John Kamara

John Kamara

John is an experienced marketing, business growth and market acquisition executive, who has successfully delivered multi-million dollar global initiatives and projects on& offline for over 15 years, in the UK, Europe and EMEA. He has a solid understanding of the importance of securing profit and client satisfaction on budgets– with strong strength on ROI.

John has over 10 years international experience in the gaming Industry globally.

John has successfully implemented a number of consumer focused projects with the likes of Pefaco group, Olympic Gaming(Africa), 360bet, Global Gaming, Webuildsocial, Fulltilt Google, 888Sports& Poker, & Talent consulting. He has been working in the African gaming market for the past 3 years( Operators and Regulators)

He has also worked with a number of regulatory bodies in the online gaming industry and was co-founder for webuildsocial/spadesocial.

He has worked in the capacity of Head of Eastern European markets for 888sport ,360bet, 1960bet and much more. He has been working for the past two years in the African market as a consultant and solutions expert in the gaming industry in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Uganda and a few other countries. This has involved working with operators to develop GTM( Go To Market Strategy) and also helping regulators to develop an enabling environment for the gaming sector.

His experience also extends to conference speaking. He has been a speaker at a number of gaming conferences and a member of the Africa panel at the WRB worldwide. He is currently the Director of Global gaming Africa.

John is also connected in various sectors in government in a number of East and West African countries.

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