Georg Westin

Georg Westin

Georg Westin, from Casino Saga, is a broad leader that has a big interest in both the business and the technical/product development part of running successful companies. Westin can discuss detailed business strategies as well as how to handle large scale IT projects due to my history in both fields.

Georg Westin has a long experience and a track record of positions in extremely successful companies and have recruited 50+ persons and created highly effective teams showing performance far above average. He believes in improving organizations and people one step at the time and rarely have a “revolutionary” approach, he finds great people and give them the motivation and environment to create great things.

Georg Westin enjoys working in organizations with high growth rate and exciting business and love the challenge of making technology and product development create high business growth. He has worked in the i-gaming industry for the past 10 years since it has given the fast moving environment I find most interesting.

Specialties: I-gaming, management, recruitment, business strategies, software architecture, web entrepreneurial strategies

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