Kristoff Zammit Ciantar

Kristoff Zammit Ciantar

Kristoff Zammit Ciantar has been working in IT for over 16 years. As a Business Analyst by profession, Kristoff has years of experience in bridging the gap between the business requirements and the technical deliverables. Kristoff was based in the UK for 8 years providing similar services to clients such as Safeway, Leicester City Council, HMRC, British Telecom, NHS, Novacroft, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Sungard Vivista, Toyota and Torex Retail.

This experience is what encouraged Kristoff, together with his partner Ivan Bonello to start their own IT consultancy and technical architecture company. The dedication and skill set is what was the driving force behind the success that is Aqubix today. Starting as a 2 man team, Aqubix now have a team of 18, with offices in Malta, Spain and Poland in under a decade.

It is Kristoff’s ability to take risks and bold decisions which also led to Mizzi Organisation acquiring 50% of the company in mid 2016, making this the first venture into the IT and digital sphere for the Mizzi Organisation. Kristoff had the foresight to understand that by letting go a little and injecting additional funds into his already established company, he could take Aqubix a lot further and successfully carry out plans for internationalisation.

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