Gabriel DeDomenicis

Gabriel DeDomenicis

Gabriel holds a Bachelor’s and a Master degree in Mathematics. He developed, during the last 8 years, a deep knowledge on big data related technologies and platforms. Moreover, he has over twenty years of experience in various executive positions in technology companies. Some of them, that are now public companies, were technically driven from early stage to pre-IPO stages. As Forcive ( Chief Technology Officer, Gabriel is responsible for leading the company’s product development, business and technology strategy. Gabriel co-founded Forcive with the aim to build a new generation of big data management platform with specific focus on real time hyper scalable ingestion and big data operationalization capabilities. Gabriel has joined Forcive as its CTO in 2011 and has led the company through its initial growth phase and its first external financing round.

Gabriel is very strong speaker on Real time and big data operationalization strategy so if there is an option please do consider.

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