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Oulala Taps into Italian Market to Expand its Operations

DFS: The social revolution – by Valery Bollier, Oulala

The iGaming industry is now approaching a critical stage now that the majority of its customers were raised playing video games: anyone born after 1970 most likely grew up playing on an Atari or a Playstation. This simple demographic fact should in itself have led to a product revolution in the iGaming sector which, surprisingly, […]

Meet Marcos Oliveira, Business Manager at Clever Media

“Affiliate platforms still don’t have good tracking systems for mobile. 2017 is a good year to update them.” We met Marcos Oliveira, Business Manager at Clever Media, for an interview about the company and challenges for mobile traffic. Hello Marcos, how are you? Hello Marius, I’m very well thank you! How did you come to […]