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Roderick Psaila

Roderick Psaila is a qualified banker, having graduated as an Associate of the UK Chartered Institute of Bankers (ACIB) and subsequently obtained a Masters in Economics from the University of Malta. He joined the Central Bank of Malta back in 1990 and had an 18-year career at this highest financial body in Malta, where he held various positions related to Banking, Monetary Policy Statistics and Financial Stability. In 2004, Roderick was engaged by the European Central Bank in Frankfurt to work as an expert on a specific assignment. In his last three years at the Central Bank of Malta, Roderick was tasked to head the Financial Stability Office.

In 2008, Roderick joined Nemea Bank plc, a newly licensed bank. As Chief Operating Officer, he led the management team and was responsible for the setting up of the bank.

In 2010, Mr Psaila left Nemea Bank and was appointed General Manager of another prospective bank.  He was responsible for obtaining the bank license and also for the setting up of the same bank.

In 2011, Roderick joined the AgriBank team. He was engaged to obtain the license for AgriBank and was responsible for the setup. The bank license was achieved in October 2012. Since then, Mr Psaila occupies the CEO position and is also an Executive Director on the Board of the Bank.


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