Paul Reilly

Paul Reilly

Over the last two decades, Paul has consistently redefined the bleeding edge of SEO, an acquisition channel he describes as more closely related to a competitive sport than a marketing channel. A pioneer of forensic SEO, he founded Media Skunk Works as a problem-solving think-tank, known to rapidly form specialist teams comprising of domain experts, mostly for the purpose of solving unusual information retrieval and search problems.

Inspired by Kelly Johnson, chief engineer at Lockheed’s Skunkworks, the University Campus based team built over five years, the world’s first web-scale, stealth data extraction framework capable of circumventing the self-defence mechanisms commonly used by web-scale companies such as search engines and social networks.  This capability, provides the vital data required to train machine learned models, examples include sophisticated browser humanization and anomaly detection capabilities required for gathering SEO intelligence as well as driving efficiencies in workflows which collectively outperform human SEO experts in both diagnostic accuracy and strategic planning. This AI innovation has been successfully deployed on some of the biggest SEO success stories of the iGaming industry.

An unorthodox CEO, Paul commits much of his working week serving as a junior apprentice engineer in the Skunkworks R&D team and his spare time reading academic research in statistical machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing.

Relive the highlights from our last show and stay tuned for this year’s SiGMA. Watch out for what we’re branding as the ‘iGaming Village’ this year.

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