Anton Cristina

Anton Cristina took over the CSL business in October 2008 and transformed it from a traditional box shifter to a Services Business, which is today the leading IT Outsourcing provider in Malta. The company was a loss making garage company which employed 9 people and over the past six years it tripled its head count, turns over $10million a year and acquired a new client base of 100 + companies in the Gaming and Financial Services sectors.

Anton has been in the IT Industry for the past 15 years. He left Malta early 90’s after finishing University as the conditions of the Maltese economy at the time lacked opportunity since Public Sector dominated the economic climate. Anton went to America to further his education at New Hampshire University on the East Coast, just about 60km outside of Boston. He was fascinated with the American Corporations and their attitude towards being leaders, pioneers and strive to be the best of the best at what they do. An attitude whereby people push the envelope and endorse creativity as important ingredients in their work, whilst comparing this to the conservative, controlling & closed culture experienced in Malta back in the 90’s. At that time Anton couldn’t see himself ever going back on his home turf, as his interest at that point was to understand what shaped the culture of the American corporations and at the same time try to understand why he felt so much at home in America.

The answer to his question was simple – “NO FEAR”, as it is fear that holds human beings back from doing what they could do by letting go. It is fear that kills creativity and doesn’t allow human beings to endorse change as an opportunity and not a threat. At that point his professor at University saw Anton’s increasing interest in Technology and led him to gain an academical view of Big Technology companies, like IBM. Anton could see how technology was already changing and impacting the way we did business in the 90’s and it’s fast paced advancements and achievements. He saw his future in the Technology Business and focused on getting a job with IBM which he achieved. He then moved back to Europe and went to Sweden in the late 90’s, after which he progressed to Ireland, during the times of the Celtic Tiger.

He moved around within the IBM corporation and gained exposure through the Strategic Outsourcing division of IBM Global Services. Anton saw large enterprise companies that were dominating and shaping the global economy through the eyes of Big Blue. When the recession kicked in 2008 due to a very troubled Financial Services Industry, Anton saw an opportunity back on his home ground and decided it was time to go back Home. Malta had just been granted EU accession in 2004 and needed to transition to a knowledge based economy. The Maltese government showed a strong political will and determination to diversify the economic fabric of the country, and clearly knew that the vision for the country could only be achieved through Privatisation & Investment in Science & Technology plus a legislative framework that supports it. Anton is today well established as a leader and successful entrepreneur in the Maltese market, who strives to make a difference through Technology.

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Kenneth Farrugia

Kenneth joined Bank of Valletta plc (BOV), Malta’s largest banking group, in 1985 and has occupied various positions within the Bank. Kenneth currently holds the post of Chief Business Development Officer at Bank of Valletta plc and sits on the Management Board. Kenneth is responsible for the improvement of the Bank’s market position and the achievement of financial growth, including long-term strategic business goals, key customer relationships, business opportunities and monitoring of current market conditions.

Kenneth is also the Chairman of FinanceMalta, Malta’s national promotional body for financial services, and also serves as Chairman of the Malta Funds Industry Association. He is also the Chairman of Malita Investments plc which is listed on the Malta Stock Exchange.