Eugene Platon

Eugen Platon

Eugen Platon is the SEO Manager at (part of the Gaming Innovation Group – GiG). With an SEO experience of more than 8 years, optimizing in highly competitive industries, Eugen is a Master Certified in SEO by MarketMotive.

Eugen’s graduated Computer Science Faculty of Technical University of Iasi (Romania) and he’s holding few other important certifications in Mobile Marketing, Web Analytics, and Conversion Rate Optimization, just to name the most important ones.

With deep roots in computer science, Eugen’s developed knowledge and acquired competencies into digital marketing areas within the companies he worked for into competitive industries, optimising websites globally and locally, from strategy to execution and reporting, improving the main KPI’s but also companies bottom line.

Passionate about leadership and machine learning along with his main competencies in SEO and Web Analytics are his focus these days. He is constantly looking for ways to improve strategies and results into evolving and continuously changing field of SEO.

When he’s not working or reading, he is passionate about radio-controlled helicopters and the new wave of mini-drones.

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