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Joseanne Tanti

Joseanne Tanti is an engagement professional. She is a hotelier by trade and has spent her initial career days within the hotel industry in Malta and abroad. Joseanne focuses on people management and has gained extensive expertise throughout the years and most recently at HSBC UK Banking, at a time where the bank’s main focus was to become the Best Place to Bank for customers and Best Place to Work for employees.

Joseanne’s ambition is all about improving the work/life balance of employees. During her years in banking, her brainchild project was the introduction of the concierge concept targeted solely towards the workforce. She organised routine health and well being checks and was also part of the Mindful Awareness Programmes and Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace.

She is now part of the senior team at Saint James Hospital Group as the Human Resources Manager. Her team is responsible for recruitment and on-boarding, training and development, employee retention, payroll structure and employee well being. Joseanne is passionate to promote effective communication and believes that such practice is a key factor to the overall organisational success.

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