asia Live Tech is to consistently surpass its own accomplishments through advancing methodologies, development practices, and qualitative systems.

Some significant products of Asia Live Tech includes the live dealer casino, slots, Asian lotteries, white label online casino and most popularly, its very own Bitcoin Online Casino solution.

Softbroke has been manifesting its impact for some time now, and already has numerous successful projects occurring. These projects are not limited to the white label market, but also within programming, game development, igaming platform and sportsbook development.

Softbroke, individually, is a very strong and experienced organisation in the European igaming market industry. Now, with this collaboration between Asia Live Tech and Softbroke, it would involve a continual expansion of service line in the igaming market, since both organisations bring an insurmountable number of years of experience.