Greame Newman

Greame Newman

Graeme Newman  is the Chief Innovation Officer at CFC Underwriting, a specialist lines underwriting agency based in the UK and backed by a number of Lloyd’s syndicates. The company distributes its products through brokers in 20 countries around the world including America, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

For the past 15 years, Graeme immersed himself in the world of technology. From his early career as a consultant for Deloitte working on pioneering internet security projects with the UK Ministry of Defence to his most recent role at CFC working on insurance products for new technology and emerging risks.

At CFC Underwriting, Graeme has been heavily involved in the development of a variety of new insurance products designed to protect companies against the growing number of exposures they face as the use of the internet and technology in business increases. In particular he has focused on the creation of our new cyber product aimed at large corporate customers, which includes innovative new areas such as system failures (from all non-physical perils) and technology supply chain failure.

Graeme is also an avid online poker player.

Specialties: Social media, Technology professional liability insurance, Cyber and privacy liability insurance, Marketing and business development

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